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Frank and the photographers

October 13, 2014
There are some truly bad pictures of Voreqe on the internet

There are some truly bad pictures of Voreqe on the internet

Frank’s win in last month’s election was helped by the control of the media but one thing he didn’t control was the photographers. There are some truly bad pictures of him on the internet, so we shouldn’t be surprised that he slapped a photographer at a Fiji Day cocktails. Does he think his election win gives him a right to slap people? Commissioner Groenewald is going to be very busy cleaning up his mess trying to sweep assaults under the carpet while following proper process.

Fiji Coupfourpointfive October 12, 2014 Bainimarama slaps photographer at Fiji Day event


After 7 years is this the best he can do?

September 16, 2014

In 2006 when he seized power in his ‘clean-up coup’ Bainimarama promised elections but said he would not be standing. It was a 100% certainty that Ro Teimumu would ask him when it was that he decided he would stand. So his answer, after being given 7 years to think about it, was truly amazing. He decided to stand “when they announced the election.”  THEY??? The election date was entirely in HIS hands and no-one else, and this is his answer.

KFC is on the menu

September 12, 2014

All the talk at the moment is coalition. The voting system Khaiyum has given us is one which inevitably results in coalitions of parties if the elections are genuinely free and fair. Only the arrogance of Bai and Khai and the stifling of debate in our controlled media allowed the idea that FrankFirst Party would make a clean sweep of seats to be floated. Now the Times Tebbutt poll has brought FF’s balloon crashing to earth the serious coalition speculation has started. And if Frank asks anyone other than Khaiyum he’ll find there is no hope of a coalition including Khaiyum. It will have to be a KFC, a Khaiyum Free Coalition. FrankFirst won’t govern on its own, nor will SODELPA, they’ll have to work with NFP or FLP or PDP or even One Fiji.The only thing we can be sure of is it will be KFC.

Has One Fiji got them worried?

September 9, 2014

On the same day we read Tui Korocau in Cakaudrove has thrown the support of his people behind One Fiji we hear on Radio Fiji news that One Fiji’s HQ in Suva was broken into and confidential documents relating to the election were stolen. We know SODELPA has got Frank worried, but Frank will be mad that even villages that don’t support SODELPA are not turning to FrankFirst. Bainimarama is mistaken if he thinks stealing One Fiji’s plans will help him.  His problem is 8 years of arrogance and refusal to listen to anyone but Khaiyum.

Radio Fiji news 8 September 2014  Police investigate One Fiji office break-in

FijiLive September 08, 2014 Koroacau supports One Fiji

Secret ballot will this fix front-runner

August 29, 2014


How accurate are the polls that show Frank is the front-runner?  Journalists who asked about voting intentions found a lot of people did not support Bainimarama but did not want to to be quoted.  Frank wants people to think he will be staying in power so they have to continue to fear him. We all know of civil servants, academics, journalists and businesses who’ve been punished for speaking out against the dictatorship.  We must remember one thing and make sure everyone understands it – you must use the secret ballot to get rid of the dictator who rewards his close friends but punishes anyone who speaks out against his decisions.

The Cassava Patch runner makes another dash

August 25, 2014

If there is one thing we can surely all agree on now about JVB, our unelected PM, it’s that he can’t face the heat. At his Sydney meeting he made sure that anyone who could ask him hard questions couldn’t get through the front door. He knows he can’t answer questions and has to rely on Fiji Sun to print statements written by Qorvis. When he held a media conference only hand-picked journalists were allowed. An independent journalist from Australia’s ABC was turned away. The cassava Patch coward runs as fast from independent journalists as he does from gunfire at QEB.

Fiji Times August 24, 2014 Mixed reactions

Bainimarama’s dirty tax secret is out

August 20, 2014

Thanks to the Audit reports Bainimarama was forced to release we can now see whose been paying all the taxes for Frank to use for vote buying.  It’s you and me, paying VAT and other indirect taxes, not regime mates, the high income earners or big businesses paying company tax. In 2006, before the coup income tax and company tax totalled almost $450 million. In 2012 income tax and company tax had grown to only $493 million.  Allowing for all the inflation, which we know from the prices we have to pay for basics has  been high, this is a big fall in real dollars.  Over the same period indirect taxes jumped from, $781 million to $1229 million.  That’s an increase of 57%. This is what Frank calls ‘reform’.

Army to stay out of politics

August 20, 2014

Frank’s sugar ministry boss, Lt Col Manasa Vaniqi, has announced that this year the military will not be in the cane fields to monitor cane burning.  Law enforcement will be left the Fiji Police Force, as it should be. Lt Col Vaniqi again showed us he’s not the sharpest knife in the cane fields by saying: “We have a Constitution in place now and everyone has to follow the law of the land”.  In other words, he admitted that before the constitution was in place the regime did not feel it had to obey the law!!

Fiji Times 19 August 2014  No military assistance

Thanks to the election investment is returning

August 20, 2014

The regime’s propaganda rag, the Fiji Sun, has again accidentally let the truth slip out in its pro-regime propaganda.  They’re boasting that investment from Australia is up 559%, but what they’re really revealing is that in 2012 investment from Australia amounted to only $51.5 million.  When they say “it is therefore clear that Australian investors are returning to Fiji” they are admitting that Australian investors deserted us when we had a regime that rules without a constitution and elections.  Well done Rachna Lal!

Fiji Sun August 19 2014   Australian investment up 559%

Bainimarama’s 13 year plan for agriculture

August 5, 2014

FDN got it wrong about whether Seruiratu would get FijiFirst nomination but we did not get it wrong pointing out his admission that agricultural output has more than halved as a proportion of national income under the Bainimarama regime.  So what does Baini do? he promises a 5 year plan!  So what needs if we add the 8 years he’s already had is a 13 year plan.  Apparently his plan “incorporates hard-learned lessons from other developing countries around the world”.  What we want to know is what lessons he learned from the disaster of agriculture in Fiji under his rule.  Agriculture’s share of production has been more than halved. It’s not only sugar – it’s copra, rice, cocoa, beef, goats, fish and ginger.  Production of all of these have dropped under Bainimarama.  This was admitted by his own Minister.


Radio Fiji 2 August 2014  Fiji launches first ever Agricultural Policy