A sad case as Christmas approaches

The case of Feroz Kamahl Buksh in Vancouver charged with a bungled robbery after his visa card failed in a mini mart. He pulled a plastic gun but broke down and started crying about his money problems. He fled with the bag full of loot breaking, spilling contents as he ran. Finally he is found hiding behind boxes in a closet inside a home in which he’d been staying. A sad end for someone who arrived in Canada from Fiji as a 12 year old. Let’s hope he can find a friend among the many former fellow-Fijians now living in the area.

Fijilive December 21, 2014 Fiji-born faces jail, deportation in Canada.

5 Responses to “A sad case as Christmas approaches”

  1. Pakala Says:

    the so called Fijians of Canada will put in money for Bai not for losers like this,,,,,,all d heads who ran away so forget them

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    I fail to see how such a story of a crime perpetrated by a dunce can generate any sympathy. Crime should not be tolerated here (but of course it is ‘voted in’), so why should Canada be lenient?

  3. Naresh G Says:

    Drunk Fiji PM buy drinks for all at Trapps Nite Club and leaves around 6am!! Never heard of such infantile behavior from a Fiji PM. Just confirms that decency and integrity in PM’s office has gone to the dogs in Bainimarama’s Fiji.

  4. divend Says:

    What do we call that ? A ‘shout’ for everyone because he has a lot of money? Which prime minister in the world would do that? Definitely agree with you that we have a PM who is definitely not worth it. His habits and behavior shows true Flagstaff verandah kind 40-50 years ago.

  5. saunivalu Says:

    Fiji has a lot to offer re Tourism. The 200 dollars travellers tax imposed on each tourist by this government is a killer of the industry. Tourist number would increase dramatically if this dumb tax is removed giving travellers a fair chance. Fiji is known for its services on assisting the thousands of families that strode our shores for years after years. I know for one through my own experiences that big families can no longer travel to Fiji due to heavy travellers tax imposed on Airfares a little while ago on tourists. For example, a family of five would have to pay $1200 for tax before any accommodation is sought and on top that would have to pay the 20percent tax in Fiji during their stay, plus tax on any purchases etc etc Fiji is missing out on tourist dollars of big families. Anyone with half a brain would figure out that the country would benefit more from the spending dollars of each of the five would be guests rather than the $1200 imposed on Airfares. In the meantime its getting nothing, neither the $1200 its hoping to get or the average spending of $200 per day per guest. I would prefer to take my chances on the $200 plus a day of each tourist spending money.

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