Is anyone surprised?

On day one of health consultations in the West, Assistant Health Minister Veena Bhatnagar found what the public thinks of the state of our health services. They stink! Health Ministry’s Media Officer Sunhil Chandra admitted many people turned up to air their grievances and views on the health care services being provided to them at Sigatoka. The public are sick of seeing photos of Government minsters standing in front of equipment paid for by foreign donors with Bainimarama pushing himself into the picture to claim credit. When things go wrong he’s nowhere to be found and, of course, he wouldn’t dream of using any health services from the systems the rest of us have to out up with.

Fijilive January 12, 2015: Improve Health Care: Public



One Response to “Is anyone surprised?”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Bhatnagar is no Rosy Akbar in the charm stakes and if there is a thought that her prowess behind the radio announcers mike can improve her ratings, Qorvis will have to cut corners on sprucing up Bainimarama’s thug persona and put in the extra mile for her. It is somewhat doubtful that that will happen.

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