Special treatment for regime crony

“Don’t worry, when you’re on Team Frank the law doesn’t apply to you.  When I win the election, I’ll let you altogether.”

We’re told by Radio Regime that there’s no magistrate available to hear the case of regime crony Praveen Bala charged with causing death by dangerous driving.  This is the third time since December that no magistrate has been found who can hear the case. It seems causing death by dangerous driving is not considered a serious offence any more.  The family of the 48 year old father of three, Puna Chand, who dies in the alleged dangerous driving may not share this view.  Bala was a Khaiyum appointee and was given charge of Ba as well as Lautoka thanks to the direct intervention of Khaiyum in the ministerial responsibility of Sam Saumatua. It’s no wonder Sam joined SODELPA after seeing the dirty dealing of this regime from  the inside.

Radio Fiji 12 August 2014 Bala’s case adjourned to Oct

4 Responses to “Special treatment for regime crony”

  1. losalini Says:

    SHAMEFUL behaviour by this thug regime. My heart goes out to the family of the man that was killed.

  2. Bodyguard Says:

    New government will review this deal like all other Tappoos deals. Interesting times ahead.

  3. resident Says:

    The man killed crossed the road in front of an approaching vehicle. Let the court decide if Bala is quilty or the man was careless.

  4. Tomasi Says:

    That is true @ resident. The other issue is why this case not been dealt with? Justice delayed is justice denied. If it is deliberately delayed for political expediency, that;s another issue. But please put your shoes in those of the victim’s family and you will appreciate what Losalini and Bodyguard mean. Vinaka

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