Khaiyum counting on iTaukei being dumb

Without consolidation into a continuous block with beachfront Denarau would be pockets of mangrove of no use to developers

Khaiyum’s claim that he has protected iTaukei land ownership better than before is based on his claim that he has banned land swaps like the one at Denarau. Under this swap small parcels of native were swapped for Crown land. This was done so that there would be viable sites for tourism to be leased to developers. Ratu Timoci Vesikula has explained all this in the Fiji Live report on the link below. As a result of this swap the NLTB were able to “put all native lands together on a beachfront”. Without the swap Narewa landowners would have had scattered plots of mangrove rather than a consolidated block with beachfront on which hotels could be built.  Khaiyum hopes this will be too hard for iTaukei minds to get around, no doubt assuming that everyone would have as much trouble following at his so-called ‘boss’. Denarau has brought a lot of money to Narewa landowners and this is what Khaiyum would outlaw in the name of protecting their land rights. Denarau is a good example of development where everyone benefits. Landowners get good rent and Nadi has a magnet drawing tourists and giving jobs to a lot of people from Nadi, not just in Denarau but all around the area.

Fijilive July 23, 2014 Why we changed land ownership: Rt Timoci

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  1. saunivalu Says:

    Let us get all the facts straight. The DENARAU PLOTS OF SMALL ISLANDs, DENARAU ISLAND herself and all the surrounding mangroves never ever in the beginning of the history of Land Ownerships in Fiji plus the earlier records of the Land Commission that it ever did belong to the people of Narewa NO NO NOWAY… Those islands and that parcel of Lands belonged to my Family the Tokatoka Betobalavu the Mataqali Vita and the Yavusa Nasaunivalu of SIKITURU NADI.

    We are the rightful owner of those Islands including Denarau… I myself lived on one of those small island tending to my small farm and village hut. I was bulldozed off the land by the bloody bullies who paid corrupt officials for the developments of that island. I lived on the reasonable side island called WADIGI

    During the time of the late Ratu Napolioni Dawai the Tui Nadi then I sent him a letter asking him to do the right thing and return Denarau to my family or else there will be consequences in the form of disarray in the process of selecting the Tui Nadi. I promised him that Narewa village will continue to slip into the river, the Narewa village will turn into an animal cage and most the men will end up in prison and living a subsistence lifestyle. The stae of the Tui Nadi process, the state of the village the continuous landslip is evident that i spoke the truth. Ratu Napolioni died in a Non dignified way

    There were unrest in the selection of the next chief after Ratu Napolioni. They ordained NAVAQEI his brother. I sent him the same letter. He went berserk and had hallucination and all soughts of mental fatigue. He lived in an undignified way during his reign as the Tui Nadi. You ask me why??? because they have never admitted to the truth that the Denarau Land never belong to them

    They ordained a younger NAULIA as Tui Nadi and he also died much and much younger. And i will continue to promise that the status of the Tui Nadi will continue to bring troubles to all concerned. Oh Well it is happening right now. Even government official and all of you who are interested in any slight piece of this land. I know for sure that the land has its own way of dealing with its issues and I know that they are no negotiations.

    We Fijians have been fooled by Ratu Sukuna re the NLTB. Ratu Sukuna was the puppet of the colonisation government our forefathers had and lived through. The protection of the Land by the NLTB was done so to provide a continuous source of income for the government of the day. That is evident in the miniscule part of the lease money the Landowners get. The current dictatorial government is doing it in the worse possible by having the land under their total control. Fijians need to wake up and open our eyes… The icing on the cake continues to be taken by someone else and we are left with the crumps. We need to protect what is rightfully ours and help assist and share our wealth with our Fijian Indian brothers and sisters before we look anywhere else for financial gain.

    All previous Government officials were corrupt and were self serving. The Fijians whom regarded themselves as Scholars were too DUMB to see through some of the simple issues that has been dormant for a very long time and they continue to sit on them. For example the 99 year lease, Guess who got the benefit of that, No not the land owners, but the Business owners and the government, you go figure. In my view politicians were onlythere for the salary and free transport. No body ever did a thing except the Late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. He was the only Fijian scholar I know, and I an not from Lau and not biased either.

    The fact of the matter is, With issues like this there should a Panel of discussions and proper dialog with the people concerned, feasible studies completed and dissected, local and environmental factors added to the list and concerns raised are addressed through the proper Channel.

    I still wish to know How the hell did our parcel of land of Denarau ever changed title and suddenly belonged to the Narewa village. .

    • ratu ovisa Says:

      @Saunivalu,mara was as bad as sukuna,dumb arses

      • Mosese nawai Says:

        Hi saunivalu I believe narewa village isn’t the land owner of denarau but it belong to adi makereta randiniceva from sikituru nadi and panapas anyavu renawai from narewa and they son is apolosi renawai the men who build the viti company

  2. saunivalu Says:

    Ratu Ovisa, Give us your thoughts,, or is that all you can say….?????

  3. The Truth Says:

    there was no problem with the law with regards to the Momi land swap. What was wrong was QB gave LQ wrong advice…good law wrongly interpreted…to suit political expediency. Then Kaiyum conveniently used the litany of errors to rewrite the law which gave the same result in the end.

    As for Sunivalu, my friend your only hope is to convince the next government to reopen the land commission hearings of the 1800s so that you can correct the mistakes.

    good luck.


    WAGI,SALANIQIQI: Keep it up SAUNIVALU! My heart is with you. Ever since I was young, Navikila Salaniqiqi has been telling me stories about the Denarau Island Issues. I totally agree with you that SUKUNA hadn’t done anything to uplift the interest of the i TAUKEI but rather divide the People and the land causing so much pain to our generations today. From stories passed down by our ancestors, there’s no doubt that the Island of DENARAU belongs to my NAVIKILA’S of SIKITURU of the Yavusa SAUNIVALU. My advise to you SAUNIVALU, don’t ever lose hope,I’m with you for the fight,and lets pray that our Almighty God will help us together in our Struggle for your Land


  5. saunivalu Says:

    The TRUTH, and NAVIKILA I thank you both for your kind words and the open minded insights you both have re your posts above. The issues we have with corrupt office holders in Fiji is that no one has ever had the gumption to speak up and raise matters with the authorities above them. they were and always have been busy serving themselves and hide behind the bullshit man made legislations they all worship. They did and do this because they are too dumb to think outside the square.

    My family has raised the Denarau land issue for the longest time. We visited NLTB and LAND COMMISION offices in Suva, and, the Land Commission authorities met with us in Sikituru yet they never did anything, or even generate an investigation re our concern. They sat on their laurel and feed on our tax payer money fattening themselves with the richness of our hard earned dollars. They failed to realise that every land issues raised and are not considered important would eat these peoples well being from inside out, from within the core of their existence and that I believe, and have noticed how it has effected so many ignorant people in so many different fatal ways. Sad but true.


    You wrote and I quote, “there was no problem with the law with regards to the Momi land swap. What was wrong was QB gave LQ wrong advice…good law wrongly interpreted…to suit political expediency. Then Kaiyum conveniently used the litany of errors to rewrite the law which gave the same result in the end”

    I agree with you, matter this delicate should always be put through a forum of interested parties or scholars who are open minded and educated in order to cover every aspects of future challenges re the issue. Kaiyum has taken upon himself to change the wordings of the law for his benefit, to make him look good in the eyes of the people. It was his Narcissistic personality that got the better of him. Within that realm of control, anything that is decent and just would still be viewed as unjust by the people concerned, some may feel differently about it if they side with Kaiyum in this aspect.


    Corruption was so blatant in the previous governments and the current one that I can even name a few people whom i have had business dealings with and what they wanted from us before signing on the dotted lines.

    My partners and I lost $370k in an attempt to run a lucarative business in Suva and around Fiji. We had 10million dollars as initial investment but these thugs were so interested in their own pockets which we did not facilitate, yet through their consultation and time consuming process we swallowed our pride and loss of course and left. Can you guess who lost out in the process???? The land owners.

    I do know first hand how bad it is to deal with government officials. I will continue the fight and with your support in thoughts and prayers we can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. God bless you both.

  6. Pene Says:

    A wrong advise by QB to LQ does not mean its no fault of LQ.

    He is ultimately accountable. Should have asked for a second opinion.

  7. Ucu Mai Duru Says:

    Isa kerekere meda sa vakarorogo madaga kinai tukutuku ni veitarogivanua ,,,,,,dua na leqa levu ke kau cake tale mai na vei vakatutu mai na drau vakadrau na bati ni tanoa ,,,,,,

    • saunivalu Says:

      UCU MAI DURU,…

      Yalovinaka, mo rai ka dolava vinaka na matamu e na vei ka kece e dodonu be baleti iko kei ira na nomu kawa mai muri. Ni bera ni dau dolava na gusuna e dua, ia me vakadikeva rawa mada na vei ka verevereya ni dua nai tukutuku ni se bara na noda veisoli vakasama ina tikina ni vai talanoa me baleta na tikina e sa vakaraitaki koto mai cake.

      E da sa dravuadrau o keda na I Taukei me baleta ga na vakasama ko sa vakaraitaka mai qori. Mo kakua ni vaka rorogo ina vei vulewa e veilialiaci, veivakalolovirataki, veivakasaurarataki, kei na vei ka lasutaki me ra rawata kina eso vei keda na nodra bula vataki ira. E keda yadua me da vaka qara na dina me baleti keda.

      The down fall for us Fijian is that we accept anything that we are told by any authority regardless of the validity or importance of the facts to us. Yet we grumble when these good for nothing corrupt, self serving bigots turn their back and we continue to curse them each day when the issue is raised.

      I have been pursuing this matter since I left school and have continued to do so. I don’t listen to BATI NI TANOA BULLSHIT you speak of, Ucu mai duru. I have a brain and I exercise that for the purpose it was given to me, to think, act and judge with it. I will continue to use my brain for the benefit of my generation to come.

      Land Commission have recently sat together with my people in my village, them and us, we all had in our possessions evidence regarding the Denarau Land Issue yet they failed to look into it or at least conduct an investigation to get to the bottom of it all. What happened was, those Good for nothing self serving no brainer dumb so and so did not live much longer after they returned to Suva. You may call it Harsh, but that is the reality of it all when you negate or ignore the truth and plight of Fijian Lands.

      My brothers and I took the issue up with The DENARAU HOLDINGS Management representative, Mr Davenisa at their office on Denarau together with the representative of the Narewa Land owners, Guess what, they ignore my plea and yes, they both are no longer with us. Again its is Harsh, but that is the truth of the matter

      If you are a true Fijian, then you must realise that Land matters can not be dealt with lightly because it will curse you and the rest of your generation to follow if you are even lucky enough to have that luxury to live long and have grand children.

      UCU MAI DURU, this Denarau Land Issue have been a thorn in the sides of those who wishes to ignore the plight of the YAVUSA NASAUNIVALU of Sikituru Village. Nadi Ba. If you are a part or have an interest in the above land issue may I suggest you desist from it as there are consequences.

      You have a brain, use it and seek the truth, just think about the Landowners who have been tricked into believing or were forced into accepting the bullshit that Fijians have been subjected to all along. The New Zealand Maoris have been compensated for the past wrongs, with regards to land past matters, we are no different. We need to speak up and be heard.

      I thank you for your contribution.

  8. tualeita Says:


    I am very much in sympathy with your concerns and those of the people you speak for. Even though I am not from your area nor from any of its surrounding localities, I have been aware of your concerns since many years ago when I used to live and work at Nadi.

    What other avenues do you still have to follow whilst pursuing your cause? With the changes in this new 2013 constitution, I presume that you will not be able to bring this matter to court as native land issues cannot be adjudicated for and this will make the struggle even more difficult for you.

    But God be your helper and may you be successful in your endeavour.

    • saunivalu Says:

      TUALEITA, I thank you for your concern and support, As we all know that all and regulations are man made and they can be abrogated and repealed so my hope is with some government officials who has the wisdom to think outside the square and do the proper thing by acting on the citizens of Fijis concern… In the meantime money and more money is required to engage some good intelligent Law Professor to act on this matter. I have my hope and I will keep up the good fight….

  9. Maciu naqari Says:

    Wagi Salaniqiqi: Just a few words for you Ucu mai duru. I just wat to re-iterate the point of where my Navikila Saunivalu is coming from. First you have to understand that our land has been given by our God as an inheritance and a blessing to our Forefathers, to us and to our generations to come. The Golden Rule is: YOU TOUCH THE LAND, YOU TOUCH MY HEART.No matter how much money you get from something that is not yours, the truth is,”ENA CICILA GA NA NOMU TAGA,ENA SEGA NI NA KUNEI NA KENA KALOUGATA BALETA NIKO CAQETA TIKO NA MATANI MOTO”
    Not only that, if you are a Landowner, It will hurt you if some TOM,DICK OR HARRY come and grab a piece of Land that is rightly yours. “VINAKA MO NA DABE TIKO GA,KA SEGA NI CAKAVA E DUA NA KA!” I bet you, you’ will stand up and see that everything is done accordingly.
    MY Navikila Saunivalu is saying something that you’re unaware of, so for goodness sake, say something that can or will help the problem that my NAVIKILA’S are facing right now. If you can’t contribute, do something more useful to uplift your fijian brother.
    ABOVE ALL, these land issues are the main problems that we as the “TAUKEI NI VANUA” are facing right now,of course yes, it was the problem back then, and if something is not done right now,it will surely affect our future grandchildren. The call is now. If there was a time for a man of God to stand up, a man that has his land and fiji at heart,a man that is not bought or sold, a man who will go against all odds, a man that also love foreigners who have call FIJI their home,who will stand for what he believes in, to uplift the “TAUKEI” race from the doldrums of oppression that they are in. He will be the saviour that we as the “TAUKEI” have been long waiting for.
    Let me remind you again Ucu mai duru,this is no story that has been picked up from “bati ni tanoa”,you might as well go to Sikituru and I can arrange all my NAVIKILA’S to relay you this sad strory of what they have been facing all this time.
    What is yours is yours. WE HAVE TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM. The “VULAGIS” have benefited from us, so it’s time for us the “TAUKEI” to rally behind this move, that it’s surely time to change everything for the good of the “TAUKEI NI VANUA O VITI”

  10. Nadi styles Says:

    theres an old story that my father told me that has been passed down from generations to generations – When they first started to build the hotels on Denarau the cement pillars they put in the water to assist the first bridge over would stay in place and then quickly disappear into the sand – This kept happening until they realised that the land that was given to them was not given to them by the rightful landowners.
    Obviously they performed a sevusevu which i believe was in Sikituru to appease the land. -Can someone confirm this?

    another story and this is going back many generations so its possible that over time parts have been changed or updated so please forgive me – But anyway the story goes that Tui Nadi would plant on an island off Denarau and over time the landowners in good faith lent him land on or near Denarau to save the hassle of going in boats and going back and forth – Can someone confirm this?

    Lets not forget that many years ago the Saunivalu clan was the clan that stood at the right hand side of Tui Nadi in war and there was also an great battle where they fought Namotomoto at Tui Nadi’s side. Can someone confirm this?

  11. saunivalu Says:

    @ Nadi Style,

    Cola Vina riki,

    The erection of the bridge situation was a true event that actually took place at the commencement of the development of THE REGENT OF FIJI in Denarau Island.

    Posts were pile driven but somehow never stood fast they kept on disappearing into the earth. The Tui Nadis people were flabbergasted when they did all the traditional carry on to ease the work and lighten the task at hand by the engineers but somehow it never worked as they expected.

    In failing to secure the pile driven posts by the engineers The Tui Nadis people looked for help from other villages around them. They approached Namotomoto village for their help as they were sorcerers, (evil worshippers) .

    The engineers were sent on their way along with the Tui Nadis Goffer but yet the pilings never stood fast.

    They then went to Navoci village but the Koicalevu of Navoci, sent the contingent of Engineers and Tui Nadis lacky to Sikituru. They were advised by the KOICALEVU, that the Nadi Delta meaning Denarau and all her sister islands belong to Yavusa saunivalu of Sikituru where these parcel of lands and relevant fishery waters were traditionally given to their brothers and sisters of Yavusa Saunivalu of Sikituru. As per expected everyone returned to Sikituru, did their offerings and traditional stuff whereby the Turaga ni Yavusa at the time, VUNIYANI RATERO gave his permission for the work to carry on and the rest is history.


    The Tui nadis great grnad mother hailed from the Yavusa Saunivalu of Sikituru. She was married to the Tui Nadi then and traditionally were family from Sikituru asked her to eat from the land on Denarau where the Tui Nadi and family started planting and collecting coconuts from there ( LAND WAS GIVEN AS LWEW NI KETEKETE as some claimed) . Denarau was a very futile piece of land. Traditionally when the lady, the Tui Nadis wife died the Saunivalu people should have just returned to Denarau and use it. They did not see the need at the time because The TUI Nadi had no Land and it was ok for him to use Denarau until such times where the Saunivalu needed it back. Somehow the Tui Nadi and all their lackies claimed these islands as theirs and I have reminded various Tui Nadi about the danger of falsifying claims and ownership of Denarau which is now happening to them all over there. TUI NADI and the YAVUSA E TOLU HAVE NO LAND.

    The same goes with YAKUILAU, that also belong to my family and not Narewa village.

    As evidence no one from the Yavusa E tolu would open their mouth to try and negate what I have brought to the surface or they will be doomed immediately and I make no apology for fighting for the rights and benefits to people.

    I hope i have shed a bit of light on this issue, Loloma sa Biri, Moce ro va sewasewa..

  12. saunivalu Says:


    It was not given as LEWE NI KETEKETE as some claimed

  13. Karan S. Says:

    And you guys will be voting in this upcoming election – God help Fiji.

  14. Taukei ni Toba Says:

    Na Cava ko mi mei duku Kwaya vali qa mu duku lala kece me ko Na Tata koto!!! Na yavusa o Saunivalu a ra la me I Keiyasi to begin with… So the Land belongs to the real Koi Nadi !!

    • saunivalu Says:


      O iko o la mei Vei????. O kilatiko vali sei lala??? O mamutou na SAUNIVALU matu kilatia vina du na vanua matu cedre mei ke.. O iko o koru o mu tai, mutu cedre mei vei???. Tukuni mutou me, nalemutu YAvusa na vanua aru cedre mei ke o koru o mutai… O koru o qu tai mako a ru ravuravu mei Nadi Taucoko. Mequ veceko va dodonu ni kua, tavu o sa dolavia me mu gusu ina lemu viavia levu mo kwaya me na kwa o tamu kilatia na kea i tuvatuva, i na dalako vina du ni kua, o iko o koru na lemu kawa kece… Sa oti na lequ tata I vo Tui Nadi, me tekivu me I vo Napolioni Dawai. Qu sa yala takinia ina I Tutu va Tui Nadi ni mutu na tamu cegu rewa na lemutu veiba taki na I tutu va tui Nadi. Io ni kua, qi sa yalatakinia I ve iko… na viavia levu ni mu gusu ina dalako , ko boto sara ga. O mamatou matu kila na lematu I tuvatuva, na vanua matu cedre mei ke, na vei solisoli va matavuniwere matu tara qaru o koru na koi calevu I Namotomoto. Na lequ tata qi na tamu vasukania me baletia na lequ yalayala. Ei tekivu sara ina gauna ei wilikia oti ke ko na lequ i vola…. Ni o se bera ni tata, dolavia na lemu vakasama. We of the SAUNIVALU tribe, we know our origin our history and who we are.

      • saunivalu Says:

        O mamutou matu kilatia na lematu I tuvatuva, na vanua matu cedre mei ke, na veisolisol va matavuniwere matu tara qaru o o koru na koi calevu i NAVOCI

  15. Deinaraurau Says:

    Very interesting reading. May I ask. What was the outcome of the meeting between the Yavusa Saunivalu and the NLC as you have indicated above?

  16. saunivalu Says:


    NLC is a useless piece of crap and a FIJI tax payer money wasting outfit. They serve no purpose in the community of Fiji.

    They will only tell you what they have in front of them as far as what’s in their records. They are a bunch of useless air wasting organisation that have no clue as to how they should conduct their duty to serve the very people whom have entrusted their all that they would do all that they can to get to the truth

    When (NLC) they invited to attend to meetings to deal with issues relating to different parties they would come along as if they are the GODS and what they say goes. That exactly what happens in Sikituru. They read out what they had in hands and left. They never had any inquiries as to why have we raised the issue in the first place which the next course of action an authority whom we have given our trust to sought things out for us would take, therefore we wee left in Limbo. yet the strength of our convictions in upholding the truth has always surfice resulting in lots of turmoil in Nadi with regards to the selection of the Tui Nadi. The state of the villages of the Tui Nadis people, plus other stuff that are of relevant to the Nadi people.

    If I had the money I would have challenged both the NLC and the NLTB for their incompetent and lacking the duty of care and responsibility for the execution of their duties for what they are paid to do and what is expected of them. Now we have this new Government who has abolished all avenues for dialogue for issues like this.

    Kind regards

    • senikau Says:

      A yau cava ro mutu kwaya koto qa lala..
      kwaya ro me o cei e yaca om tai qania na vanua ei no mei ke…sa raujia ro na vesu mona qania na tatamatua baleji qina baci serekali takinia na vanua o visiroi tu mei qisi luve sewa qu sa kilajia koto o qu tai o (TAITUNA) ei no me ina yanuyanu koula o DENARAU I AKUILAU ei no mei ke o (TAI LITIANA NAILEQE)

      • susuinadu Says:

        Stop publishing false story,kevaka iko kai nadi tukuna I matadratou na kai NAREWA ni sega ni nodratou na DENARAU ISLAND baleta kua ni vosa jiko ga mai vaqori ina website bu cant face the pipol rauta so na vei qalawai.baleta o au e dua na tamata kilavinaka vamatata nai tukuni kei Nadi tekivu I vanua kauta I wai…vosota ke bibi noqu ivosavosa

      • Moses nawai Says:

        No but they are the really owner n they try to get it back….over my dead body…
        You tell him now belongs to
        Yavusa- Navatulevu
        Mataqali- Navatulevu
        Tokatoka- Nacavacola…..and not Mataqali- weremagimagi

  17. Saunivalu Says:

    @ SENIKAU, SUSUINADU and MOSESE DAWAI… Now that you have opened your mouth and spoken on matters that are of no concerns of your or relevant to your existence, you WILL suffer the consequences of your own words. You have spoken out of line in relation to this issue. I have spoken to several Tui Nadis in the past From Napolioni Dawai, then his brother Vaqei, and then my best friend Naulia. They did not want to know hence their suffered their fate during their short Tui Nadi stint…. for ignoring the cries of my people. SENIKAU, me tekivu ni kua me la ya, isa na ceqetia koto ke na matani sa ni qwele va Saunivalu tavu osa saqatia koto me. Qi na tamu vasukania na lequ tata. O iko qei nia kece o kora na lemu kawa me i taku, mai I kalougata mo va kawa. SUSUINADI, the same applies to you. I have spoken to relevant people that matters in this isuue, and your visitors visa into Nadi gives you no right to utter a single word about the Nadi land issue. Mosese NAWAI the same fate is coming your way and I make no apology.

    The fate of the standing or destruction of the Tui nadi status rests in my hands. the Denarau Land issue is between MY PEOPLE of Saunivalu, The Koicalevu of NAKOVACAKE and Tui Nadi. … All you lot can butt out and wait for your fate…. That I promise

    • Scotty Says:

      Mutu vi lomani ia mako i kaikai sara va levu na kea lei dani vina na du medu lei qauvia mei tekivu me denarau qa cava i yakuilau me qei lei dani ke ocei e lea du o au riki na kawakawa i na rogoibau tai na ratu navula o luvea maikeli ratu e lea o tai litiana naleqe mei nakavu vina du riki kalougata koto na ledu vanua momo

    • Moses nawai Says:

      Ok who im” ill tell YOU im the elder grandson ratu apolosi renawai and thats right the reall grandson

    • Moses nawai Says:

      i dont real care about denrura and its glory of money and tui nadi people because ther are not the real tui nadi the one thing that i do care about denrura that it has an old village family history that needs saving from the white people and from those who trys to clain it and if you look around you’ll see our fijian people are suffering because the government and the nltb is to greedy to tell the truth and im pretty sure that you and me are familys , and you no who is my grandfather ratu apolosi renawai he can make anything happen till today so dont tell me a bout suffering consequences cause you’ll end up eating your own word i to can promise you that and if you want to talk with me just let me no ill facebook you

  18. saunivalu Says:

    @ Mosese Nawai, Take a trip down to Sikituru village, and ask for the Turaga ni Yavusa., Ratu Maikeli DAWAI. You sit with him and discuss this issue with him and explain who you are and where you hail from.

    • Moses nawai Says:

      My name is ratu mosese volavola nawai my Great grandmother is (Adi Makereta Caginatoba randiniceva) and my great grandfather is panapasa nayavu nawai and my grandfather is ratu apolosi renawai and im the son of ratu apolosi sagaitu ralawaki renawai and my rotuma mum is kijiana susana and i live in australian thank you god bless keep fighting for whats is right and everything that my grandfather have saide is going to happen soon

  19. SANI Says:

    @ Mosese Nawai..should you wish to discuss further you may come down to Sikituru Village Nadi and sit with my family.Tam macala o iko qa lem family e tau tu lemutu were se i lala. Mu sa mei cola tu boTo i na loloma mei Denarau

  20. NADI MAN Says:

    Any conflict on land -refer to NLC record .Denarau and maqalevu are the Yavutu of the VUCUNISAI or Yavusa Nadi as confirmed by the the NLC to the Government .A sworn evidence by iliaseri of Yavusa Noneiqoro in 1913 stated -Au sega ni kila me dua na turaga me solia na qele ni Vucunisai vei ira na kai -Sikituru ,In addition -he sworn that -Ni ya veivosakitaki me soli na qele ni vucunisai vei ira na kai Sikituru.-Which mean that whatever land claimed by the Sikituru people to be theirs , including the DENARAU Island belong to someone else as the NLC record is concern.So , we have to dig deep to the root then we can see the truth.PG 36 NLC 1913 -Joseva Nokelevu of Vucunisai gave the Land of nadi to the 1st navatulevu Chief -Mr navoliane ragigia during the 1st installation of the Tui Nadi .NLC LOT 39 -nakovacake Land and their head Chief & clan is from Noneiqoro but Pg 14 NLC 1913 record stated, that Iliaseri -Noneiqoro man that Vucunisai gave Land to them.PG 7 & 11 of the NLC 1913 stated that Vucunisai & Kai LOA installed the Sikituru chief.Era ya valuti kara SE na Vucunisai ki Malolo, Waya ,Viwa kei Bua.-NLC 1913.Na cava vuni nodra valuti kara vagalalataki e NADI -WHY ?
    Bottom Line that DENARAUoriginally owned by the Lost tribe of NADI _VUCUNISAI but was given to the Navatulevu chief as stated above which are now registered in 1896 by yavusa e Tolu Suelevu,SILA & Yakuilau, .

  21. Vucunisai Says:

    Mata vacola raraba veda na viwekani dei videredere koto ko na mona livaliva koyale. Nuitakinia ni toso vina tu qwaravi ni itavi ina vivanua dei qwaravi itavi ke.
    Ei mata lia boto lequ cau sewa ina vitalanoa ei la koto. O da na itaba ko na gauna koyale da tam kilajia vina sara na yalo ni visolisoli a tau vuara da tai so na gauna. A ra visolisoli ina dela ni yalo vina qania na vivarokorokotaki. Ei tam macala ga na cava sa ma mei yaco tu ke na visei ko na gauna koyale.
    Ba rairai nia na i lavo ko sa mei vavunia na vi no ca ?????

    Di vilomani valevu, Na Kwadu ena qei cedre ga me…

    Mutu kalougata..

  22. Mereoni Ratuvili Brooker Says:

    Mutu Cola vina riki na Koicalevu ina koro vamomo o Sikituru”‘..I have a document here from the’Itaukei Lands & Fisheries Commission under the Ministry of Itaukei Affairs…that pertains to the “Na Vakadeitaki Ni Yavusa Kei Nadi Kei Nai TuTu Vaka Tui Nadi;..Yavusa se Kawa Tamata ni Yavusa Nadi: E Lewe Tolu…Yavusa Botilivuka ,era se tiko ena koro o Namotomoto,–Yavusa Vucunisai eso era se tiko e Malolo(Yanuya)Waya(Nalauwaki)Viwa(Naibalebale)—-Yavusa Kai Loa,Vakaitikoiko mai Sikituru,sa mai Kawaboko

    Tutu Vaka Tui Nadi e nodratou na Yavusa Navatulevu’,…Mataqali Navatulevu kei Na Tokatoka Nakuruvakarua kara sa vakaitikotiko e na koro vakaturaga o Narewa.

    Ei lia boto lequ cau sewa,qi kerevia meda vilomani ga na viwekani mei Nadi..o au qi la koto mei vekoru na Botilivuka & Vucunisai mei Namotomoto.

    Vina du valevu

  23. NaQwaqwa Says:

    Tara riki na cola,

    In regards to the article mentioned above, Mr Kaiyum is doing what he THINKS is good for the people, that is, gambling with their land. We all know that it is wrong for him to do that, but because of the authority given to him by this government, he has the right to do so.

    Secondly, point to note is that the “veitarogi vanua” in Nadi was incomplete. It was cut short due to the WW1 in Europe, the whole story was never told. And to those who told the stories, there was strife and disagreements ongoing during that time, as told by the Englishmen who were gathering information’s, they were biased information’s because Nadi was not fully united then.

    If you need the real story then we going to have to go back further back to the past. The Queen at that time had sent her dignitaries to do a research on the Fijians and find out how they live and how they claim ownership of the lands they have. Considering the time frame they had and the movement of tribes from one place to another, they had collected a few information as to send to the Queen, Upon arrival of their reports, her Majesty noticed that some Englishmen had also become landowners in Fiji. She was a bit confused.

    Her majesty the Queen after 1874 sent another team to do further research. But this time it was to interview only the warlords in our beloved country. This is called the “Commissioning”.

    The warlord during that time in Nadi was a great warrior by the name of Navula. He describes the issue in Nadi and gives VERY VITAL information in regards to the ownership of land in Nadi, in this “commissioning” Navula also states that he had sold land to the early Europeans.

    I urge that those of you reading this piece from me will help you further in researching about Nadi. We all know that the “veitarogi vanua” is incomplete, we have another source to look from, that is the “Commissioning”.

    Qi nuitakinia e na veivuke valevu na veiwasei lekeleke ko. Me maroroi na ledu veiwekani, du kua ni vadere/vasaga leqwa e cau na kwa. Na ledu qwele e sa yaga tu ko vo kora kece na koi Viti rabaraba, vabiri i na ledu Vanua o Nadi.

  24. NADI MAN Says:

    Vina valevu na cau me ina ulutaga i yata –PLS refer to the 1881 LAND TITLE COMMISSION to which Navula stated on page 352 the original owner of the LAND that he sold to the Europeans and its boundary and all these land are under the State now.

  25. NADI MAN Says:

    Crown land owners those who were residing elsewhere during the 1881 land Title commission sitting due to tribal wars and movement of tribes-leva vaka veitacini.All tibes in nadi got their Land boundaries regitered as native land in 1896 except the vucunisai or the the driven nadi Tribe now started to claim their yavutu-maqalevu which is under the the state.

  26. NADI MAN Says:

    Au kerea ke rawa mada ni da veiwasei mada enai tukutuku ni kena volitaki o ENAMANU/WAILOLO /SOLOWARO–R/NO 1101— Nai tukutuku nei QORO -chiefhead of Tukani people or Nakovacake now -He stated that TOMANIIKA is a TRUE NADI MAN lived in VIWA…When we dig up the NLC report about Viwa on pg 82 ,its documented that these Kai NADI dina or vUCUNISAI RESIDE in one of the village of Viwa called Naibalebale.Why this nadi man QORO used that word TRUE NADI MAN lived in Viwa -Why not him?

  27. Vakadidike Says:

    Cola vina riki na Veitacini!

    I’m from yasawa i rara, and has strong conviction to the protection of taukei land. Native land issues are always sensitive, it breaks society, families and country. As our experience had witnessed to it- the 3 coups in Fiji. I have had research about land in Fiji and Canada and in my initial stage to my PhD work. I’m proposing to use Narewa village to investigate land issues in Fiji. It is this research exploration that brought me to this site to have an idea of the Yavusa e Tolu, (Sila,Nabati & Yakuilau) of Narewa village and tourism that leased land in Denarau island. All views shared in this forum by the very people who are connected to the contested land are valid from different perspectives. But they need to be established and interwoven for the great benefit of indigenous in Nadi and Fiji wide.

    One thing we must remember this Leasehold agreement had actually taken away our land, that is the experienced worldwide during colonialism. As a result in NZ only 5% of the land belongs to the Maori, Australian Aborigines 15%, Canada and USA combined account for about 10%. While in the South Pacific indigenous people still owned 90% of the land, indigenous people are still behind in development path. Why?

    There are many reasons but one strong argument is our psychological attachment with the land of our ancestors. It’s only natural we will have a care free attitude to life ‘ its our land and we’ll develop at our own pace and own terms. Other immigrants into Fiji have industrialized 200 plus years earlier while we still in our’ own world’. So its grossly unfair to compare us with them and the government of the day to deny us of our rights as Taukei ni vanua ko Viti. Place one iTaukei in the USA, psychologically motivated, he needs to work hard to survive, even getting 3 jobs. He doesn’t belong to that land and will have work hard to survive. Same drive that makes immigrants work very hard in Fiji.

    Going back to research interest, I will be very happy to meet people who will help accomplish this investigation regarding Denarau and its implications to the people of Nadi and indigenous people of Fiji
    Vina du riki

  28. NADI MAN Says:

    Cola vina riki Ta maya, Denarau— Even though we canot change the tide now -may be later but we must form a committe in our mataqali to supervise the lease condition of our various types of LEASE –from Tourism, Agriculture etc so we can rip the ripe fruit as our lease money is concern.1st and foremost is the checking of the Lease rent in evrey 5 to 10 years..The narewa people are fighting for who to get the TUI NADI title but they forgot to fight for their reprocesss of their lease money for the last 40 years,even the the NLTB now TLTB are not aware of what is going on for the reprocess of DENARAU land as the Indigineoue welfare is concern.So, we must form a strong commitee to watc dog the Lesser and the lessor in order to get the right price of our land.

  29. NADI MAN Says:

    OWNERS OF THE NADI AIRPORT CROWN LAND –1881 LAND TITLE COMMISSION BY WILLIAMSON-As stated on page 352 by the Conqueror NAVULA of the Akuilau Tribe that he clubbed the original Nadi people then sold their land — i.e From the right bank of the river (Bale-Waimalka ), Point above (nasau-back road)up to vagadra(vakai)..So, All crown land between NLC LOT 94 for nauapeople and NLC LOT 39 for nakovacake belong to the true nadi people been clubbed and driven by Navula as staed by Qoro in the land sales transaction of the Enamanu/Wailolo/Solwaru that TOMANIKA is a TRUE NADIMAN reside in Viwa.These Driven NADI people are commonly known as the VUCUNISAI in nadi.

  30. NADI MAN Says:

    FINAL REPORT 1881– 42 –Even though a Tribe might be conquered or removed from their land by the conqueror (Navula ), The title of the driven tribes Land still theirs because they were not extict so the their title may be held in abeyance but can not be destroyed .Mr Fisan stated in one of his report that every inch of land IN FIJI HAS A OWNER so we the ITAUKEI should understand that 1881 Land Title commission was carried out for the determination of the empty or unoccupied lands to which those lands were under the crown (held in abeyance) .After that sitting , it was clear to the Land commissioners at that time that the rest of the land in Fiji were occupied (not empty) so Mr Willkinson was appointed in 1895 to register all the boundary of the ITAUKEI Lands as Native Land.In other words for those descendant of the Native lands owners which was registered in 1896 -you cant say now that you own a piece of the crown land because your ancestors did sworn or agreed in the 1881 sitting that the empty land belong to the driven tribe and not their tribe.SO, after those sitting( 1881 & 1896 it crystal clear that Both LANDS -CROWN & NATIVE LANDs has a OWNER. My advise to us all ITAUKEIS , we should look for the driven Tribes in our province , get all documents and do submission to the present government because this governments constitution for the forgotten,.one

  31. Inoke Buli Says:

    interesting comments – Chapter 10 of Degei’s Descendants: Spirits, Place and People in Pre-Cession Fiji, Edited by Matthew Spriggs and Deryck Scarr, published 2014 by ANU Press, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, now puts everyone in their place.

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