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Another beating – how about an investigation?

September 4, 2014

Our new Commissioner of Police had no trouble understanding he would have no credibility if he tried to ignore a blatant death in custody.  Now he has another test after one of Vilikesa Soko’s alleged accomplices appeared in court with signs of injury he said were the result of police brutality. The Lautoka High Court was also told the Nadi Magistrate’s Court had ordered him to be admitted to hospital again after his court hearing last week and he should not be removed until he was cleared by medical authorities, but this did not happen. Commissioner Groenewald has to explain why the court’s order was ignored.  Has his courage run out?

Radio Fiji 3 September 2014 Robbery suspects in court


A good promise but the question remains

August 28, 2014

The FPF has assured members of the public they will be updated on progress of investigations into the death Vilikesa Soko.  This is a good promise but it would carry more weight if we could be advised on progress in relation to the investigation of the torture video. Commissioner Gorenewald needs to explain how  a crime can be filmed with faces and car registration clearly visible and no arrests have been made.

Fiji Times August 27 2014  Police promise progress update on Soko death

Groenewald makes first base

August 27, 2014

The news that 4 officers have been suspended pending investigations into the death in custody of Vilikesa Soko is without doubt the best news we’ve had for a long time into deaths at the hands of the police, military and orison officers under Bainimarama.  Past investigations were slow, grudging and driven only by media exposure. To make second base Groenewald has to follow up on the torture video. Does anyone doubt that the failure to investigate a crime that was actually filmed, and the open backing given to the perpetrators by Bainimarama, contributed to the latest death.  Lazy unprofessional policing will not solve our crime problem.

Fiji Times August 26, 2014 Soko’s death: Police,4, suspended pending investigations

Khaiyum hypocrisy reaches new heights

July 1, 2014


Who should be surprised that Khaiyum has changed the Parties decree to demand that all new office holders in political parties declare their assets and income. He did not include this in his original decree but he he thinks Party office holders should have done it anyway.  Khaiyum the almighty says from his high perch of power:  “As you know there have been a lot changes in the NFP and PDP from the initial point of registration. The person who was the leader, who was the VP have all changed, but none of these people saw it fit to come and declare their assets and liabilities.”  We have been waiting 8 years for the truth of what the state pays him as an unelected Minister for half a dozen things and then he gives others days to make declarations or face 10 years in prison.  Even for Khaiyum this is unbelievable hypocrisy.
Fijilive July 01, 2014  Decree amended, party officials to declare

Ill-informed, self aggrandizing, self-selected moral entrepreneurs.

June 26, 2014


Self-aggrandizing -fits him so well

This is how the puppet Ashwin Raj described Patrick Craddock and Matt Thomson, two academics who dared to express their opinions in the media. He could not have picked better words to describe Bainimarama and Khaiyum.  They are “self-selected” – no-one has ever voted for either of them to represent anyone. Self-selected is the perfect description. “Moral entrepreneurs” – they think they have the right to dictate all questions of morality by imposing on the people a Constitution that has been written by them alone, which sets all rights of our citizens, restricting freedom and putting the powerful apparatus of the state in their hands.  “Self-aggrandizing” – covered in medals, when he has never held a real operational military command, rejoicing in the rank of Rear Admiral, touring the world at taxpayers expense.  “Ill-informed” Bainimarama the NZSC drop-out leaves everything in his government to Khaiyum and knows next to nothing about the contents of any of the Governments truck loads of decrees that have been dumped on the country, except that Khaiyum wrote them to keep him in perpetual dictatorship.

Ashwin Raj is a puppet without credibility

June 25, 2014

Once again the heavy hand of the regime spreads the message of lack of media freedom

Ashwin Raj has declared everything Patrick Craddock and Matt Thomsom said to be false – according to him “none of their statements hold true and they didn’t bother to check their facts”.   This puppet had no credibility to start with but his credibility is even less than zero now. The MIDA decree (section 10) even says he has to take direction from the Minister and it looks like this is exactly what he’s done.  This is a job for a puppet without an ounce of self-respect. His two predecessors could not work under a system which requires them to regulate the media while also being required to take direct orders from Khaiyum. As for fact checking, he needs to learn how to do this himself instead of following orders from his puppet master. Did he ask the Police whether they were checking up on Netani Rika?  MIDA is supposed to regulate the media, not individuals who might want to have their voices heard in the media. The one good thing about all this is that it has again highlighted the lack of media freedom in Fiji.

Radio Fiji 25 JunMIDA seeks explanatione 2014 MIDA seeks explanation


Punishment for supporting SODELPA

June 25, 2014

The closure of the Health Post  at Waimaqera  has left 3000 people without health services in the south end of  Taveuni.  Is this just typical of the Bainimarama regime priorities with its cuts to health to fund First Family travel, or is it punishment for supporting Tui Cakau and SODELPA?  Group punishment is the hallmark of dictators like Saddam Hussein who gassed Kurds because some of them did not support him. Farmer, Rakesh Kumar, who died last week when the Health Post was not available to help him, may not have been a supporter of SODELPA but he suffered nonetheless.  That’s the way dictatorships work.
Fiji times June 25, 2014  Health post closes


Media Freedom Fiji style

June 24, 2014

Acting Journalism Coordinator at USP, Patrick Craddock and lecturer in journalism, Dr. Matthew Thompson, have protested the treatment of two journalists during the the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF). This expensive gab-fest which should be called Frank’s Own Forum, denied accreditation to Pareti without explanation, while the Rika was subject to police harrassment.  The FOF spokesman tried to blame extra security for the visit by the President of Indonesia for the denial of access to Pareti.  No explanation was`given for the treatment handed out to Netani Rika. Both are on the regime’s banned list for failing to be brainless mouthpieces for the regime.

Fijilive  June 23, 2014 Academics speaks out against journalist treatment

Why all the currency smuggling?

June 17, 2014

In the last week the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority has reported 3 cases of people trying to smuggle $Fs out of the country hidden in luggage.  Why don’t they just report it and seek approval for its transfer?  Could it be because they wouldn’t get approval.  The big balance in foreign exchange that the regime boasts about is a result of tight controls.  People have to seek approval to pay their credit card bills in foreign currency.  And why the tight controls? Is it because the regime is terrified of another devaluation when the memory of the last one and the poverty it caused is so fresh in everyone’s memory?

Fiji Times 15 June 2014  Three currency smuggling cases

Coconut Wireless needs to tune in better

June 11, 2014

The Fiji Sun’s Coconut Wireless, the scurrilous regime propaganda mill, is taunting political parties about the regime’s ‘reforms’ to lease money distribution.  CCW says: “How come none of the political parties opposing the Government are talking about what will happen to lease money distribution?  Will it go back to its old way of chiefs getting more and the rest being divided up up amongst the commoners if they somehow win power?”  They just don’t get it.  The problem with the ‘reform’ is that it was imposed without any consultation.  Political parties don’t need a policy on lease payments.  They don’t have to do anything other than promise to consult landowners and re-establish the BLV to give chiefs a voice in the matter.