Do you know who I am?

It’s not hard to see that the jumped-up bully who nows runs the Sports Council, courtesy of father Frank, has an ego to match that of her father. Peter Mazey gas bags uselessly on the side, the so-called Minister talks impotently on the phone and miss bossy boots points out that she’s the boss around here.

5 Responses to “Do you know who I am?”

  1. Meli Says:

    My sister clearly is the ugliest of the entire clan, so please refrain from publishing her picture. Instead use pictures of my new wife!

  2. nene Says:

    So is she going to replace Teleni in China?

  3. Aussi Says:

    People, this is the face of contemporary Fiji. Its fat, its ugly and the body attached to it reeks like a pig sty. You guys get what you deserve!

  4. Mogy Matai Says:

    Rajendra Chaudhry

    January 17


    More info on Bainimarama daughter posting

    From a friend:

    ” RC,

    Close friends @ the Foreign Affairs had advised that CEO- Fiji Sports Council was to have been posted as Fiji’s ambasador to Malayasia. Unfortunately the govt of Malayasia did not accept her credentials. WTF!!!! From TFL to Sports Council to ambassador!!!”

  5. Says:

    Naupoto – boci cava o talevoni tu kina ena i pad ulukau

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