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August 21, 2014

“Please don’t bore me with details thinks Frank who wouldn’t dream of having any treatment in Fiji, let alone the CWM”

Last week Fiji Times presented a lovely puff piece of our yet to be elected PM presiding over the opening of a newly commissioned operating theatre at the CWM hospital. Unfortunately this was followed by a presentation of some of the uncomfortable facts about the way the CWM works in the era of Frankenstein medicine.  Dr Josese Turagava explained that 73 out of 5189 patients died during operations at the CWM.  In trying to explain Dr Turagava had to admit that poor record keeping at the CWM meant he had not been able to get cases older than 2012 so he really didn’t know what was going on.  That’s alright said Frank, looking bored, I wouldn’t dream of having any treatment anyway.

Fiji Times 19 August 2014  Death under the knife

Frankenomics – raiding the cookie jar

August 21, 2014

The NFP have asked one of the many questions arising from the Audit Reports which were finally squeezed out of Bainimarama.  Among 13 other concerns raised in the 2012 report was “the overstatment of Sinking Fund by $138.5 million”.  The Sinking Fund is money put aside for payment of future debts when they fall due.  It looks like the $138.5 million was put aside and then raided by the regime, no doubt to fund Frank’s vote-buying with brushcutters and other hand-outs.

FijiLive 20 August 2014  State’s 2012 report a cause for concern:NFP

Rejection of Jale will rebound

August 21, 2014

Khaiyum thinks he’s been clever to reject the nomination of Anare Jale.  He figures blocking a high class candidate like Jale will damage SODELPA.  He doesn’t realise that Jale is very well known and respected, not only in Lau but in Suva and around Fiji.  Rejecting Anare Jale shows Bai and Khai to be a couple of cheats who have no respect for the rules.  Bai and Khai have to go or we will all be at their mercy.

Fiji Live August 19, 2014  Jale to appeal against rejection

Bainimarama’s dirty tax secret is out

August 20, 2014

Thanks to the Audit reports Bainimarama was forced to release we can now see whose been paying all the taxes for Frank to use for vote buying.  It’s you and me, paying VAT and other indirect taxes, not regime mates, the high income earners or big businesses paying company tax. In 2006, before the coup income tax and company tax totalled almost $450 million. In 2012 income tax and company tax had grown to only $493 million.  Allowing for all the inflation, which we know from the prices we have to pay for basics has  been high, this is a big fall in real dollars.  Over the same period indirect taxes jumped from, $781 million to $1229 million.  That’s an increase of 57%. This is what Frank calls ‘reform’.

Army to stay out of politics

August 20, 2014

Frank’s sugar ministry boss, Lt Col Manasa Vaniqi, has announced that this year the military will not be in the cane fields to monitor cane burning.  Law enforcement will be left the Fiji Police Force, as it should be. Lt Col Vaniqi again showed us he’s not the sharpest knife in the cane fields by saying: “We have a Constitution in place now and everyone has to follow the law of the land”.  In other words, he admitted that before the constitution was in place the regime did not feel it had to obey the law!!

Fiji Times 19 August 2014  No military assistance

Thanks to the election investment is returning

August 20, 2014

The regime’s propaganda rag, the Fiji Sun, has again accidentally let the truth slip out in its pro-regime propaganda.  They’re boasting that investment from Australia is up 559%, but what they’re really revealing is that in 2012 investment from Australia amounted to only $51.5 million.  When they say “it is therefore clear that Australian investors are returning to Fiji” they are admitting that Australian investors deserted us when we had a regime that rules without a constitution and elections.  Well done Rachna Lal!

Fiji Sun August 19 2014   Australian investment up 559%

Forced to come clean

August 19, 2014

Bainimarama has been defying demands from political parties to release the full Audited Accounts for the period he has held power but now he has quietly released some audit statements. He must be feeling the pressure.  The rival parties must be getting through to the voters. People are starting to realise there must be something to hide.

The oldest of the reports, the 2007 audited statements, shows it was signed off by Eroni Vatuloka (remember him, he used to be Auditor general until he “resigned” after he decided he would investigate Bainimarama’s leave pay-out). Vatuloka’s sign-off was sat on for nearly 6 years.  Why was this?  Bainimarama seized power in the name of “transparency” but he refused to handover all of the normal documents and compromised the independence of the Auditor General’.

There’s a lot to go through in these reports and all parties will be combing through them for facts. Try this for a start. It is confirmed that the economy shrank by 6.6% in 2007, by 0.1% in 2008, by 2.2%, or 3% or 1.9% in 2009, and grew by only 0.3% in 2010.  The figures change as it seems there’s been on-going recalculation of the output of the economy to try to make them look better, but they show the devastation the coup has caused to the economy.

Coup4.5 has all the details.  Download and start reading, then BLOG, BLOG BLOG.

Coup 4.5


Frank desperate for Indo-Fijian candidates

August 19, 2014

It seems Frank’s First Family First Party has been so desperate to find Indo-Fijian candidates they’ve nominated Praveen Bala, Khaiyum’s town boss for Lautoka and Ba who is still facing charges of causing death by dangerous driving.  And after FDN protested that Bala has received a third adjournment in his charges because he was a regime crony a report has surfaced on Fiji Leaks that the regime is anxious to process Bala through a tame magistrate to get him off the hook.

Fiji Leaks

How many turned up for the FFF?

August 18, 2014

Fiji Sun showed only a handful of people who turned up at Subrail Park for the Frank First Funday and it seems Frank himself didn’t show, sending instead the unpopular Khaiyum


Fiji Times showed a few more people but hardly a huge crowd for what looks like a carnival rather than a show of political support.  So how many did turn up?  His supporters look like they were paid to be there and their comments sound like Propaganda lines.  Not very encouraging when everyone knows Tui Cakau’s tour of Cakaudrove, Macuata and Bua has gone very well.

Khaiyum’s private police force

August 18, 2014

Khaiyum has ordered FICAC to investigate comments made by former PM Qarase about the ballot paper.  Khaiyum claims Qarase was inciting hatred when he linked the numbering system on the new ballot papers to the Muslim’s holy book but it’s FICAC investigating, not the the police.  Is this why Khaiyum made sure his FICAC decree gave FICAC officers the power to arrest and search, including the power to arrest without a warrant? They used their search powers two weeks ago to intimidate the Citizen’s Constitutional Forum by searching their offices.  Khaiyum’s claim about the Qarase statement was made as Sec-Gen of the FF Party and then FICAC went into action like some personal police force.  What could be more corrupting than using the body which is supposed to fight corruption to attack political rivals?

Fiji Sun August 17, 2014  FICAC study comments


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