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Khaiyum claims the dyslexic vote

October 17, 2014

Khaiyum has claimed that if 4000 odd voters had not mistaken 297 for 279 in the recent election the NFP would have been wiped out in the elections. NFP’s Prem Singh, struck back and said the 4000 votes would have made no difference to the percentage of votes received by the NFP. Khaiyum can’t count. But Khaiyum’s biggest mistake is to assume that this one number confusion is only one anyone could have made. Many other people could have made similar mistakes under the electoral system that Khaiyum imposed. In any election system there are swings and roundabouts – you lose some votes here – and pick them up somewhere else. Khaiyum shouldn’t be trying to have it both ways. Is he claiming that Frank is the natural candidate for the dyslexic voter?

Fijilive October 16, 2014 NFP takes a swipe at A-G, defends seats

Will 255 run last?

September 16, 2014


The voting system he master-minded for Bainimarama asks voters to vote for just one person, not a party, and there are no preferences. Bainimarama’s hope is that his name and his ugly face which he has thrust in our faces in the controlled media and posted on countless billboards, will attract support that the other nobodies of FrankFirst can’t attract.  But what about 255? Khaiyum’s system means we’ll all be able to see how unpopular he really is. If he doesn’t get enough votes personally, it means he can’t be elected on the coat-tails of his puppet.

After 7 years is this the best he can do?

September 16, 2014

In 2006 when he seized power in his ‘clean-up coup’ Bainimarama promised elections but said he would not be standing. It was a 100% certainty that Ro Teimumu would ask him when it was that he decided he would stand. So his answer, after being given 7 years to think about it, was truly amazing. He decided to stand “when they announced the election.”  THEY??? The election date was entirely in HIS hands and no-one else, and this is his answer.

Frank should have listened to the silence

September 16, 2014

Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi has had some interesting thoughts on the role and meaning of the Bose Levu Vakaturaga. Our self-appointed dictator who abolished the BLV because they were unelected should have listened carefully to what Ratu Joni said. When Bainimarama abolished the BLV there was what Ratu Joni called ‘a deafening silence’ from the iTaukei community. What Ratu Joni did no need to add, because is loud and clear in the silence from the iTaukei community, is that this arbitrary act will receive its answer in the ballot box.

Fiji Times 13 Sept 2014  Does the BLV have a national role? –

The election blackout has many forms

September 16, 2014

On the day the election blackout commenced, we hear from Radio Regime run by Khaiyum’s brother that airport renovations are well under way. Then there is the story of a desalination plant installed at the south end of Taveuni to ease water problems in the area. For the regime propaganda mill it’s business as usual!

The question the dictator didn’t want to answer

September 15, 2014

A NZ journalist asked Bainimarama whether there would be another coup if he didn’t win the election. All he had to say was “NO”, but he couldn’t say that. Instead of answering the question he knocked the microphone from the interviewer’s hand. He’s too accustomed to tame interviewers from our own intimidated media. One hard question and the ugly thug is revealed..

Click to see the Ugly Thug in action


Race discrimination and Bainimarama

September 15, 2014


No racial discrimination here!

Bainimarama has shown what a colossal hypocrite he is with a statement that he’s worried about racial discrimination. He knows that when he chose his successor as Commander of the RFMF he passed over Mohammed Aziz who was an eminently qualified candidate who worked his way up from the bottom and proved himself in many different capacities. He was next in line, the natural successor, but Bainimarama did not consider him. And after his 15 years as Commander, the RFMF is still the mono-ethnic institution it was when he took over.

Radio Fiji News 14 September 2014 Racial discrimination worries me: Bainimarama

FrankFirst lies exposed

September 15, 2014

Bainimarama has accused rivals of running scare campaigns about land and muslimisation but he knows FrankFirst has been running its own scare campaign on qoliqoli, claiming it means people would be denied access to beaches or fishing spots. SODELPA candidate, Nirmal Singh, has refuted these claims in the strongest terms, explaining that under the practice of the Bainimarama government a fisherman has to produce a letter of consent from the qoliqoli owner before the Fisheries Dept will issue a licence. “And to obtain a letter of consent you have to pay goodwill to the qoliqoli owner”. All the qoliqoli bills does, says Nirmal Singh, is regularise this by recognizing traditional rights formally. It will not deny individuals access to beaches.

KFC is on the menu

September 12, 2014

All the talk at the moment is coalition. The voting system Khaiyum has given us is one which inevitably results in coalitions of parties if the elections are genuinely free and fair. Only the arrogance of Bai and Khai and the stifling of debate in our controlled media allowed the idea that FrankFirst Party would make a clean sweep of seats to be floated. Now the Times Tebbutt poll has brought FF’s balloon crashing to earth the serious coalition speculation has started. And if Frank asks anyone other than Khaiyum he’ll find there is no hope of a coalition including Khaiyum. It will have to be a KFC, a Khaiyum Free Coalition. FrankFirst won’t govern on its own, nor will SODELPA, they’ll have to work with NFP or FLP or PDP or even One Fiji.The only thing we can be sure of is it will be KFC.

Give thanksfor answered prayers

September 12, 2014

Bainimarama will be breathing a huge sigh of relief to be relieved of his responsibility for sending the contingent to the Golan heights without care that they were properly equipped and arrangements were in place for their peace-keeping force functioning in a conflict zone. But Frank gets no thanks for the safe delivery of the 45. The discussions this incident kicked off, all in private of course, have had Frank sweating. The rank and file soldiers and their families were outraged that they were just pawns to be sacrificed as necessary for Frank’s benefits.