Ill-informed, self aggrandizing, self-selected moral entrepreneurs.


Self-aggrandizing -fits him so well

This is how the puppet Ashwin Raj described Patrick Craddock and Matt Thomson, two academics who dared to express their opinions in the media. He could not have picked better words to describe Bainimarama and Khaiyum.  They are “self-selected” – no-one has ever voted for either of them to represent anyone. Self-selected is the perfect description. “Moral entrepreneurs” – they think they have the right to dictate all questions of morality by imposing on the people a Constitution that has been written by them alone, which sets all rights of our citizens, restricting freedom and putting the powerful apparatus of the state in their hands.  “Self-aggrandizing” – covered in medals, when he has never held a real operational military command, rejoicing in the rank of Rear Admiral, touring the world at taxpayers expense.  “Ill-informed” Bainimarama the NZSC drop-out leaves everything in his government to Khaiyum and knows next to nothing about the contents of any of the Governments truck loads of decrees that have been dumped on the country, except that Khaiyum wrote them to keep him in perpetual dictatorship.

One Response to “Ill-informed, self aggrandizing, self-selected moral entrepreneurs.”

  1. Malakai Says:

    A message to SODELPA, Labour Party, NFP and other anti Fiji First Party, the Fiji Times report below. It send out a wake up call to you all prospective election candidates to head your way out to rural villages in all Fiji to with hand outs in their own languages telling the people the truths about this current illegal Govt…clearly telling them the corruption, lies, unaccountability, nepotism, human rights suppression, stripping of Taukei’s control on their lands and cultures, attacks on religious beliefs and criminality.
    Govt propaganda up to now have had impacts on understanding of rural people and these must be corrected. candidates for election cannot win if they stick around the comforts of urban areas…they must go out to all rural areas and thoroughly discuss their messages with the people.

    On PM’s turf
    Margaret Wise
    Saturday, June 28, 2014
    Nalaba District School students and their parents cross a river to get to school in Ra. Picture: BALJEET SINGH
    IF you think Voreqe Bainimarama has been buried beneath the avalanche of rhetoric on the pay he is allegedly receiving or the poverty and unemployment rate in Fiji, think again.
    The people in the province of Ra just love the

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