What the…?

WAF, the water authority which makes up water bills out of thin air, say they are following through on the promise to give away a whole lot of free water but they are asking us “to be honest” in our registration by notifying them if our “household income exceeds $30,000 at any time during the three-year period”. They say “This is to allow other families in need to benefit from the program”. What do they mean “to allow other families in need to benefit from the program”? Do they mean that there are only so many families who will receive free water and if people who earn more than the income allowed, others who should get the allowance will miss out? The whole scheme sounds unworkable because it seems to rely on honesty about income, and the amount of water provided free depends on the number of people in the house. Are they going to check the numbers in each household or assume there’s only five? Who’s going to check all the facts and how many people in the house. Are they going to check all the facts and how many people will be doing all the checking. WAF have hit people with outrageous bills in the past and then Bainimarama promised that all the bills could be reviewed. It’s all a mess and one big joke.

Fijilive January 24, 2015: Free water registration open: WAF

22 Responses to “What the…?”

  1. fijiana Says:

    The government‘s freeby on water is unimaginable. It could have been better if the freeby was given to electricity. Reason being 50% of the water produced by waf is unaccounted for as opposed toelectricity where there is very minimum loss due to illegal connections. Waf still has a lot to do in reducing this unaccounted water and providing free water will only negates waf’s effort in becoming profit oriented and isolated from government. It must be ver frustrating to waf.

  2. MAKEfjdENTERpoliticsORcoup Says:

    A very good initiative by Fiji PM.

    Take some and also give some back.

  3. jyoti pratibha Says:

    This is where I drink from. I love all this shit Frank and Aiyaz spew out, they are really quenching me, Lomas and Delaibatiki’s thirst for shit we can later express through the power of our keyboards into the pages of Fiji’s toilet paper, and the cycle continues and we think we are so smart. I’m a big slut anyway and I don’t mind getting rammed left right and center or up both holes. I’m so loose and slippery.

  4. MAKEfjdENTERpoliticsORcoup Says:

    Well said “j p”

  5. Obsever911 Says:

    Keep an eye out on opportunist from within the Australian Liberal party. Their big mouse is starting to reveal itself and causing all sorts of commotions from within. He has been at it since the Howard days I guess, lurking from the background.He thinks,everyone`s gullible while his invisible.It`s his chance now for that cheeze…but first things first.Get rid of Tony Abott or so he and backstabbers think. Tony are the peoples choice not Mouse Turnbull.This mouse is more concerned about his career than the bali nine duo…lol. Look at him go..wow. hahahahahahahahaha..

  6. Obsever911 Says:

    Meta Data laws debate in Oz… This is what it means and is currently happening in the US. It has the right to breach privacy laws of it`s people (i e know where you go and what you had for lunch,who`s your friend or friends,knows when you slept last night,knows what time you brush your teeth this morning,knows your daily routine inside out monitoring cell phones,home phones etc) and kills anyone it finds fit to do so no questions asked. That is anyone “they” think based on the best of “their ability”(Their so called Laws) to be a threat to national security which that in itself is questionably.This is based on the so called “psychological elite” capability from within.The same elite that is breaching constitutional laws inside out. It is treason at it`s best and the whole nation seem drugged by it.The president himself knows he has committed treason and so did bush plus their so called elites. Now Australia like a slave to its master is talking of meta data that these criminals dished out.These criminals must stand trial for treason.It will come or the nation will really get pissed off once they realize who is coming in quietly,and in great numbers.A bad bug in an apple will ruin the whole apple guaranteed.

  7. Observer911 Says:

    If you seriously need to stop this execution,then Tony and his team will need to get to speak to the Indonesian president again and make a bargain deal in the form of money which is the only option available because it talks in Indonesia guarranteed.Make a bid to buy them out. Indonesia will never say no to money.This way everyone wins,everyone`s happy. Either that ,you will have to respect their law and stop all this BS talk about feeling so sorry for them. It`s a waste of time.

  8. Observer911 Says:

    Why is the UN ear bashing Oz like it`s committing genocide in the upper region..Australia must question the UN s integrity first before allowing any hypocritical point from their rear end.Screaming like there doing a bloody good job….yeah right! UN = Under rated Nerds.

  9. Observer911 Says:

    Widodo,his Governor and corrupt officials don`t know their jobs well.The Indonesian constitution states that if after 10 years,a prisoner shows signs of being rehabilitated then by law he or she should not be executed but given a lesser sentence..

    Bidodo tells Al Jazeera’s Step Vassen this: “I believe the Indonesian legal system is thorough in these cases and looks at the evidence. When I rejected clemency I took into consideration how many drugs they smuggled, how many pills they distributed.

    Even after saying this,the ex furniture laborer and his corrupt Governor later learns that the bali nine duo were taking that 6kg drug out of Indonesia and not in.He didn`t even implied the basic constitution rule which was if after 10 years,a prisoner shows signs of being rehabilitated then by law he or she should not be executed but given a lesser sentence…These two not only got rehabilitated but helped others in the process.

    So the next question is if no one in Indonesia recognizes that or even respects laws of its constitution then what law are they trying to imply? Thugs don`t follow laws,this I know.It`s evident in the streets.Countries who do business here should seriously weigh in their safety options very seriously if something goes wrong,you`re on your own.Never do business in a fragile economy such as this.Get out while you can.Don`t fall prey to its fake charm.

  10. Observer911 Says:

    Tsunami of refugees aye..straight from the horses mouth. Any potential foreign investors should seriously watch this.Watch them quietly and make your own decisions if its worth the risks.If an economy such as this has the capacity to control its economy in such a manner (Trafficking people) or turning that tap on when ever it suits “them” best then you seriously need to reconsider your priorities immediately. You`re investing in an economy where it is run by peoples who have the mind of a 12 year old.

  11. Observer911 Says:

    Australia needs to seriously stick to its roots to maintain its heritage and growth.Their fore fathers came to this new land with vision and hope for its future generation and they did that with biblical foundations.That is why Australia is what it is today.The only way to rot its original way of life and system is to change its values and beliefs which their sons died for.(Anzacs).Same sex marriage has no place or value any civilized society.All it does is break down family and family bondage which GOD created and give room to lust and pedophilia opportunist.You cannot start a new colony with people in this category.All they do is leverage on those who had done the hard work.Reminds me of a doco I saw on a documentary channel about this beetle which travels on sand over the desert and search for unsuspecting spiders underneath,it scans and digs them out and implants in them with its seed.The spider fights it off for a while then slowly dies out over time without realizing the new born beetle inside it has finally out grown it.This is how Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.Nz and Aust needs to wake up quick for moral sakes.Gays to me are people who are diagnosed with a disability in the brain.They don`t have that right to use that disability to leverage on sanity to its advantage.If I am a physco,I don`t have the right to voice my physco disability opinion in society and call it normal or right for all.Man and woman were created for a purpose.Don`t change that.Peace..

  12. Observer911 Says:

    Australian labor party trying to populate Australia with people who have no respect of its own culture.They don`t respect Australian values or laws.As for liberals new legislation`s regarding those who are considered threat to community and nation,I say about freakin time.What took you so long.But there are still people being bailed out.Even those with knife offenses or the likes roaming streets freely.Somethings not right here.Especially those with dual visas.Cancel all and send them back. We will save tax payers money big time.Especially if more of them coming in.There need to be some balance in counts as well.One in two out or the other way round whichever finds balance..

  13. Observer911 Says:

    Tony Abbort and Peter Dutton needs to resign. Their unprofessional attitude to national interest is discrediting the liberals as a whole,Period!Time to move on and make room for those who are more capable.Very sad.

    • Vitilevu23 Says:

      Tony Abbott is only trying to repair the damage done by the previous Labor “Government” which emptied every tin of coins that they could find. And what about the “climate change”, how silly is that?

  14. Observer911 Says:

    Science created the likes of Americas FDA.If you`re going to put Australia`s future in this direction,you`re in for a rude surprise on the long haul.You do realize that science leveraging on Gods creation and giving the world false reports on its findings?It has been since it existed.You don`t want to be as corrupt and as fragile as the FDA.Even their capital reserve was influenced by science.It`s a ticking you know what for them and you say that` s where we should be heading? Who exactly are your superiors? Do your due diligent properly before barking big about science.
    Australia is a new country and regardless of constant change,it is a must that you maintain current solid foundations not constant fairy tales.Don`t re-invent that wheel.Don`t fix something that don`t need fixing just to make you look good.That` s a typical recipe for disaster.Play your cards right now or pay for it on the long run.You`re about to follow a wrong model guaranteed.

  15. Watchers536 Says:

    Keep an eye on Obama and his followers inclu Vatican.Why does this know how wants to act smart when it comes to guns control? You can control it without putting the whole nation at risks.Obama needs to resign with his govt.

  16. Ryan278 Says:

    I totally agree..This American govts gone nuts.We are talking a mind of a lunatic. Obamas debts is in its trillions and counting.This is if not the worst ever president in US history yet he thinks he is the best president ever? A president with no ID.He should be arrested for treason.Worst still he made America owe china and the saudis incl kuwait money.It`s only excuse is war with china to offset its debts..This man with no ID changed the US constitution to suit his sneaky “agendas”.This is treason at it`s best and no one said anything about it. Australia needs to keep away from this dumb Ass Obama freak until sanity or the constitution is restored.This is the if not most biggest hijack of all times in any countries history where an individual with no ID who ran for president,won it then change and dictate laws in his own terms which really is un american and bigotry.This is the biggest treason of all. He should be arrested and charged with treason.Even the countries secret service worship him…lol.What a joke! UK , China and Australia should wake up and just do business together and condemn this lunatic off to sort itself first.What causes wars? Losers with massive Debts folks…and all his sheep say…yaay!

  17. Whispers Says:

    Newly reinstated Fiji Airways Capt. Apimeleki Niumataiwalu who was demoted in early 2015 over work related Anger Issues yesterday mercilessly literally threw his 75-year-old aunt, his late mother’s elder sister Ana Sekoula Niumataiwalu out onto the streets in broad daylight, at his 43 V M Pillay residence in Lautoka, Fiji.

    The aged relative is known to have brought her nephew up (born out of wedlock) and solely looked after his primary and secondary tuition fees and stationary in the mid-1970s up to 1983 where Niumataiwalu received the dux prize in high school.

    Without this poor lady’s struggle to give her nephew the best education she could afford Niumataiwalu wouldn’t be where he is right now in the aviation industry.

    Capt. Niumataiwalu was demoted after vociferously berating a purser in-flight and in another incident loudly criticizing and rebuking a French expat colleague, again within earshot of cabin crew and alarmed passengers.

    Just a month after being reinstated to “command” Niumataiwalu the next of kin threw out his aged mother.

    Sadly, her mother is unable to care for herself, her mobility is heavily reliant on her ‘walker” and is basically cognitive impaired and is mostly forcibly confined to her room.

    A report has been filed at Lautoka Police Station with an “elderly abuse by neglect and abandonment” tag hovering in the air.

    According to reliable sources Capt. Niumataiwalu usually takes his spouse and son out during days-off to resorts leaving his poor mother alone without care.

    This is not the first time he has shamelessly conducted this cruel act. 3 ½ years ago he threw her mother out at midnight with all her belongings.

    A good Samaritan Laun family, the Drasunas, residing in the neighbourhood kindly took the lady in for 9 months before Capt. Api Niumataiwalu took her back in.

    Sadly Capt. Niumataiwalu conveniently masquerades his cruelty and anger issues by disguising himself as a humble gentleman to the public and attending church regularly.

    Wednesday night devotions are convened at his residence when he’s on the ground, with his mother under strict orders, to stay in her room and not to come out. Even toilet breaks are withheld until the church members depart after “devotions”.

    He is also known to be a wife basher when “he hits the roof”.

    Whilst the above could be conveniently and quietly swept under the carpet, or moved to the “it’s his personal business tray”, my question is, in light of the safety of paying passengers and fellow crew members, is this the calibre of pilots being employed by Fiji Airways? We all know Safety is paramount in the aviation environment.

    His employers will acknowledge Capt. Niumataiwalu does have an anger issue and will also acknowledge that Niumataiwalu has undergone appropriate anger management counselling but as mentioned above just after month of reinstatement he discards his parent like an object, in anger.

    Does the Board and the relevant Ministry’s PS (Public Enterprise) and the relevant line Minister (Hon AG ASK), let alone the media know of such a pilot who’s mental state is a safety hazard in their midst?

    Could we entrust our lives in such hands when he does not even regard or show compassion to his own mother?

    I dread and fear the safety of his passengers when his “episodes” come around if in the air!!!!

    God help us!

    Na viavialevu kei na dokadoka e sega ni yalo va Kalou!!!!

    • Pearl Says:

      @Whispers: I’m glad you have decided to expose this crazy pscho Api Niumataiwalu and I must say I’m not surprised in the least. I personally know him as a former work colleague many years ago, and even back then, he was known for his explosive temper. He also was in a relationship with a close associate of mine while he was still training to be a pilot. This is when I came to know the real character of Apimeleki Niumataiwalu. You’re right in that he masquerades as a humble gentleman to the public but in reality he is an angry person known to have explosive episodes of anger and violence. He has a very jealous streak and cannot stand if his girlfriend or partner speaks to another man. He was known to explode into fits of rage when he was still going out with my close associate while he was training as a pilot. Yes he is a woman basher and the poor girl had to eventually go into hiding and cut off all contact with Apimeleki as he had made her life a living hell. He is a control freak and it scares me to think that someone like him is in control of an aircraft and I fear for the lives of passengers of Fiji Airways when he is in control as the pilot.
      This man should never be allowed to be in control of an aircraft or have the lives of hundreds of passengers in his hands. His anger issues have been around for decades and I don’t think anger management counselling is going to fix it or has fixed it as whispers mentioned, he threw his poor aunt out on the street not long after he was reinstated.
      I hope someone in a position of authority at Fiji Airways will read this and do something about it.

  18. Laitia Tuvakaikoya Says:

    Wow that’s an Awesome reply

  19. samoaforums Says:

    The government‘s freeby on water is unimaginable. samoaorigins Samaoorigins

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