Cane prices and promises

Before the election the boast was “the highest cane price ever” (forgetting for a moment the highest costs of fertiliser and transport ever). Now there’s a slight change of tune. Abdul Khan has another promise, which is slightly different and very worrying. “I want to reassure growers that we will definitely try to keep the price as high as possible.” Definitely TRY? In other words: don’t bet your house on it. He claims FSC will rake in about $70million annually from the sale of electricity from cogeneration plants in Labasa and Rarawai in Ba. But this is not going to happen unless farmers can increase the production of cane. The threat is the downward spiral we’ve been under our Minister for Travelling to Sugar Conferences will continue.

Fiji Times December 13, 2014 Plan to maintain revenue

4 Responses to “Cane prices and promises”

  1. The Sugarman Says:

    Abdul Khan is the dumbest CEO ever. The cogeneration will be a failure because of the basic reason that there is just not enough cane. Those generators will function only when there is a lot of bagasse to burn which creates fuel. Since production is very low, the cogeneration plant will produce very little or no electricity at all. The sugar industry is doomed!!

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Between Abdul Khan & Vaniqi they couldn’t make ONE canefarm profitable even if they tried.

  3. Mukesh Says:

    Anybody who heads the sugar industry knows very well how much they will reap from the industry for personal gain. This has happened from Reseed Ali’s days, to Jonetani, to Shamsher, and now Abdul Khan.
    Abdul Khan being an engineer must know very well how much steam is lost daily and why the current turbines are not being utilized.
    There is no need for additional co-generation plant because FSC from donkeys days failed to utilize the current infrastructure and provide very little electricity (export electricity) to FEA.
    The only thing FSC need is a skilled and experience Electrical Engineer who can make the current infrastructure work properly.

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    Sayonara Vaniqi –

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