So what took so long?


First Family Party leader – on one of his visits to an overseas bank account?

No-one is surprised that when the Dictator Duo unveiled their income and assets, no multiple salaries could be found and no huge bank accounts were reported (in Fiji anyway). But the question remains – what took so long?  If candidates for elected office are required to reveal their assets and income why shouldn’t holders of unelected office do the same as soon as they hold office and award themselves jobs and salaries? The suspicion will remain that they have tidied up their affairs to enable this little show and tell to go ahead. And even if they have made false declarations they still can’t be touched. While anyone else who makes a false declaration under the Parties Decree can be jailed, under their own tailor-made Constitution the Dictator Duo have get out of jail free cards. Section 157. of the Khaiyum Konstitution grants “Absolute and unconditional immunity” and that is, naturally, “irrevocably” to holders of illegal office. This doesn’t cover ordinary criminal offences, but this is not an ordinary crminal offence. It’s part of the special criminal offence of hijacking a state.

Radio Fiji 4 July 2014   PM, AG salaries made public

4 Responses to “So what took so long?”

  1. Aunty Nur Says:

    It takes time to clean up financial matters. Chaudhry can tell, he was not careful enough when he hid his stash overseas and bingo – he was caught and pays now a heavy price. Now as far as my boys Khaiyum and Bainimarama is concerned I used every trick in the book to hide their foreign exchange in accounts in Dubai, Hong Kong and the Cayman islands. But the job is done, the records are clean now. And right, there is always a fall back position should some Lal or Lull sniff around too much: Yes you got, there is the forward immunity guarantee enshrined in our wonderful new constitution!

  2. Losalini Diroko Says:

    something fishy about these declarations. weren’t we told that the Govt. Perm Secretaries were getting more than $200,000 per year? So the AG is getting less and the PM is getting just a little more?

  3. tualeita Says:

    Yes, Losalina Diroko. You have very valid point there. The Fiji First Party candidates are not honest with their declarations. But they will be found out later.
    The fact this Bainimarama regime has not shown any Auditor General’s report for the past eight years makes many of us suspicious of their dishonest dealings with people.

  4. dredd Says:

    Time is needed to do a makeover job on the financial status of these two conceited individuals. The figures don’t look so right. It is so much abnormally less than it should be. So having the machinery under their control it is just too easy to manipulate anything. So is there any way at all to independently verify these figures like by some independent auditors. The figures just don’t look credible.

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