Why no charges for Neil Sharma?

Fiji Leaks has shared some of the details about the Dr Neil Sharma corruption case. Rather than make his Minister accountable for his actions Bainimarama had the whole case buried but then didn’t appoint him to his new democractically elected Cabinet. Where is all the transparency the clean-up coup was supposed to bring? Is the investigation closed and he’s been cleared? If so, let us know. If not, we deserve to know if he has included a crook on his parliamentary team. Are we supposed to accept that he’s only a little bit crooked?

12 Responses to “Why no charges for Neil Sharma?”

  1. KS Says:

    Hey guys, they say that you deserve the government you get..and after a bit of discrepancy in the voting etc, which we always had – these guys won the election.
    Also, if we have a complaint about the voting system or the unfair constitution – then we should have boycotted this election – but we didn’t.
    So now we have to live with this for four years – and hopefully learn our lessons.

    BTW – it may work out for this regime, if they let people like Neil Sharma and a few other to hang out there to dry – isn’t that how it is usually done.

    If I was Neil Sharma, I would be pretty scared now. And if I was in Kahiyum’s position – I would nail Sharma’s ass – which would then make Khaiyum look good.

    And this corruption thing…..this regime does not have a monopoly on this …..we have had some big time corrupt folks in the previous administrations – SDL, Labour, SVT, Alliance.
    But then again, those boys were our SOBs and we were willing to look the other way and vote them in for another term.

    The formula has been very simple – a group of elite Fijians get together with a small group of Indian con artists – and party begins.
    And it works every time.

  2. Transparency Says:

    stop referring to the past as an excuse to continue with corruption… the difference is that baini told the whole world that he was going to fix corruption…no one forced him to say it…he used this lie as an excuse to stay in power, even under a disguised democratic election…so he should pay….so KS u r just nor regime lackie being softened up now by the TRuth???? stop using excuses of the past.

  3. KS Says:

    Hey Transparency…all I said is that we are part of a culture that is corrupt……past, present, and future……from Ratu Mara/Ganilau, to the Labour boys and Chaudhry, to the Rabuka folks and for a time the Cakobau folks also tired to ride the gravy train, then there was Qarase cashing in for his boys and now these people here….always the same.

    So where to you get it that I am a regime lackie?

    Bainimarama brought up the corruption issue…..simple.
    The day he pulled the coup, he felt that he needed to explain to the locals why he pulled the coup so that there is no local opposition – and guess what, Frank found out in two days that the local population are not going to stand up to him – and they did not …never did for the last 8 years and not now.

    Thats when he changed his tune to his equality of races crap…..

    So there….no one is going to stand up to these people….and they never did.

    So learn to live with it – and just try to figure out when is your turn to get on the gravy train.

  4. Transparency Says:

    KS u are a regime lackie….learn to live with it??? u standing up to his crap or u just comfortably bleeping from the comforts of your os lounge??? I dont think there is such a thing as the culture you portray….just pathetic users comprising a few, not all, elite like baini and shameems and kaiyum disguised as do gooders for the oppressed…

  5. KS Says:

    Yeap……Transparency….when you can’t support your position – just call the other guy a “regime lackie”..and if that does not work then maybe “you fricken Indian” or “you fricken Fijian” as the case may be.

    The fact still remains that among the Fijians – the culture of corruption includes a few Ratus, together with some members of the Fijian elite – they rip of the rest of the Fijian – and that is from Ratu Mara down to Bainimarama.

    On the Indian side – there is a small group of Indian businessmen – who always work together with these Fijian – and it so happens that these Indian are mostly Gujeratis – but if it wasn;t Gujeratis, if would be India businessmen who come from other part of India – together with a few educated Indians.

    Having a point of view such as above – why does that make me a “regime lackie:.

    You know what will happen when we replace this regime – another will come into place – doing exactly the same thing.

    That is why the the majority of Fijians have realized that it does not make much difference who is in power – they are all crooks – Mara, Ganilau, the Indian Alliance, Rabuka, Chaudhry, Qarase, Baini, Khaiyum and all.

    So you go figure out how you can jump on the gravy train the next time – and I suggest maybe you should start working with a right wing ethno-nationalist group – because their turn is next.

  6. Muki Says:

    Very obvious reason Dr Neil is not being charged is that he is holding some major evidences that may be detrimental to Bainimarama and Khaiyum.
    One need to look at others, ordinary citizens, who are having minor offences being charged and their cases being reported by media just to let people of Fiji know that this government is hard on crimes.
    But little is know by people that this government is haven to big crooks like Praveen Bala and Neil Sharma, both of them murderers.

  7. KS Says:

    This Dr Sharma…..what exactly is his background as a doctor.

    …then there was that John Prasad….and his qualifications.

    Now we have Dr. Brij Lal – a Fiji First MP.

    Here is something on Dr Brij Lal – how he describes himself:

    “Lal was educated at the Labasa College. He later went on to achieve a Teaching certificate from the National Teachers College. He did his Bachelor of Arts at the University of the South Pacific as well as his Postgraduate diploma, He got his Master’s of science from the Royal Ireland Institute of Business and Technology.”

    Do you notice that he does not say where he got his doctorate from.

    And that “He got his Master’s of science from the Royal Ireland Institute of Business and Technology.”
    Just google – fake “Northern Ireland Institute of Business & Technology” – and all this very suspicious. There was a Malaysian MP with fake degrees last investigated last year and he also had a masters from the same place Dr Brijj Lal got his masters from.

    And the Doctorate…..I am still waiting to know where he got that from.

    BTW – it may not be illegal to buy a degree……but is sure is illegal to use that degree to get yourself promoted……There FICAC – what do you say.

    Education Office, Senior Education officer, PS of Education.

    I am still waiting for my doctorate to arrive in the mail .

  8. Tomasi Says:

    @Muki, very good observation, thank you. That is why the criminals protect each other. They act like a secret brotherhod or fraternity, they got each others back and they try and be loyal to each other no matter the depravity they sink to.. But if one of them spills the beans, their sand castle begins to crumble.

    I understand that our former Health Minister is a part time monster who murders unborn children through illegal abortions. I mention this because a person who practices that kind of illegal and murderous craft is quite capable of even more serious crimes. What is stealing money when these people are involved in murdering people? We have some very undesirable characters who have become our so called leaders. What a way to move the country forward?

  9. KS Says:

    Hey Tomasi, found your earlier writings interesting….but this one about morality of abortion – you have the right to have your beliefs but I think you should keep it out of this political.

    Yes, abortions are illegal in Fiji, and if, as you allege, this doctor was doing something that is illegal – than that one thing.

    But to try and make a case that anyone who does abortion or who has an abortion is somehow evil……..

    I think it is wrong to bring in the morality of abortion into this debate is wrong.
    What is next….Fiji to become a Christian state or legislating against the immoral activity of the gays.
    This is exactly how SODELPA lost this election.

    While I am no fan of this Neil Sharma…..in this case, he may have been providing safe access to abortion (if he was doing this as you allege)…even if there were some cases of botched abortions.

    The issue here is that you and others like you should keep you morality out of politics – and that is the only way we can put together a broad based coalition which can stand up to this regime and maybe win the next election.

    I think we have enough on this doctor guy to nail him……and there is no need to bring us this abortion issue…BTW is he an idol worshipper also?

  10. Tomasi Says:

    @KS. Thank you for your comments and you are entitled to your opinions. May I quickly respond as follows:

    1. Morality is nothing to do with what you and I think or stipulate as wrong or right. I am not talking about man made rules and codes of conduct to enhance organisational cohesion and broad based coalition as you put it. When I talk about codes of ethics, morals, right and wrong, I am referring to what I believe are God’s absolute standards as revealed in the Bible. My opinion or your opinion about it has no bearing at all when perceived from God’s standpoint.

    2. I raised Neil’s illegal abortion to highlight his character and perhaps hint at his personality profile. By conducting illegal abortion, he has broken two laws, man made legislation and the divine moral law on taking human life. I was trying to draw the parallel that if Neil is so bold and has no moral scruples about killing innocent children or human embryos, he would be completely able to engage in fraudulent deals. You will agree that murder is more serious that stealing a thousand dollars.

    3. You may be perfectly right in promoting political correctness. I am primarily concerned about righteousness. While being politically correct may win us people’s votes, approval and the power to form Governments, I am more concerned about winning God’s approval and favour. You are concerned about politics. I am concerned about excellent governance and living our lives according to God’s expectations. You are concerned about the temporal, while I am focussed on eternal destiny. So while we both agree on some things, we may hold fundamentally different world views. But that is ok and should not stop us from working together politically.

    4. Government’s come and go. The ebbs and flows of life tempts us to fashion our morals according to the shifting sands of what society may feel is good for the times. History has proven that political leadership based on fickle issues and political correctness are often unstable at best and absolutely destructive ultimately.. However, a nation that is founded on eternal values and principles always stands the test of time. Retrace humanity’s footsteps along the corridors of time and we will see how mighty empires have fallen. There was a common denominator that sealed their fate. Moral decadence leads to political collapse and destruction.

    5. The Bible records God’s principle for a blessed and great nation in this way:

    “Righteousness exalts a nation. Sin is a reproach to any people ”

    Oh by the way. a nation’s greatness does not necessarily depend on its size. Greatness is a measure of the total quality of life of a nation as a result of the quality of leadership and vision that empower its people to accomplish extraordinary things that transcend human potential and expectations. Fiji can be great, but our destiny lies on our foundations and the pathways we choose. Vinaka.

  11. AAM Says:

    What bollocks! You guys got nothing better to do with your time? Get a life.

  12. BM Says:

    Neil was a good Minister. He had the health care in Fiji on the right track. Usumate and that Radio Announcer failed miserably. Now we got another useless person at the helm. She wouldn’t know a bacteria from a germ. It comes across in her poorly prepared speeches and doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about. Health care in Fiji is in shambles.

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