How smart is Arif Ali?

Arif Ali’s defenders say he’s really one smart fullah who’s just making the obvious point that political stability is vital for investment and without investment we cannot have growth and jobs. That’s very true. We don’t have to look further than what happened in 2006 and and 2009. The coup in 2006 and the trashing of the constitution in 2009 hit investment hard and growth has been low since then until Bainimarama started artificially inflating the economy with his huge spending spree. But it’s all governement investment with borrowed money, not private investors, who will wait to see elections are free and fair and the rule of law is restored. Where Ariff Ali’s logic breaks down is in saying political stability equals not changing policies. Political stability means not changing laws without following a constiution. Not sacking officials based on rumour and spite. Not setting out one set of rules and replacing them with an another without warning or consultation. If Ariff Ali can’t see that he’s not so smart, but I suspect he can see that and he can also see that he has nailed his colours to the mast of the illegal ship of state

12 Responses to “How smart is Arif Ali?”

  1. Mandrai Says:

    arif is another Muslim appointed at a higher post. People from two racial group has been always lucky in terms of employment.One dont have to have any higher qualification – they only have to be iTaukei and now you just have to be a Muslim and you will get the job.

  2. Raju Says:

    Another post by Biman and his Not fit 4 Parliament party big mouth official Kamal Iyer.

    I was informed that Kamal had actually approached Mr Ali to support NFP a few weeks ago. Now this about turn is because they can’t stand the truth from the most independant institution in Fiji.

    This is the party that can’t sort its own mess and goes after dirty politics. Biman has to eat his own words that he will not stoop so low but his true colors is out already.

    Biman should go to the RBF website and look at Governor Whitesides speech and presentation and he will note that even he has mentioned about the importance of political stability after elections.

    And Biman himself congratulated Mr Ali on his appointment in the presence of other people at a seminar at usp recently. Or was Biman just playing politics.

    I also know Biman rediculed the former Dep Governor and said that the itaukei knew nothing about economics.

    Why is NFP after Mr Ali? Its because, they can stomach the truth about the economy. They have been lying about the state of the economy. NFP is panicking.

    Biman knows nothing about the real economy but just text book economy. If he has any knowledge, he will note that its private sector that is the driver of growth and not Govt. Another lie or is it his incompetency about economics.

    Biman’s phd is on rice farming in vanua levu with cooked data. And he is continuing to cook data on the economy to suit his agenda.

  3. SSL Says:

    I thought to share my 2 cents to this debate on the economy.

    I don’t belong to any political party but I had a chat with a well known itaukei economist and former government official and member of the SDL party at a function recently.

    He told me that we have to acknowledge that the indicators and data on the economy are positive and any debate on this front would not be good for the opposition.

    It would be best to find others issues such as governance, etc .

  4. ex-rbf Says:

    IF its true that NFP is behind the above post, then I am sorry to say that they remain outside Parliament for another 4 years.

    If a coup is bad, then a stable govt is what is needed to have economic growth. It doesn’t take one to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. I am sure even Biman knows that. Well, I hope so otherwise I will have to eat my own words.

  5. MBA Student Says:

    I could not resist and am putting my first post on this blog.

    I studied MBA with Arif. I found him as one heck of a smart guy. He used to go out of his way to help everyone by holding revision classes just before the exams. He was easy to understand and even better than the lecturers.

    In particular, he assisted the itaukei students. I was one of them and will always be indebted to him. So are many others. He got all A’s in his MBA.

    Congratulations on you appointment. For some people, its a bitter pill to swallow.

  6. butter nai he Says:


    Sorry to prick your balloon but Muslim is not a race. They are a religious group following Islam.

    Muslims in Fiji are ethnically Indians whose ancestry is in INDIA, not in the Arab states..

  7. Jooloom Mama Says:

    Biman and Kamal were wooing a young female Fiji Times Reporter from the west to promote their above cause.

    Biman should tell the people how many people were in Ba Sangam college. He should tell the truth.

    Well, I will tell u that there was less than 35 people in attendance. If u exclude the officer bearers there was less than 25 people.

    Now, you can understand the frustration by Biman and Kamal.

  8. Patrick Says:

    Question: how many seats do you think NFP will win in the General elections?

    Biman: Majority. Very confident.

    Question: what makes you think so?

    Biman: previously, we used to get hundreds of people attend our rally, but they did not vote for us. This time we got 35 seats filled up in Ba. So we will get 35 seats in Parliament as well.

    Question: why are you so confident?

    Biman: We know they will not betray us as they were either our candidates or close family members.

  9. Tukana Says:

    Wadan has jumped on the band wagon pointing a finger and asking the Governor to make a statement. What he does not do is ask Kamal Iyer and NFP leader Biman if it is indeed true that Kamal approached Mr ali to support NFP and visit their office.

    Apart from NFp, no one else is making such a big issue of the statement that political stability is a risk to fiji. It shows that not only NFP has an agenda but it has no national issue. It has started this gutter politics because its views on the economy is shared by no one else. Today’s TV1 news and comments by ADB resident rep confirms that the economy is indeed on a growth path not seen in almost 20 years.

    Both Biman and Wadan have made numerous comments on the need for political stability. A world bank survey for Fiji reveals that approx half the business feel that political instability is the biggest obstacle for Fiji. In this regard, what Mr ali said is stating the facts. Its just that NFP can’t handle the facts.

    Wadan also considersd Mr Ali as a young and inexperienced. Is wadan saying he is the only intelligent and matured economist around.

    He also states that all the appointments are illegal. For his information, Mr Ali was not appointment by the Govt but the RBF board and Governor. Or is he saying that Bimans appoinment or was illegal.

    And what does Wadan have to say about USP lecturers such as Neelesh Goundar openly campaigning with Biman with pictures on some blog sites.
    Lastly, there was a number of risks and challenges highlighted in the presentation including natural disasters, reversal of structural reforms, sluggish exports. Does that mean he should be crucified by the Govt for speaking the truth.

  10. Viliame Says:

    Arif Ali of RBF is in the spotlight now because he did not want to be on Bimans side. NFP is scared he might spill their beans and make people change their minds on voting for NFP. The bottom line is that Fiji First party will win. Ali is also from Ba so Biman can forget about getting any seats from there because they are all fiji first supporters. Biman is a professor of stupidit at Usp. He has taught me and knows nothing.

  11. Salanieta Says:

    Biman and kamal iyer need to go and satisfy each other in a room. They are so full of shit man especially Biman who was my lecturer in economics back at usp. Iyer is just Biman’s puppet and will dance in between his fingers. Stop blaming other people and see how much you have contributed to the economy and to the people of Fiji. Oh wait they just putting wrong info about Fiji First party in other people’s head. Get a life Biman and Iyer. You guys are pathetic

  12. sunil Says:

    It is clear from the FBC “for the record” program that Biman was only harping about the average growth of 1.7%, when he forgets what he learnt in his first year uni that outlier years siuch as the GFC.

    More imprtantly, he forgets that 4 out of the last 5 years growth has been above 3%.

    What is even more surprising is that he says he is smarter than the rating agencies. Is this the same man who said you can buy 2 chicken instead of one if vat is reduced to 10%?

    Now you tell me who is smart?

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