Seruiratu admits some embarrassing facts

August 1, 2014


Out of luck – one military man too many, so no invite for you

Frank loves to keep people waiting.  Just over three weeks ago FDN reported that Inia Seruiratu was being kept waiting for his invite to join the FrankFirst candidates list.  Last Friday Frank announced his first batch of candidates.  No Seruiratu! Then we learned that Tikoduadua and two military buddies now serving as Commissioners were resigning after their invites arrived. Now Seruiratu has wasted no time in throwing down the gauntlet.  He’s made some blunt statements that put his head on the chopping block. He’s revealed that 4000 farmers whose land leases have been renewed are still sitting on idle land.  He also revealed that agriculture’s contribution to national income has dropped from 20% to 9% under Bainimarama. That’s a drop of more than half.  He’s also said bluntly that not enough is being done and what’s more he’s said this as the interim Minister under Bainimarama.  Will he be sacked?  Or will he get his endorsement as a FrankFirst candidate to shut him up.  Unlike any other party, this will not be a decision made by any kind of democratic process within the party.  It will be the dictator’s call.  Frank has probably been told that Seruiratu would be one military candidate too many but Frank hasn’t told him.  Seruiratu should resign and seek nomination from a party that will consider him as a candidate via a proper process.

Fiji Times Jul 31, 2014  4000 farmers ‘idle’

Fiji Times Jul, 31 2014 Agriculture contribution drops

Seruiratu still waiting for his invite July 7, 2014


Bai Laws questioned

August 1, 2014

It’s years since Bainimarama promised iTaukei villages that they could have by-laws to regulate life in villages according to their own customs and values. By-laws were drafted and sent to the iTaukei Affairs Board for approval, but nothing happened.  Roko Tui Lomaiviti, Penijimani Velitokaduadua, has now felt strong enough  to ask: what happened? Everybody else knows they’ve been sent to Khaiyum for his approval and that has not been forthcoming, so Bai needs to come clean.  If he doesn’t support by-laws let him say so. His hypocrisy has been exposed.  He never meant it.  He lied when he made this promise, just as he did when he promised to hold elections in 2009.

Fiji Times July 31, 2014  By-law execution difficult


Three more RFMF sneak in as FF candidates

July 31, 2014


Pio Tikoduadua, Joeli Cawaki and Laisenia Tuitubou have resigned from their top civil service jobs (which they were given as a result of the 2006 coup) to contest election for the FrankFirst Party.  Why were they not included in the list of candidates announced last Friday?  Was it just so they could suck on the civil service teat a few days longer, or was it to try to make the FrankFirst team look less military?  Who do they think they’re fooling?

Fiji Live July 30 2014   Commissioners set to contest election

Radio Fiji 30 July 2014 Tikoduadua leaves the PM’s Office to contest election


Tui Namosi puts the Vanua first

July 31, 2014

Tui Namosi, Ratu Suliano Matanitobua, stepped forward to seek support for SODELPA and the reason he gives is clear.  It is for the Vanua.  He is a member of the Territorial Forces but his first allegiance must be to his vanua and it is for this reason he supports Ro Teimumu, a chief who has answered the call of her chiefly position to stand up to the bullies of the Bainimarama regime, facing arrest without proper procedure and the intimidation of being faced with offence of offering to host the Annual Conference of the Methodist Church.

Fiji Live 30 July 2014 My Vanua comes first: Ratu Suliano

Jyoti Pratibha at it again

July 31, 2014

Jyoti Pratibha, Fiji Sun’s Rumour Monger in Chief, is at it again.  She’s predicting a “new weekly national newspaper” which will “focus on in-depth coverage”.  And she’s also predicting “the first issue could be out before the elections and focus on two explosive issues – National Bank of Fiji and the 2000 coup”.  Really?  Will it mention Frank First candidates who owed money to the NBF, or will it be selective?  Will it mention the role of Inoke Kubuabola asnd Jim Ah Koy in the 2000 coup?  Will it mention the facts indicating that Bainimarama ignored warnings about the coup and sought to use the chaos he allowed to develop to serve his own ends?

Moce yani Frank’s Own Forum

July 30, 2014



Bainimarama has invested a lot of money and even more ego in his PIDF to show Australia and New Zealand that he can lead Pacific cooperation better than they can, but his mastermind in the background, Khaiyum, is handling the Solomon Islands air services dispute in a ham-fisted way that will show other island leaders (and not just in the Solomons) that Bainimarama is all for himself and no-one else. Instead of setting up a meeting which he will attend with an open mind, Khaiyum broadcasts his demands through slave media. He says he will meet with the Solomon Islands but then he adds “responsibility for the dispute rested with the Solomon’s Government” and when he meets he expects them to capitulate. He says “Fiji is willing to hold discussions to break the impasse, but he made Fiji’s conditions very clear”. It’s the same old story – my way or the highway. So it looks like bye bye PIDF. Any other Minister would be sacked but Khaiyum is not any other Minister. He won’t even let Bainimarama involve himself in a problem that affects his relationship with other regional leaders.


Radio Fiji, 29 July 2014 Fiji awaits contact from Solomon’s to resolve airline dispute

A test for Saneem

July 30, 2014

FijiFirst Party has objected to the name chosen by the proposed new Party, One Fiji. FijiFirst party general secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has made a submission to the Fijian Elections Office demanding that Saneem, his subordinate, refuse registration. Khaiyum claims that the names are confusingly similar. Each has only two words and the word One and First are very similar. “Colloquially everyone regards or equates the word “First” to be one or number one” says Khaiyum. Then there’s the problem that FijiFirst puts Fiji first and all the people together and that may be confusing. What a load of BS! Party names or logos or symbols don’t appear on ballot papers. FijiFirst is written as one word, not two. One does not equal First and Frank Family First does not have a monopoly on inclusiveness. However, will Saneem have the confidence and maturity to stand up for common sense?


Fijilive July 29 2014 FijiFirst objects to proposed party registration

Biman nails it!

July 30, 2014

NFP leader, Dr Biman Prasad, has taken a deep breath and called the hypocrisy of the Fiji First Family Party. He’s said what we all know to be true: a common name does not a common citizenry make. Bainimarama has had 7 years to try to get equality of opportunity when it comes to recruiting for the RFMF but the force is overwhelmingly iTaukei. Then there’s the composition of the civil service and the composition of the senior government appointees. Not as bad as the military but far from fair. Actions speak louder than words and the NFP has had the courage to nail this one.


Radio Fiji, 28 July 2014 NFP clarifies equal citizenry

Frank doesn’t like elites that are not him and his family

July 29, 2014


The dictator and his idiot son enjoying the high life in a limmo courtesy of the taxpayer


In his favourite propaganda organ, the Fiji Sun, Bainimarama has launched an attack on what he called ‘the old elite’, the Great Council of Chiefs who the “old politicans” want to restore.  He didn’t mention the elite he’s forced on us – his useless First Family of hangers-on who are enjoying top jobs for which they were never qualified.  There never has been an elite like the Bainimarama First Family and we look forward to the election to see the last of them.

Fiji Sun July 25, 2014  “Ganging Up” for the Elite






Not again – potato imports to be replaced by local production

July 29, 2014

How many times has the Bainimarama propaganda machine announced the end of potato imports?  It’s a pity potatoes don’t keep sprouting as regularly as this pathetic propaganda.  Why doesn’t Frank just announce that his scientists have bred the first tropical potato tree which grows potatoes all year round.  That would be easier to believe. Follow the link below on Potato flop to see how many times the potato promise has been made and how badly it failed every time.

Fiji Sun July 25 2014  Bid to Reduce Reliance on Imported Potatoes

Potato Flop



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