Welcome to 2015 and Accountability

The suspension of a senior civil servant apparently without warning or involvement of the Public Service Commission is nothing new for the Bainimarama Government but we now have a constitution which requires the Government to follow proper processes. Education Minister Mahendra Reddy is carrying on as if he is still operating with the Immunity clause in place. It stopped when the Parliament first met. He will have to account for all his actions. Civil servants have rights that Minister Reddy needs to remember and there is now a Parliament where he will have to answer questions. He won’t be able to say what he said to the Fiji Times – “I don’t want to know anything”. The aggrieved civil servant, Mrs Basundra Kumar, has called on the Prime Minister to intervene. In the past we could be sure that he would have backed anything one of his ministers did, but he knows immunity has run out and people again have rights that have to be respected. Welcome to 2015.

Fiji Times January 04, 2015 Plea to PM

3 Responses to “Welcome to 2015 and Accountability”

  1. lojah777 Says:

    Fiji Democracy now blog staff. Please send me an email where I can contact you or please delete the comment on post Thank you. I used the name Marcus Garvey https://fdnblog.wordpress.com/2013/08/16/at-last-police-investigate/#comment-17425

  2. Ratu Nai Says:

    I am not surprised with the way these FijiFirst Minstres and their assistant Ministers are behaving – isn’t it all about Dictatorship?

    Khaiyum sends emails to the Ministers ordering them to do this and do that and do it this way, is this democracy?

    Dr Reddy – the PHD holder in Agriculture should be sent to assist Agriculture Minister. Reddy does not deserve to be in Education Ministry. Education Ministry controls schools and education sector that controls our children’s future. A man who himself is characterless – how can he be the head of Education Ministry?

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