Three more RFMF sneak in as FF candidates


Pio Tikoduadua, Joeli Cawaki and Laisenia Tuitubou have resigned from their top civil service jobs (which they were given as a result of the 2006 coup) to contest election for the FrankFirst Party.  Why were they not included in the list of candidates announced last Friday?  Was it just so they could suck on the civil service teat a few days longer, or was it to try to make the FrankFirst team look less military?  Who do they think they’re fooling?

Fiji Live July 30 2014   Commissioners set to contest election

Radio Fiji 30 July 2014 Tikoduadua leaves the PM’s Office to contest election


7 Responses to “Three more RFMF sneak in as FF candidates”

  1. Sukana no kawa Says:

    Why don’t they changed their name from Fiji first , to Fiji Amy first Party.

  2. Mai Naboro Says:

    Isa da vakarau sara veilewai ni sa druka na FFirst……wawa tiko mai o mavolo mai Naboro

  3. Tomasi Says:

    Voreqe speaks and we see his stupidity.
    Voreqe continues to speak and we see his utter foolishness and prodigal state.
    Voreqe talks again we know for sure that he is surely wrong upstairs. SA LIALIA DINA TIKO NA KAISI OQO..
    Voreqe continues to talk, and we are convinced that his cassava patch dash must have traumatised him and the doctors at St Giles can only do so much.

    The question is how on earth have we allowed this mental retard, liar, murderer, thief, torturer and ignorant fool to rule over us for almost 8 long years???????

    But the answer is revealed to us slowly and surely as time moves on. One by one, as the list of candidates is revealed, we begin to see the people who have been supporting him all along. What is it about this lying mental case of a fool that attracts people to his side?

    These candidates are not all foolish people.But yes, they see a benefit in supporting Voreqe. They have benefitted from Voreqe’s rebellion. They hope they will stand to benefit much more from the chief liar and thief if this dictatorship continues.

    No more people. We need change. It is time for change. It is time for gaol for Voreqe and Kaiyum and their bad dogs.

  4. nazhatshameemagaduka Says:

    these recent candidates are just plain scared to say no when approached. they are complicit in that sense. Frank and Fiji First are losing the plot, they realize their unpopularity. Me and aslam are enjoying the spoils in Geneva though and I’m so horny I’m sleeping around with the Africans here.

  5. marykeanmagalevu Says:

    Pio se lailai vei iko na veve ni gusu qori. oti qori ena slack mai nomu cici. magaitinamu sonalevu

  6. Aunty Nur Says:

    It would be good to have Francis Kean in the candidate line-up. He epitomises all the positive aspects of Khaiyum’s party: A firm hand, a brave approach towards conflicts, a lovely, gentle personality and first and foremost superior intelligence. The voters will fall over themselves to send a fresh, young and unconventional politician into Khaiyum’s parliament. Francis also symbolises the principles of equal opportunity and forgiveness. Yes he has sinned, but it was only a Whippy he whacked and there are more Whippys than Keans.

  7. Tomasi Says:

    Thank you for that vital qualification Aunty Nur. Kean epitomises all the positive aspects of Khaiyum’s party and Khaiyum’s parliament.

    That’s fine. But Khaiyum’s parliament must not becomes the people’s parliament, The two are mutually exclusive and must remain so. To have otherwise is to condemn our nation to absolute dictatorship of a very dark and sinister brand. May God help us to do our part.

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