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The question the dictator didn’t want to answer

September 15, 2014

A NZ journalist asked Bainimarama whether there would be another coup if he didn’t win the election. All he had to say was “NO”, but he couldn’t say that. Instead of answering the question he knocked the microphone from the interviewer’s hand. He’s too accustomed to tame interviewers from our own intimidated media. One hard question and the ugly thug is revealed..

Click to see the Ugly Thug in action


The Cassava Patch runner makes another dash

August 25, 2014

If there is one thing we can surely all agree on now about JVB, our unelected PM, it’s that he can’t face the heat. At his Sydney meeting he made sure that anyone who could ask him hard questions couldn’t get through the front door. He knows he can’t answer questions and has to rely on Fiji Sun to print statements written by Qorvis. When he held a media conference only hand-picked journalists were allowed. An independent journalist from Australia’s ABC was turned away. The cassava Patch coward runs as fast from independent journalists as he does from gunfire at QEB.

Fiji Times August 24, 2014 Mixed reactions

The Bainimarama visit to NZ is good news

July 22, 2014

Some critics of the Bainimarama regime are disappointed that Bainimarama has been allowed to go to New Zealand to appeal to NZ based voters. But let’s remember that this means he’ll have to face a free media who can ask any questions and print the answers. His free run with a tame media means he will find it very hard to answer straight questions. Why did you take so long to reveal the salary you pay yourself?  Why did you decide for yourself what salary you should receive and not have an independent body make recommendations? Why did you throw away hundreds of millions in aid from the EU for the sugar industry just when it was needed most? The list of questions he needs to answer is long. He’ll try to evade the free media in New Zealand but the free media in a free country is hard to escape.
Fijilive  July 22, 2014 Mixed reaction on Bainimarama NZ visit

Bai and Khai will not be happy

July 13, 2014

SODELPA support is growing more open – will the regime react?

The picture of some of the giants of Fiji rugby turning up to a SODELPA party rally will not be welcomed by Bainimarama and Khaiyum. Following the story last week exposing the complaint of wife-beating against Bainimarama jnr, the dictator duo will be as mad as hell against the Fiji Times. But the world is watching and any action now will be seen to be retaliation for publishing stories the regime doesn’t like.  What will particularly worry them about this story is the encouragement it gives to ordinary Fijians everywhere to step up and be seen as supporters of SODELPA and other parties standing against Bainimarama’s Fiji Fist Party.  The more people who stand up, the more people will be able to stand up and be counted as supporters because there will be too many for the regime to try to intimidate.
Fiji Times, July 13, 2014 NRL stars show support at SODELPA event

A worthless promise

June 30, 2014

The interim regime has promised the elderly poor people on its social pension that they can have increase in the pension from $30  month to $50 a month buthey have to wait until next year.A promise for next year from this regime as we all know means nothing. Next year they will discover the pot is empty and the promise will be gone. A regime which is prepared to cut FNPF pensions, taking away people’s own money, cannot be trusted to honour promises. The major issue in this election is truth versus lies.

Fiji Times, June 29, 2014  Cabinet approves pension increase for elderly

Ill-informed, self aggrandizing, self-selected moral entrepreneurs.

June 26, 2014


Self-aggrandizing -fits him so well

This is how the puppet Ashwin Raj described Patrick Craddock and Matt Thomson, two academics who dared to express their opinions in the media. He could not have picked better words to describe Bainimarama and Khaiyum.  They are “self-selected” – no-one has ever voted for either of them to represent anyone. Self-selected is the perfect description. “Moral entrepreneurs” – they think they have the right to dictate all questions of morality by imposing on the people a Constitution that has been written by them alone, which sets all rights of our citizens, restricting freedom and putting the powerful apparatus of the state in their hands.  “Self-aggrandizing” – covered in medals, when he has never held a real operational military command, rejoicing in the rank of Rear Admiral, touring the world at taxpayers expense.  “Ill-informed” Bainimarama the NZSC drop-out leaves everything in his government to Khaiyum and knows next to nothing about the contents of any of the Governments truck loads of decrees that have been dumped on the country, except that Khaiyum wrote them to keep him in perpetual dictatorship.

Media Freedom Fiji style

June 24, 2014

Acting Journalism Coordinator at USP, Patrick Craddock and lecturer in journalism, Dr. Matthew Thompson, have protested the treatment of two journalists during the the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF). This expensive gab-fest which should be called Frank’s Own Forum, denied accreditation to Pareti without explanation, while the Rika was subject to police harrassment.  The FOF spokesman tried to blame extra security for the visit by the President of Indonesia for the denial of access to Pareti.  No explanation was`given for the treatment handed out to Netani Rika. Both are on the regime’s banned list for failing to be brainless mouthpieces for the regime.

Fijilive  June 23, 2014 Academics speaks out against journalist treatment

All parties ‘spiked’ on land

June 10, 2014

Prof Spike Boydell, who many will remember from his days as the head of Land Management and Development at USP, has rolled a hand grenade with the pin pulled into the middle of the election campaign.  He’s called on all parties to come clean on land.  He’s told Dr Biman Prasad his simple solution of leases for up to 99 years is a recipe for another coup. But NFP is not alone in this “naivete”.  Spike has drawn on the past wisdom of the late Savenaca Siawtibau whose words 12 years ago are as true today as they were then: “Land tenure, like culture and tradition, stands to evolve organically over time within a society”.  In other words, we don’t need the top-down imposed revolution of Bainimarama, we need a dialogue which allows all parties to travel together.  So far, says prof Spike, none of the parties have stepped up with what is needed to tackle this problem, making access to land more flexible while providing the level of protection landowners have made clear they expect.

Fiji Times June 07, 2014  Time bomb ticks on




Typical regime dirty tactics

May 28, 2014

A volunteer working for independent candidate Roshika Deo has had his scholarship terminated by the Tertiary Scholarship Loan Board for “associating” himself “in political agendas”. Deo said her volunteer is a high achieving student who needs the scholarship to complete his undergraduate degree. This is an outrage and shows that the Bainimarama regime has no understanding of democracy. Bainimarama seems to think the money he spends on his scholarships, like all government money, is his personal property. Does he think that this will help him win support? All it shows people is that they have to get rid of Bainimarama. They may not be able to say anything publicly. They may be afraid to even give their honest opinion to the newspaper polls. But they will remember this when in the polling booth when they can have their say outside the sight of the regime.


Fiji Times May 28, 2014 Political agenda

How free is our media?

May 23, 2014

Liam Fox from the ABC has visited Suva to do a report for ABC TV in Australia. He’s given the Suva CBD a big tick of approval for being safe and clean, but he’s asked questions about how free our media are to report the news. A taxi-driver who was taking him around launched into a tirade full of ‘expletives’ about the Bainimarama Government. Liam thought it would make great TV and asked if he could switch on his cameras and the let him share it with the world. But, no, that wasn’t going to be possible. Fox said that supporters are only too happy to go to air saying what they think of the regime but opponents are afraid. Liam Fox also reported that he was told that after SODELPA meetings the police and military would turn up to ask who was at the meeting.

Radio Australia 22 May 2014 Media more open but fears about speaking to ABC in Fiji – Fox