FLP blows the whistle on mill breakdowns

October 1, 2014

The FLP website has reported all four sugar mills are experiencing frequent breakdowns but FSC is keeping mum on the stoppages and their causes, much to the frustration of angry farmers and industry reps. Most worrying of all is the report that the mills are using 11 tonnes of cane to produce 1 tonne of sugar. In Labasa, the Qawa River is again heavily polluted as a result of the mill discharging stale cane juice because of mill stuff-ups. As Minister for Sugar Bainimarama has to take responsibility and do something. Does he think his election means the voters don’t want a sugar industry?

FLP website 28th September 2014: Frequent mill breakdowns anger cane farmers

Khaiyum announces his time has come

October 1, 2014

Khaiyum, revelling in his role as the newly appointed Finance Minister, has called for a special budget forum in Suva this Saturday. The invitation has gone out to businesses, the financial sector, civil society, and employee groups to the one-day forum to have an input in the formulation of policies. This will be the first test of democracy for Khaiyum. Will he be able to let all these groups have any say, or will he just lecture them? He let PS Filimone Waqabaca announce the budget will be released in the first week of November but he didn’t allow him to say what day it would be. Waqabaca had to pass on this when asked by the media.

Fijilive September 29, 2014: 2015 Budget announcement data set.


Hallelujah: Frank follows FDN

September 30, 2014

Last week we told Frank, if he believes in what he says about unity, he should stop abusing his opponents and start treating them as a legitimate opposition, the voice of 40% of the citizens who he says are all equal. Well, he did it! At the UN in NY he extended a hand of friendship to all his political opponents, calling on them to put aside their differences and work constructively to improve the lives of every Fijian when the new Parliament convenes on October 6.

Fiji Times September 29, 2014 PM: Work with me

Bear Hug Time

September 30, 2014

When the rest of the world is distancing itself from Russia and its macho-man dictator, Bainimarama is preparing for a big bear hug. Eight Fijian diplomats and military officers are expected to attend the Russian Service Institute in Moscow. What do we expect they will learn there? How to deny atrocities carried out in the face of the rest of the world?

Fijilive September 28, 2014 Fijian officers to attend Russian institute


Why no new Minister for Sugar?

September 26, 2014

One of the strange outcomes of the new Cabinet announcement is the Minister for Sugar. It’s the same one, the one who cut sugar production in half. Why can’t we have someone who knows and cares about the sugar industry? Why does Bainimarama still want to hang on to responsibility for an industry that he’s done so much damage to? FSC is bankrupt.  Could it be true that Bainimarama intends to sell FSC off to a Chinese buyer?

Time to stop

September 26, 2014

Bainimarama won his election and expects now to be treated as Prime Minister and not a thug who stole government. If he believes in what he says he should stop abusing his opponents and start treating them as legitimate opposition, the voice of 40% of the people. If there is common and equal citizenry this should apply to all, regardless of who they voted for.

FijiLive September 24, 2014  Same group of liars in Parliament: PM

Khaiyum hands over the reins

September 25, 2014

Let’s hope it’s a sign that the rule of law has returned. As Interim AG Khaiyum was the engine of government turning out decree after decree without consultation. Now he’s let go of the AG’s office to concentrate on economic matters. Laws will now be made by a Parliament after debate and a vote by elected representatives. Could this be a sign that things will get better.

Fiji Times September 24, 2014 Cabinet members sworn in

Facts check please

September 25, 2014

Fiji’s Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem claimed that the 83.9 per cent turn-out of voters was a record but this doesn’t match the facts. The turn out in 2006 was higher. Many electorates in 2006 had turn-outs of over 90% but the they might have had lower valid votes. The greater simplicity of the voting system obviously made it easier to make valid votes than the system of preference and racially separated constituencies. Saneem also said “every voter had one vote and all votes had equal value” but, as Wadan Narsey pointed out, this doesn’t apply to the voters who voted for Labour, PDP or the independents. Their votes counted for nothing. If Labour and PDP had joined forces they might have had a couple of MPs.

Fiji Times September 24,2014 A tick for voters

Jiko steps aside for military man

September 25, 2014

Jiko Luveni’s appointment as Speaker has opened the way for former Commissioner Central, Laisenia Tuitubou, to get a seat in parliament and take up the position of Sports and Youth Minister left by Commander Viliame Naupoto. Got to keep those military numbers up!



Now for the rest of democracy

September 24, 2014

The UK Minister for Asia-Pacific, Hon Hugo Swire has called on the newly elected Government to go all the way with democracy. Swire said:”the next few weeks will be crucial to see whether Fiji will support all elements of democracy including more media freedom.” Kiwi academic, Dr Jon Frankel, has urged Frank to be magnanimous: “In stronger democracies than Fiji, after an election the new prime minister makes a magnanimous speech recognising or acknowledging the concerns of those who voted for the opposition, and promising to represent the interests of not only those who voted for him or her, but also those who did not.”  To the vanquished Dr Frankel says:”With humility, the leader of the largest unsuccessful party acknowledges the defeat, and in so doing charts a course for building a new stronger opposition over the years ahead.”

Fiji Live September 2014 UK hopes for full democracy

Fiji Times 22 September 2014 Reflecting on the 2014 General Election


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