Big donation to Frank’s First Family Party

The Fiji Ports Corporation Limited has announced a record-breaking dividend payout to Government of $3,698,979. What this means is that Frank has almost $4 million more to fund spending to try to buy votes.  What the voters have to keep in their minds is that when he does this with the taxpayers money he is proving once more that he thinks he owns everything. He has the right to take any property and use it for whatever purpose suits him.  Before the election all the groups he has ignored for 8 years will be given presents.  If he is elected and confirmed in office the flow of gifts will stop and the process of sucking the country dry to repay loans and reward his friends will start again.

Fiji Sun June 26, 2014 Fiji Ports Announces $3.698m Dividend

4 Responses to “Big donation to Frank’s First Family Party”

  1. Malakai Says:

    This why all of us must reject the Fiji First Party at the polls in next election

  2. stormbreaker Says:

    Not only that, there are so much that this regime has trampled just to make way for Kaiyum’s thesis in dismantling and trampling and depriving on the rights of the I Taukei to control their own destiny in their own homeland.

    If we had implemented this in India for example their would have been a revolution in every streets…………..

    We need to ensure this government does not win this election……C’mon Fijians..we determine our future and not these goons !!!

  3. Aunty Nur Says:

    Stormbreaker, you are a coward like the rest of your tribe. Your land will be taken by the Honourable Khaiyum and most of your tribesmen will even vote for him.

  4. billyboy Says:

    Aunty Nur. Your muslim agenda to conquer the world is already collapsing in the muslim world, what makes you think you will conquer Fiji – for the indigenous fijians . Yr dreams is about to be shattered by the Sovereign God who owns and rules over this nation

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