PM must be worried

if the propaganda sausage machine is pumping out a story that Bainimarama’s popularity has “soared” we can conclude one thing. He must be worried.  After 7 years of listening to nobody, paying himself whatever he wants, treating respected chiefs (and everybody else for that matter) with contempt, bullying workers, encouraging backstabbing in the civil service, handing out top jobs to family members, giving sweetheart deals to cronies and robbing the FNPF to fund vote buying, Bainimarama knows that the only way he can win votes is by making everyone think he’s going to continue as dictator so they’d better make sure they keep their heads down and go along with everything he says.  The problem with this plan is that too many people have decided to speak out.  When Roshika Deo spoke out he tried to intimidate her into silence but had to back down.  The only shot left in his locker is to try to scare us into thinking he can’t lose the election.  Too bad for him no-one’s buying that.

Fiji Sun 14 June 2014 PM SOARS

One Response to “PM must be worried”

  1. moro Says:

    Fiji Sun says “PM SOARS” ..what the f..k! its probably an expression meaning the Delaibatiki, Cabenatabua, Bolatiki and Lomas are soaring up deep into Frank’s arse with their tongues cleaning up everything along the way.

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