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I want $15 million and I want it now

August 22, 2014

Do you who I am?  The signature of this jumped brat

She gets the job of CEO of the Fiji Sports Council thanks to her father, but that’s not enough for this little bully.  A check of the Government liabilities revealed the 2012 Audit report tells us that the dictator’s daughter needed $15 million to play with.  Who knows where this money, all of it borrowed, has gone?  Has anyone seen an Annul Report setting out the finances of the FSC?

Special treatment for regime crony

August 13, 2014

“Don’t worry, when you’re on Team Frank the law doesn’t apply to you.  When I win the election, I’ll let you altogether.”

We’re told by Radio Regime that there’s no magistrate available to hear the case of regime crony Praveen Bala charged with causing death by dangerous driving.  This is the third time since December that no magistrate has been found who can hear the case. It seems causing death by dangerous driving is not considered a serious offence any more.  The family of the 48 year old father of three, Puna Chand, who dies in the alleged dangerous driving may not share this view.  Bala was a Khaiyum appointee and was given charge of Ba as well as Lautoka thanks to the direct intervention of Khaiyum in the ministerial responsibility of Sam Saumatua. It’s no wonder Sam joined SODELPA after seeing the dirty dealing of this regime from  the inside.

Radio Fiji 12 August 2014 Bala’s case adjourned to Oct

Three more RFMF sneak in as FF candidates

July 31, 2014


Pio Tikoduadua, Joeli Cawaki and Laisenia Tuitubou have resigned from their top civil service jobs (which they were given as a result of the 2006 coup) to contest election for the FrankFirst Party.  Why were they not included in the list of candidates announced last Friday?  Was it just so they could suck on the civil service teat a few days longer, or was it to try to make the FrankFirst team look less military?  Who do they think they’re fooling?

Fiji Live July 30 2014   Commissioners set to contest election

Radio Fiji 30 July 2014 Tikoduadua leaves the PM’s Office to contest election


Ill-informed, self aggrandizing, self-selected moral entrepreneurs.

June 26, 2014


Self-aggrandizing -fits him so well

This is how the puppet Ashwin Raj described Patrick Craddock and Matt Thomson, two academics who dared to express their opinions in the media. He could not have picked better words to describe Bainimarama and Khaiyum.  They are “self-selected” – no-one has ever voted for either of them to represent anyone. Self-selected is the perfect description. “Moral entrepreneurs” – they think they have the right to dictate all questions of morality by imposing on the people a Constitution that has been written by them alone, which sets all rights of our citizens, restricting freedom and putting the powerful apparatus of the state in their hands.  “Self-aggrandizing” – covered in medals, when he has never held a real operational military command, rejoicing in the rank of Rear Admiral, touring the world at taxpayers expense.  “Ill-informed” Bainimarama the NZSC drop-out leaves everything in his government to Khaiyum and knows next to nothing about the contents of any of the Governments truck loads of decrees that have been dumped on the country, except that Khaiyum wrote them to keep him in perpetual dictatorship.

Big donation to Frank’s First Family Party

June 26, 2014

The Fiji Ports Corporation Limited has announced a record-breaking dividend payout to Government of $3,698,979. What this means is that Frank has almost $4 million more to fund spending to try to buy votes.  What the voters have to keep in their minds is that when he does this with the taxpayers money he is proving once more that he thinks he owns everything. He has the right to take any property and use it for whatever purpose suits him.  Before the election all the groups he has ignored for 8 years will be given presents.  If he is elected and confirmed in office the flow of gifts will stop and the process of sucking the country dry to repay loans and reward his friends will start again.

Fiji Sun June 26, 2014 Fiji Ports Announces $3.698m Dividend

Flawed election better than no election

June 25, 2014

NFP President Tupou Draunidalao has appealed to all Fijians living in New Zealand to make sure they vote and not to be put off by the the flaws in the elections process.  It’s the only chance we have to return to democracy she says. We did not elect this Government.  We did not get a chance to have any say in the constitution.  But we do have a chance to vote and show Bainimarama that we reject him and his dictatorial ways.  A vote for Bainimarama is a vote for dictatorship.

Fijilive June 24, 2014   Election the only way: Draunidalo

Unemployment No1 issue for all but First Family

June 23, 2014

Is anyone surprised that the Fiji Times poll of people in urban and peri-urban areas of Suva, Nasinu, Lami, Nausori, Nadi, Lautoka and Ba found that unemployment was the number one issue affecting them and their family? The Bainimarama family know nothing of this because they have all been taken care of by the system. You want head of Sports Council? You can have it, never mind we have to get rid of someone to get you in. And who gets first shot at a job in the RFMF? Well we all know that. We’re all equal citizens but the army seems as ethnic as always and RFMF family always gets first shot when the recruiting is on. It’s not Fiji First, its Fiji’s First Family First, the party of nepotism, cronyism and corruption.

Fiji Times June 21, 2014 The top 8 election issues


PM must be worried

June 16, 2014

if the propaganda sausage machine is pumping out a story that Bainimarama’s popularity has “soared” we can conclude one thing. He must be worried.  After 7 years of listening to nobody, paying himself whatever he wants, treating respected chiefs (and everybody else for that matter) with contempt, bullying workers, encouraging backstabbing in the civil service, handing out top jobs to family members, giving sweetheart deals to cronies and robbing the FNPF to fund vote buying, Bainimarama knows that the only way he can win votes is by making everyone think he’s going to continue as dictator so they’d better make sure they keep their heads down and go along with everything he says.  The problem with this plan is that too many people have decided to speak out.  When Roshika Deo spoke out he tried to intimidate her into silence but had to back down.  The only shot left in his locker is to try to scare us into thinking he can’t lose the election.  Too bad for him no-one’s buying that.

Fiji Sun 14 June 2014 PM SOARS

The Fiji First Family Party

April 3, 2014

Frank has finally named his party that we’re all still waiting to see. And the name that he thinks will tell us what his party is all about is Fiji First.   He wants us to think that he has put Fiji first over the past seven years.  We all know, however, that he has put his family first, his army mates second, a few business men who have him on their payroll, while the rest of us will be thrown a bone as the election approaches.   He must think our memories are very short.
Fijilive March 30, 2014 PM’s proposed party is ‘Fiji First’

Do you know who I am?

January 16, 2014

It’s not hard to see that the jumped-up bully who nows runs the Sports Council, courtesy of father Frank, has an ego to match that of her father. Peter Mazey gas bags uselessly on the side, the so-called Minister talks impotently on the phone and miss bossy boots points out that she’s the boss around here.