Terminated ‘without cause’, not sacked, what a load of BS

Fijian Holding Limited (FHL) chairman Iowane Naiveli has shown what a pathetic puppet he is of the Government with his ‘clarification’ that the pair at Fiji TV were not sacked but their contracts were terminated in accordance with the provision in their contract to sack them without naming any reason. Does he think this fools anyone? Does Khaiyum, who’s probably behind Naiveli’s being forced to grovel and back Khaiyum’s laughable lies, think this fools anyone? Khaiyum’s hand is visible here and it’s all been exposed on Fiji Leaks.

Fijilive January 09, 2015: TV execs not sacked: Naiveli

10 Responses to “Terminated ‘without cause’, not sacked, what a load of BS”

  1. kainoqu Says:

    Most employment contracts under the regime would have to contain such clauses as the escape provision for the dictator to enforce should the hired rock the boat. Wouldn’t be surprised that such provision is also in the contract of judges and other executives hired by the dictator. It is part of the features of employment in the banana republic……..the hallmark of working in Baikhai’s animal farm. They have destroyed employers rights and have distorted the working relationship between employers and employees – all because their way is the only way they think is right for Fiji!

  2. Toe the line Judiciary Says:

    you are right there about the judges and magistrates…they are all on a one month termination on notice or immediately on payment of one months wages in lieu of notice…with no reasons or explanation whatsoever…so no independence of the judiciary from that perspective…toe the line or you get your marching orders….if you dont follow the AGs agenda you are out my friend…

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    Just remember Naiveli when its your turn (and it will come), nary an eye will be batted.

  4. Koroboy Says:

    Only foolish business will ever terminate the contract of its executives, considering hugh payout ( balance of term salary and bonuses). Business will find ways to terminate the contract if there is any serious misconduct during the term of executives contract so that they could get away with the payout.
    What need to be considered in this case, if the executives were given their payouts, the business will be incur double cost and furthermore they will find hard to get good candidate for the job.

  5. Chartered Accountant Says:

    Iowane was always a spineless useless bean counter whose business desperately relied on handout jobs from the many organizations he was involved with as Board member or whatever form. Just a mirror of the accounting fraternity with the likes of Nalin Patel, Jenny Seeto and Jerome Kado. All know-it-all wannabe movers and shakers but in fact just grossly overrated and self-glorified bean counters who are nothing but an unnecessary additional layer to the cost of doing business in Fiji. Aiyaz would do well to regulate and squeeze the life of these parasites just like he did to his own profession.

    • avenai Says:

      and to add to this list of parasites, it includes no other than Nur Bano Ali and the Ernst and Young partner that Pickering guy who unashamedly fleeced quite a lot from the failed FHL-BP oil deal.

  6. jone lako Says:

    when will Nur Bano and Aiyaz stop? latest is they failed to stop the acting PS in Health anf the Minister from recruiting their own kaivata. instead they asked favour to get in one more muslim in health. And why do patientys hjave to fill the pockets of the beaucrats and minister to get treated by visiting doctors? the rot must stop. This is not fiji first i voted for.

  7. Tomasi Says:

    Friends, I do agree with you. Jainoqu, there is a lot of tuyth in your comments and Chartered Account was very correct about the bean counters, especially Naiveli, Kado and Seeto. But what can be done about this? What is the most efficient and effective way of resolving this situation? I submit that the answer lies in what kainoqu alluded to.

    Lord Khaiyum has too much control over our national affairs and we have allowed him lattitude and longitude for so long. Just spend time observing the Parliament sessions being televised, and it is easy to see how much control he has over his lapdogs and the Speaker. In spite of the efforts of the Opposition to influence the proceedings and outcomes of the House, Lord Khai always has the final call and get his way.

    I am afraid we have a monster right there in Parliament and he is devouring our national decency and integrity and spewing out confusion and dillemma every single seating. The question is what are we going to do about it? I don’t think our Opposition MPs and those on the Government side can do much about it. Unless and until the Govt MPs grow more balls ( oops, courage and integrity) to sttand up aainst on matters of principle, there is little hope of things ever changing for the better. It is us the people who will have to make the difference. How shall we go about it? That is the question my friends. But I welcome your ideas about that if you do agree. Vinaka.

  8. Vaha Folau Says:

    I commend you Tomasi and the like for making your strong view known, about your beautiful country and peaceful people. I am from your neighbouring country, which we received Ului which he still with us, and we proudly welcome him to stay as long as he wants. We regard him as one of us.
    The deputy prime minister of your new Parliament slowly sneaking is with his strangely character which is quite new to the whole of Pacific country. He maybe have some different approach of making a lot of money in a very short time. What I am worry about that he may bring barrier to our peaceful shore by using his cunning, slimy ugly moslem ideology to our people in the Pacific Region.

  9. Tevita Says:

    It dismays me to see even as the Fijian economy grows 5.3% last year that we still have large numbers of unemployed. There are many reasons for this but I’d like to focus on one issue in particular. There’s no easy way for people to find jobs.

    Currently, if an unemployed citizen wants to get a job, he has to read the newspaper everyday and look at every job opening and apply to everything he thinks he qualifies for. This takes time. Last Saturday’s Fiji Sun and Fiji Times each had around 150 vacancies. The jobs exist, but good luck searching for the needle in a haystack. Similarly, an employer looking to fill a position has to have the stars align in order for someone lucky enough to find their ad among all the others.

    A computer is amazing at sorting through large amounts of information. Why don’t we have a google-like search engine and database so someone can type in “Office Admin, Suva” instead of poring through hundreds unsuitable ads? In the last few months, I made a small scale version of this idea at http://www.matenalavo.com. It is 100% free to use and has already been very helpful at matching some job seekers. With the resources and dedication of Ministry of Labor, I believe a larger and much more comprehensive solution can be implemented to help even more people.

    Our Prime Minister recently announced that Fiji is open for business. Let’s show everyone we mean it. I hope I am contacting the proper authorities and if not, please forward to the appropriate official in charge. Thank you for your time and I hope this letter sparks some beneficial discussions.

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