Walking a tight rope without a safety net

October 21, 2014

It looks a bit like the DPP and the Police Commissioner are playing tennis with the Bilitaki case. The Commissioner sends the file to the DPP and then the DPP sends it back to the Commissioner with questions. Commissioner then sends it to Internal Affairs. Some may see this as playing games, but it does look like there’s a different sort of game being played now. Immunity has run out. Everyone has to obey the law now. And that means Bainimarama too. No more ordering military strong arm stuff.

Fijilive October 20, 2014:

Bilitaki case for DPP submission
Internal Affairs look into Soko case

Is he saying sorry?

October 21, 2014


The Chief Justice of Tuvalu was banned from transiting Fiji to get to Tuvalu because he was off-side with bossman Khaiyum. Now we’re friends again has Frank said sorry for not recognising the sovereignty of Tuvalu?

Source: Maritime treaty Shalveen Chand Fiji Times Monday, October 20, 2014

Bainimarama says no purge, but…

October 20, 2014

Bainimarama says his promised civil service reforms will not be a purge, but he’s still holding back on the detail. He says that he’ll appoint international experts to advise on where they need to do better. This would be an improvement on the way things were done in the past. Whispers, back-stabbing and the Khaiyum knife ran riot, making the civil service worse rather than better.

Fijilive October 18, 2014 Civil serice reforms will be done properly: PM

Mere decides to speak for herself

October 20, 2014

After being ‘quoted’ by the malicious rumour mongers of Coconut Wireless, the new Lands Minister, Mere Vuniwaqa, has decided to speak for herself, and she hasn’t pulled any punches. She wants to transform her ministry into “an efficient, professional, compassionate and transparent arm of the Fijian Government.”

In other words she’s admitting that the Lands Department is not efficient, is not transparent and is not professional. She’s admitted “past mistakes caused by corrupt practices and lack of respect for human dignity, equality, basic fairness and good governance”.

And let’s remember who was running this for the past 7 (soon to be 8) years. And let’s also remember who Frank put in charge of the Lands Department for a time – Neumi Leweni – someone who has no known skills in land management, valuation, law or speech in the English language.

This is strong stuff, and it makes us wonder why Lands Department was given charge of the Land Bank which has total control over Native Land.

Fijilive October 19, 2014 Vuniwaqa aims to transform ministry

Good news – Biman to head PAC

October 20, 2014

The news that Professor Biman Prasad will head the Public Accounts Committee which is charged with going over all the detail of the Auditor-General’s report from 2007 to 2013 is the best news we’ve had for a while. He’s got the skills to tell us what the Audit report tells us but more importantly, to tell us what they don’t tell us.
Fiji Times October 18, 2013 Biman gets nod

Khaiyum claims the dyslexic vote

October 17, 2014

Khaiyum has claimed that if 4000 odd voters had not mistaken 297 for 279 in the recent election the NFP would have been wiped out in the elections. NFP’s Prem Singh, struck back and said the 4000 votes would have made no difference to the percentage of votes received by the NFP. Khaiyum can’t count. But Khaiyum’s biggest mistake is to assume that this one number confusion is only one anyone could have made. Many other people could have made similar mistakes under the electoral system that Khaiyum imposed. In any election system there are swings and roundabouts – you lose some votes here – and pick them up somewhere else. Khaiyum shouldn’t be trying to have it both ways. Is he claiming that Frank is the natural candidate for the dyslexic voter?

Fijilive October 16, 2014 NFP takes a swipe at A-G, defends seats

Seruiratu’s agricultural dream

October 17, 2014

In his maiden speech, the new Agriculture minister, Inia Seruiratu, has painted a rosy picture of what he’s going to do to boost agricultural output but he should have started with the facts of how much agricultural output has declined under Bainimarama. Rice went from 14370 tonnes a year in 2007 to 7914 tonnes in 2011. The Bureau of stats have published no new figures for the years after that. Goat production has slumped from 969 tonnes to 134 tonnes. Copra and coca have almost disappeared altogether. Most agricultural products have shrunk, with chicken and egg production the only products to have increased and kept pace with population growth. And this is because all the people who used to like beef and goat every now and then can no longer afford the luxury.

Fijilive October 16, 2014 Unlock potential, reduce import bills: Seruiratu

Ro Teimumu and Bai’s salary

October 17, 2014

On their election TV debate Bainimarama criticised Ro Teimumu for not being able to prove the huge salary claimed by blog sites for most of his time as Interim PM, but his 217% increase made after he’d won the election certainly makes if look like there must have been some truth in the claims. Why did he need to increase his salary by so much? Was it to make up for losing more than one salary?

Fijilive October 14, 2014 Kepa slams 217% pay rise for PM, 197% for AG

Rosie gets a note from the Principal

October 16, 2014

While Bala couldn’t miss Parliament’s sitting for even a day to go to court and face up to serious charges against him, Minister of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation, Rosy Sofia Akbar, got a pass to let her miss Parliament on Wednesday. And why? Because she had to begin “her mission to talk to people around the country”. So what was she doing during all the weeks of the campaign? Who was she talking to then, and what was she talking about? Something smells fishy here.

Fijilive October 15, 2014 Akbar misses Parliament sitting

Konrote admits Air Pacific was almost bankrupt

October 16, 2014

The Fiji Sun was trying to do the Government a favour with a story on Fiji Airways and how well it is doing now but they let slip that Air Pacific was on the brink of bankruptcy before the Bainimarama intervention. Is that so? Does anyone remember the finances of Air Pacific being made public? The A330’s are all owned by a mysterious Irish company, so who knows what’s happening?

Fiji Sun 15 October 2014 ‘National interest comes first: Konrote’



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