Pay-back time is here

September 22, 2014

When Bainimarama vows to ‘streamline’ the civil service he means he’s going to ruthlessly purge anyone suspected of not being a Bainimarama loyalist. When he says “the days of pandering to special interest groups, elites and certain  areas of the country are over” he means he’s going to punish every group that voted against him. Chiefs and villages that stood against against him will no longer be equal citizens – they will be targets for pay-back. Villages that didn’t declare for him were punished before the election. Now he’s won the election, he’ll really show them whose the boss.

FijiLive 21 September, 2014 PM promises to overhaul the civil service.

Wadan’s take on the election

September 22, 2014

With depression settling all around at the endorsement of dictatorship by voters, Wadan Narsey has shone a bright light into all the gloom to give his take on why the voters did what they did. Given he’s an economist it’s no surprise that he thinks bread and butter issues decided it for most voters, along with the fanning of fears of ethno-nationalism among the Indo-Fijian voters. Free education, free  water, lots of scholarships all played their part. Governance issues raised by all opposition parties didn’t grab with the voters. Now if Bainimarama and Khaiyum don’t honour their promises in full the voters will have only weak accountability mechanisms to hold the government to account.

Fiji Times 21 Sept 2014  The Voting Behaviour in the Fiji 2014 Elections

An ominous sign

September 22, 2014

Last week, the day before the election, Khaiyum gazetted Standing Orders for the new parliament and appointed key officials who would take charge of parliament affairs. The Standing Orders should be approved by the parliament, and the officers who will run the business of Parliament should be appointed by Parliament, so this step gives an ominous warning that Parliament will be treated as a rubber stamp for Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

FijiLive September 17, 2014 Fiji standing orders gazetted

Cheating and transparency

September 19, 2014

Have we ever had an election without allegations of cheating? This time all 5 parties have made the accusations but the multinational observers have apparently said it was all done in accordance with the rules.

Khaiyum is without doubt the most despised man in the country but is it beyond belief that all the media exposure provided by the Fiji Sun and radio regime under the control of his brother did not give 12K out of hundreds of thousands the idea that he’s Mr Magic?

What we need is some transparency. Let’s see where all the votes that were supposed to be made in favour of a regime and constitution built on foundations of treason were actually cast. But we can’t rule out the depressing thought that 7 years of dictatorship, with controlled media and exercising the power of government with a constitution that forgives in advance any lawbreaking they might undertake, has done the trick for them.

Let’s not forget when Parliament first meets his get out of jail card free expires. From then on he’ll have to be careful and he’ll no longer be able to get what he wants simply by ordering people to break the law.

Where to from here?

September 18, 2014

Bainimarama appointed himself Prime Minister without the benefit of an election and waited 7 years before calling an election to test his selection with voters, but the constitution he imposed without any input from the community has now been endorsed by the voters.

Decrees which were imposed without consent will now be passed into law in a Parliament controlled by Bainimarama. Many of these include his standard provision denying access to legal appeal of decisions by cabinet and ministers.

With Parliament in place there will be an opportunity to debate unless Bainimarama uses his numbers in parliament to gag debate. We need to note here Section 63 of the Constitution which gives Bainimarama power over his MPs by allowing him to sack from Parliament any member who “votes contrary to any direction issued by the political party” or is expelled from the political party.

Will Bainimarama use these powers to govern as he did as an unelected leader? Will he seek to punish all who voted against him? (And the electoral system makes it easy to identify villages and districts who did.) Will he purge civil servants suspected of disloyalty?

The choice is about choice

September 17, 2014


Faces of the future

Pro-regime bloggers criticised Ro Teimumu for saying that SODELPA would look into issues if elected while Bainimarama promised immediate action. This sums up the choice we face. Ro Teimumu has undertaken to consult before policies are developed and implemented.

Bainimarama could not even meet a commitment to consult on the Constitution. Secure in power for 5 years he will make decisions quickly but who knows what they will be? Sale of FSC to a Chinese company, which would no doubt expect all the idle cane to be given to it on sweetheart terms under the Land Use Decree.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose SODELPA, NFP, FLP, PDP, One Fiji, even an independent with a reasonable prospect of success -Roshika Deo would be the best breath of fresh our Parliament has ever had – but we should not choose to throw away your power to choose.

All we can do now is hope and pray

Will 255 run last?

September 16, 2014


The voting system he master-minded for Bainimarama asks voters to vote for just one person, not a party, and there are no preferences. Bainimarama’s hope is that his name and his ugly face which he has thrust in our faces in the controlled media and posted on countless billboards, will attract support that the other nobodies of FrankFirst can’t attract.  But what about 255? Khaiyum’s system means we’ll all be able to see how unpopular he really is. If he doesn’t get enough votes personally, it means he can’t be elected on the coat-tails of his puppet.

After 7 years is this the best he can do?

September 16, 2014

In 2006 when he seized power in his ‘clean-up coup’ Bainimarama promised elections but said he would not be standing. It was a 100% certainty that Ro Teimumu would ask him when it was that he decided he would stand. So his answer, after being given 7 years to think about it, was truly amazing. He decided to stand “when they announced the election.”  THEY??? The election date was entirely in HIS hands and no-one else, and this is his answer.

Frank should have listened to the silence

September 16, 2014

Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi has had some interesting thoughts on the role and meaning of the Bose Levu Vakaturaga. Our self-appointed dictator who abolished the BLV because they were unelected should have listened carefully to what Ratu Joni said. When Bainimarama abolished the BLV there was what Ratu Joni called ‘a deafening silence’ from the iTaukei community. What Ratu Joni did no need to add, because is loud and clear in the silence from the iTaukei community, is that this arbitrary act will receive its answer in the ballot box.

Fiji Times 13 Sept 2014  Does the BLV have a national role? –

The election blackout has many forms

September 16, 2014

On the day the election blackout commenced, we hear from Radio Regime run by Khaiyum’s brother that airport renovations are well under way. Then there is the story of a desalination plant installed at the south end of Taveuni to ease water problems in the area. For the regime propaganda mill it’s business as usual!


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