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Will there be anything left?

January 5, 2014

The question shareholders of FHL are asking is whether there will be anything left in FHL coffers when an elected Government finally takes control of the company from the thieves who raided it to install their own free-loaders on the board and in executive positions. They wasted millions on the failed bid to buy BP Southwest Pacific. Then they started playing games in PNG. The regime has no idea of how to run a business but every idea of how to milk it for personal purposes. FHL Logistics was all their bright idea and like the crazy venture into the oil business it’s proved they don’t know that they’re doing. They’re milking big dividends because the dividends are being paid straight to regime coffers to pay for shares that were given to Provincial Councils by the Qarase Government so Provincial Councils could have the funds they need to serve their people.
Fiji Sun January 4, 2014 FHL Logistics closes down

Public Service Standards?

December 22, 2013


Frank and Aminiasi look like they’re watching public service standards disappearing down the drain while poor old Jo, who is responsible for the Public Service standards, can’t bear to look. We all know the truth. No-one tries to improve service standards. Decisions are made by Khaiyum with the Bainimarama rubber-stamp, based on gossip and back-stabbing. People who know better just go along with it because they know speaking the truth can cost them their job.

Health Minister is satisfied but no-one else is

December 6, 2013

According to the Health Minister, Dr Neil Sharma we are almost enjoying “Universal Health Coverage”, which leaves us wondering what this is supposed to mean. Does it mean Bainimarama, Khaiyum, Tikoduadua, Tikoitoga and everybody who’s anybody in this regime flies overseas for health treatment, because that’s what really happens, and if they need any medical attention in Suva, it’s off to Suva Private. No CWM for them. Does Bainimarama imagine that we can be fooled by words like this from Dr Nil? The people who rely on hospitals and health stations know what the truth is. Hearing Dr Nil talk about “Universal Health Coverage” cannot make up for lack of basic medical supplies.

Radio Fiji Dec 05, 2013 Fiji progressing well towards UHC: Minister

Bainimarama’s Chairman removed

December 4, 2013


Bainimarama took for himself the role of appointing Chairmen of Provincial Councils but this is no guarantee they will remain in office. The late Ratu Jale Waisale Kuwe Ratu, the Tui Tavua, passed on, leaving the position of Chairman of Ba Provincial Council vacant. Will the former Chairman, Ratu Meli Saukuru be restored? Will a stooge be sought? Can one be found?

Fiji Times December 03, 2013 Council chairman dead

A parable of our times

November 21, 2013

The engineer’s report on the collapse of the deck at the Mai Kana restaurant reads like a parable of the Bainikhaiyum regime. A rotten structure that could not stand – made of untreated wood that was bound to rot (like a Government made of unelected people). How did the Nadi Council under the regime’s Administrator approve it? It seems investment is so hard to come by the regime lackeys put their rubber stamps on it because it was investment at a time when real investors are hard to find. The image of business owners and journalists attending a function organised by the Nadi Chamber of Commerce and Industry plunging into the Nadi river tells the story of this regime. A rotten structure that is doomed to collapse. Regime appointed Nadi town boss, Robin Ali, said the restaurant was operating without a licence but he needs to answer how this is possible? Where were his inspectors between when the deck went up and when the wood rotted? How quick does wood rot in Nadi? Overnight?

Fiji Times November 21, 2013 Building standard comprimised

Fiji Times November 21, 2013 Owners to be taken to task

Trying to stay in step

November 21, 2013


As always Kubuabola is trying to stay in step with his boss. Like his slap in the face to Australia at the Brisbane Business Council meeting, which unfortunately ricocheted and hit Peter O’Neill in the face.

It sure pays to be a Khaiyum accomplice

November 18, 2013


Fiji News Watch blogsite has revealed that Faiz Khan is receiving $330,000 as CEO of Tropik Woods. Faiz Khan is a close friend of Khaiyum who as Minister responsible for Public enterprises can appoint whoever he likes at whatever salary he likes. Who knows what dirty work he’s being paid to cover up with his hefty salary? What do the landowners whose land is being used to produce the timber get for their contribution? In Frank’s Fiji, who knows?


Are some people above the law?

November 12, 2013

One of the Special Administrators appointed by the regime to run local government in the Western division was involved in a road accident in Lautoka in which a pedestrian died. We all know these people are the hand-picked choices of Khaiyum (just ask Sam Saumatua) so is this why he is yet to be questioned by police? The driver was reported to be still in hospital and police said they are waiting for the doctor’s clearance before taking him in for questioning. Is this just another example of some people being above the law?

Fiji Village: 11/11/2013 Special Administrator involved in accident yet to be questioned

The collaborator

November 11, 2013


The craven collaborator, Alipate Qetaki, looks down at his piece of cake, the fruits of his sell-out of his fellow Fijians rights. Bainimarama smirks happily to himself, wishing all his collaborators were as gutless. Qetaki understands very well that the Land Bank Decree will allow Bainimarama to hand out 99 years leases on what ever terms and conditions he likes to anyone he chooses, but he just lowers his head and says nothing.

Fiji Sun November 6, 2013 No land politics: PM

What’s this? Now chiefs appointed by the gun?

November 11, 2013

The report that a joint force of police and military have been visiting the Natewa area is disturbing. The regime claims the aim was to build a strengthened relationship with the people but this fools no-one. It’s clearly designed to intimidate the people into supporting the regime’s candidate for the position of Vunivalu of Natewa. In 2010 Ratu Amenatape Belo was installed as the regime-friendly candidate but his commission was withdrawn by the Almighty barely two years later. This was the second time there had been divine intervention in the selection of the Vunivalu. Will there have to be a third intervention? The fact that the regime has to send in a joint military/police force to intimidate the people gives the game away. The people do not want a Vunvalu who has the blessing of a PM appointed by the power of the gun.

Fiji Times November 08, 2013 Military, police tour district