I want $15 million and I want it now

Do you who I am?  The signature of this jumped brat

She gets the job of CEO of the Fiji Sports Council thanks to her father, but that’s not enough for this little bully.  A check of the Government liabilities revealed the 2012 Audit report tells us that the dictator’s daughter needed $15 million to play with.  Who knows where this money, all of it borrowed, has gone?  Has anyone seen an Annul Report setting out the finances of the FSC?

12 Responses to “I want $15 million and I want it now”

  1. Ratu (ex boyfriend) Says:

    jenny Graig is looking for this fat bitch,she was to fat for me,there were heavey ,heavey rolls down there,l could”nt even reach.

  2. Current boyfirend Says:

    I know what you mean. I have to roll her in flour to find the wet spot. Last night I found two of her ex-boyfriends caught under one of her rolls of fat.

  3. Aunty Nur Says:

    Frankly, I find this picture of the great leaders ugly daughter aesthetically quite offensive. She is even uglier than me and this is no small feat.

  4. losalini Says:

    be nice people! she is only following in her father’s footsteps in being entitled to everything. the big question is “what was the $15m spent on?”. big fancy car? firstclass trips overseas? multiple properties in fiji and abroad?

  5. gone ni kiuva Says:

    luveni magalevu vakai tinamu. vacava ya? sake ra vakamatei na wekemami baleti tamamu. drau vicai tamamu luveni magalevu

  6. gone ni kaba Says:

    easy kiuva boy. frank’s daughters and sale sorovaki will be vutusonataki for all to see

  7. kaibeqa Says:

    ni vicai na kai kiuva luveni sona levu

  8. suresh Says:

    are wah

  9. biman ke nana Says:

    Pls go read the report again. It was for the upgrade of the national stadium in suva.

  10. tualeita Says:

    Ni yalo vinaka me kua na vosavosa ca. Dina ga ni kaukauwa ka warumisa na qito ni politiki, ia meda qito savasava ga. O ira na tamata qaqa dina era sega nidau qito duka.

  11. Meli Vunivalu USA Says:

    Tualeita. Domica na SONA nei ceo, nio oti mai kea qai lai dabeca na qalai tamana

  12. OB Says:

    naupoto vutusona qori na retio sega ni talevoni sarisari

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