Khaiyum counting on iTaukei being dumb

July 23, 2014

Without consolidation into a continuous block with beachfront Denarau would be pockets of mangrove of no use to developers

Khaiyum’s claim that he has protected iTaukei land ownership better than before is based on his claim that he has banned land swaps like the one at Denarau. Under this swap small parcels of native were swapped for Crown land. This was done so that there would be viable sites for tourism to be leased to developers. Ratu Timoci Vesikula has explained all this in the Fiji Live report on the link below. As a result of this swap the NLTB were able to “put all native lands together on a beachfront”. Without the swap Narewa landowners would have had scattered plots of mangrove rather than a consolidated block with beachfront on which hotels could be built.  Khaiyum hopes this will be too hard for iTaukei minds to get around, no doubt assuming that everyone would have as much trouble following at his so-called ‘boss’. Denarau has brought a lot of money to Narewa landowners and this is what Khaiyum would outlaw in the name of protecting their land rights. Denarau is a good example of development where everyone benefits. Landowners get good rent and Nadi has a magnet drawing tourists and giving jobs to a lot of people from Nadi, not just in Denarau but all around the area.

Fijilive July 23, 2014 Why we changed land ownership: Rt Timoci

Where is Khaiyum when you actually need him?

July 23, 2014

The cane harvest in the Northern division is the latest area to be hit by Water Authority of Fiji failures. Cane labourers have quit and returned home as a result of continuous intermittent water supply. Harvesting cane is hard work for low pay, when you add in lack of access to water when you need it, the job just doesn’t seem worth it. So where is our Minister for Public Enterprises who runs the whole show like it’s his personal business? He’s always ready to interfere but never ready to take responsibility.

Fiji Times, July 23, 2014 Cutters leave fields

The Bainimarama visit to NZ is good news

July 22, 2014

Some critics of the Bainimarama regime are disappointed that Bainimarama has been allowed to go to New Zealand to appeal to NZ based voters. But let’s remember that this means he’ll have to face a free media who can ask any questions and print the answers. His free run with a tame media means he will find it very hard to answer straight questions. Why did you take so long to reveal the salary you pay yourself?  Why did you decide for yourself what salary you should receive and not have an independent body make recommendations? Why did you throw away hundreds of millions in aid from the EU for the sugar industry just when it was needed most? The list of questions he needs to answer is long. He’ll try to evade the free media in New Zealand but the free media in a free country is hard to escape.
Fijilive  July 22, 2014 Mixed reaction on Bainimarama NZ visit

Thanks to election

July 22, 2014

Thanks to the election Bainimarama has been forced to admit that he did promise to hold elections in 2009 and then back down on that promise. The reason Bainimarama gave tells us a lot about Bainimarama.  He said he was under pressure from the Prime Ministers of Papua New Guinea and Tonga.  He did not have the courage to say to these men face to face that he planned to rule without an election for at least another 6 years. And now it’s only the forthcoming election that has made Bainimarama feel the need to answer the question publicly. He knows voters demand answers to questions like this. He should also know that answers like this show him to be a coward and a liar are letting the real man show for all to see.

Radio Fiji 21 July 2014  I was pressured to announce elections in 2009 – Bainimarama

Bainimarama senstivity points to the truth

July 22, 2014

The Fiji First Family party are all trying to say that debt was higher under the Qarase Government than under the 8 years of Bainimarama, but the facts  to refute this are not hard to see. The Qarase Government never borrowed for on-going operational expenses. Loans funds were used only to invest in capital, the same strategy that helped build FHL into a strong financial position. Qarase’s Government did get approval for a loan of US$150 million in 2005/2006, but it was Bainimarama who got his hands on the money and used it for who knows what after he seized government via the military coup of 2006 One thing is clear: the message is getting out there with voters that Bainimarama has mortaged the country for his own benefit and he knows that people know this. They know that all presents he’s showering on people now will be paid for later, and it will be the people not him who pays.

Fijilive July 22, 2014 No borrowing for operation expenses: Qarase

The top campaigner at work

July 21, 2014


Surely we deserve better than this

Campaigning without a script our genius unelected PM described his constitution as “one of the best we’ve ever had”.  What? Only one of the best? If it’s only one of the best why didn’t he give voters the right to choose which one is the best? Then came this bit of incoherent rambling: “The 1997 constitution I don’t know how many of you put in your submissions for the 1997 constitution. Any of you put your submissions for the 1997 constitution? I don’t think so…but you were asked to put your submissions for this constitution”.  Yes we were asked and then Yash Ghai considered all those submissions and prepared a draft which Rear Admiral seems to have forgotten was unceremoniously burned. The longer the campaign goes on and the more people get a chance to hear this sort of “uh, uh, uh, ahh, ahh” stupidity, the better our chances of seeing the last of him and having a PM who looks and sounds like a PM.
Radio Fiji 20 July 2014 FijiFirst to protect 2013 Constitution

Does Natuva understand what bribery is?

July 21, 2014

On the campaign trail, the unelected Minister for Works told his audience that the Frank First Party could not just say yes to what voters want. To do this, he said, would be to allow the voters to ‘bribe’ the government. For months the unelected Government has been giving taxpayer funded handouts to all and sundry – brush cutters and sewing machines if they can’t think of anything else. That is bribing voters.  You can’t say voters are bribing candidates when they want to know where they plan to spend money on infrastructure. Voters have a right to know where the Government will spend their money.
Fijilive July 20, 2014   We won’t be bribed, says Natuva

Voter roll stuffing?

July 21, 2014

The Fiji Labour Party has slammed regime’s decision not to to allow public scrutiny of the National Register of Voters. This rule change was told the Parties a few weeks ago but there has been no public announcement or discussion of the rule change. The FLP is suspicious of the motives behind the change, guessing that it will be used to ‘stuff’ voter rolls and so doing away with the need to stuff ballot boxes.  Was this a decision of the Electoral Commission or the Minister for Elections?
Radio New Zealand  21 July 2014  Further changes cast doubt on Fiji elections

Land Use Decree versus NLTA

July 18, 2014

Bainimarama is banking on most people not understanding what the Land Use Decree does. He has been careful to keep the huge powers it gives him up his sleeve, but the difference is really very simple. The NLTA established by Ratu Sukuna says native land leased under the NLTA “shall be administered by the Board for the benefit of the Fijian owners“. End of story. The interests of the owners is the only thing that matters. The LUD says: “All leases issued or renewed under this Decree shall take into consideration at all times the best interest of the land owners and the overall wellbeing of the economy.” That ‘and’ is important. The interests of the landowners have to be balanced with the “well being of the economy”, which can be whatever Bainimarama says it is, because his decision cannot be taken to court. Does any of Bainimarama or Khaiyum’s property have this applying to it?   This is a simple question which Bainimarama must be made to answer.


Is this Frank’s new lease distribution system at work?

July 18, 2014

Landowners in the vanua o Nakovacake in Nadi have complained about the distribution of lease money. The new system was introduced by Bainimarama as one of his ‘reforms’, which means it was done without any consultation for the simple reason of cutting chiefs out the picture. Bainimarama had to do this to show whose boss but he had no idea what problems it would lead to. All the useless stooge TLTB manager, Alipate Qetaki, can say is “they were following a structured and deliberate process to attempt to resolve issues raised by some landowners”. Qetaki added :”TLTB will not comment further as it is now formulating its report and submission to its chairman and board of trustees. ” In other words, he’s a useless puppet who has to wait to be told what to do and Khaiyum hasn’t yet made up Bainimarama’s mind for him.

Fiji Times, July 18, 2014 Probe on complaint


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