Khaiyum lies

Khaiyum’s lies about Fiji TV are the hot subject at the moment but what about his lies about air services to the Solomons. George Faktaufon revealed last week that the resumption of flights between the Solomons and Fiji didn’t mean the problem had been solved. Faktaufon said the agreement remains “weighted heavily in balance of Fiji” even though the Solomons has compromised to allow flights to resume. This is the truth that Khaiyum doesn’t want to hear reported. He calls it ‘biased’ to report that the airline services are “weighted heavily in favour of Fiji Airways”. Fiji has now resigned from ASPA, as if that can change the truth. Khaiyum is determined to play the bully with the Solomon Islands, just as he does with anyone in Fiji who dares to contradict him.

Radio Australia 16 January 2015: Pacific aviation head rejects accusations of bias

4 Responses to “Khaiyum lies”

  1. Chiku Says:

    LYING is what a liar must do and that is what Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum does ROUTINELY !

  2. Tomasi Says:

    In order to understand why people do and say the things they do, we must try and understand who these people really are, We quite often make the mistake of judging people by their public life. We often forget the profound truth that things are not what they appear to be, and this applies to people more so than other things and phenomenon we observe. What has been established as true is that public personalities often are not really the people they project themselves to be. This is very true in the political arena where anything is possible.

    A research and thorough study of their background, history, etc will reveal truths about people which we often do not know about or even imagine. For instance, let’s take Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum. This young man has appeared out of Fiji;s political pages, wreaking havoc on our established systems and people’s lives. I believe some of us have tried to understand this person better in order to understand our current crisis and to map out a strategy to counter his moves.

    I have tried to encourage us to look into his religious background, his strong Islamic beliefs. As I had pointed out several months ago in various blogsites, to understand Khaiyum, we need to understand the concept and practice of Islamic taqiyya. As you have pointed out and commented upon by many, this Nadroga boy lies and cheats without any reservation whatsoever. And many people either believe him or are playing along with him for their own selfish interests.

    For those who want a quick description, Islamic taqiyya is the old Satanic strategy of lying and cheating in order to achieve the desired end. In other words, it extends the Kierkegaardian philosophy of “the end justifies the means”. In other words, it does not matter whether it is right or wrong, illegal or immoral, unjust or fraudulent, if it serves Khaiyum’s purpose, then it is OK. It does not matter what people may think, as long as Khaiyum declares it expedient, then anything will do.

    Yes Khaiyum and his puppet Bai have lied to many people and governments and parties since 2006. They have lied to the UN and to our neighbours. They have even sought to abrogate the Constitution and wrote another to protect their conscience and sense of justice. They will continue to lie and cheat and commit any conceivable crime in order to perpetuate their immoral stand. We are not talking about politics here folks. We are talking about our nation’s sense of right and wrong, system of justice and morality.

    I often wonder whether Khaiyum and Bai still have a spiritual pulse anymore. Likewise, many of us wonder about people like Mosese Tikoitoga Fisher, Epeli Nailatikau, Esala Teleni, Nemani Delaibatiki, Peter Lomas, QORVIS and several others who support Khaiyum and Bai. While the lies and cheating and subterfuge may buy you time, your destiny is already known. Your end is as certain as the setting of the sun. This maybe your season, but it will all come to an end someday. For while God is invisible and inaudible to many, He is absolutely interested in our daily words and actions, especially of our leaders who have have plotted a course that is absolutely at variance and in direct contravention to His explicit commands.In order to find those, we must go the Torah, and the Bible. The Koran will never do, because it is NOT the word of God. Its chief architect. Mohammed, is a compulsive liar himself and worships Satan the chief of lies.

  3. Smitt Says:

    I would like to point out the dangers of letting refugees in without proper checks.There are people from those countries you have right now who are not necessarily refugees but those who are currently taking advantage of situations abroad.Afghanistan would be acceptable but the rest are suspects.This is what`s facing the board in Europe. A large score of people from elsewhere.Don`t let them out in public.There good liars and actors.Send them back to where they come from or they will let the rest know where to head next.Seek proper training and advice from big neighbors.

  4. Vitilevu23 Says:

    There is very little proof that the Islamic religion permits lying, unless the person is being totally oppressed because of his belief. In the Quran, it says : ” Do not supress the truth knowingly.” (The Nobel Quran, 39:3). It also says ” the curse of Allah be on him if he is one of the liars.” (Surah an-Nur 24:8). Also ” But God guides not such are false and ungrateful.” (The Nobel Quran, 39:3). Muslims are forbidden from tricking or lying to anyone. So I,m not sure this person you mentioned is really a Muslim…anyway, no worries, just read about religion and google ” The Seventeenth Greater Sin : Lying, at

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