Khaiyum buddy crosses the line

The deputy governor of the RBF, Arif Ali, has claimed stable government is needed after the elections. And what does stable government mean for Arif Ali? It means keeping the policies of the unelected government which has been running the country since 2006. This is straight-out political. He is urging a vote for Fiji First Family Party. We know the Attorney General will not bring him into line, because he’s probably the one who told him to make the statement. It’s an unfair election and we can all see it, but we can still show them what we think at the ballot box. This is just another reason to send that message. And Arif Ali, your card is marked.

Radio Fiji 4 July 2014 Stable government needed: RBF Deputy Governor

13 Responses to “Khaiyum buddy crosses the line”

  1. SDL Says:

    There is no mention of FF party. Just a stable Govt. Isn’t that what we all want. It could be FLP/sodelpa coalition or NFP or even FF party. Or god knows even PDP.

    A stable govt is truely what we need.

    Maybe, people don’t understand what stable govt means.

  2. USP insider Says:

    Biman started campaigning when his 3 months notice of resignation had not been expired.

    He is using Nelesh Goundar in his campaign who is a current staff of USP. Pictures of this is avaible on Fiji today blog site with Biamn and Tupou campaigning.

    Nelesh statement in FBC is biased. Can biman and Kamal Iyer go after him.

    Kashmeer Mukun FNU lecture is Biman’s nephew. Can he be taken to task for making a statement supporting NFP and biman on the FBC news.

    Can biman give details of his links to Mr Shiu of Forum Secretariat and the contracts he received as side kicks from his buddy.

    Can Biman also reveal why he distorts the truth about the economy and he will be the saviour when all international organisations are saying fiji economy is growing.

    Can Biman tell the public that his phd thesis on rice farming in his home town was based on cooked data.

    Can Biman own up to the fact that his wife and children are NZ citizens.

    Can Biman tell us why he did not support Wadan when wadan was kicked by usp. Biman was the dean of the school.

    Can Biman own up to the fact that he lost badly in the only election he fought.

    Biman is telling everyone that he will be the leader of the indians. Can biman tell what has he done for the people.

  3. James Says:

    Is it true that an NFP official approached the RBF staff mentioned above to be a supporter from behind the scene. He also offered to pick the RBF to attend meetings at the NFP office in Tamavua.

    Is this double standard by NFP?

  4. By-stander Says:

    Maybe the author of the article should do a research on the link between political stability and economic growth. There is a lot of studies and even Biman has been quoted numerous times that a stable govt is an important pre-requiste for economic growth.

    Maybe, Biman has changed his tune that only his Governement can bring about economic growth.

    To date, NFP has never been in Govt except for a brief period in 1987 with FLP.

  5. tualeita Says:

    In the 1977 elections, the National Federation Party won the elections and the Governor General at that time, Ratu Sir George Cakobau waited for ample time the party to form a government. It was the Fijian Nationalist Party that divided the vote preferences for the then Alliance Party.
    However, because the FNP also had different factions that were not united, the Tree and the Dove factions at that time, they could not come to terms with each other, so the Governor General gave authority to the minority party, the Alliance Party, to form a Minority Government with Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara as Prime Minisiter.
    NFP is the oldest political party.

  6. tualeita Says:

    A correction to my last post, the two factions of the NFP in the 1977 elections were the Flower and the Dove factions.

  7. rakesh Says:

    The NFP has always been filled with people with own agendas. There are always factions. That’s not surprising in 1977 nor now. The current faction is divided into Biman group, attar faction, raman pratap school and the south indian group.
    No one is given the opportunity to speak and they are all boiling.

    It is the oldest party with a mentality of the old!

  8. Junior Pickering Says:

    Who ever put this up is either completely retarded or has very low levels of intelligence. Who said Mr. Ariff Ali the RBF deputy governor is kaiyums buddy. Just because he is a muslim does not mean he sides with Aiyaz Kaiyum plus he never said anything about Fiji First Party or anything bad about NFP, FLP, or SDL. Get your facts right before pointing fingers at others. People who come up with this bullshit are those who never think about the benefit of the Fijians as a whole but themselves only.

  9. Kitione Says:

    Arif Ali the governor of RBF is right all the way. Can anyone tell me what he said was wrong?

  10. For the record Says:

    I know Ariff. He had told me a few weeks ago that Kamal Iyer approached him to support NFP. Kamal also offered to pick him from his home to take him to the NFP office in princes Road so no one will know about it.

    I know Ariff had challenged Biman for making false and unsubstantiated comments about the state of the fiji economy at the Usp organised Fiji update late last year. In fact, he pointed out some basic errors in Biman’s paper that a first year student would have picked up.

    The fact that NFP made a big issue of his presentation when no one else has said anything makes you wonder what is NFP’s true motive.

    In addition, how can you accuse someone of not being independant when Kamal of NFP himself was asking him to compromise his position.

    Cheap politics like this will not take NFP anywhere. Ariff has a good standing amongst his colleages, people from the financial sector and even other international agencies. Biman himself had said to Ariff that he should be Deputy Governor last year.

    However, it is apparent that Biman is an trainee economist in front of Ariff. To illustrate this let me quote a few examples:

    1. Biman said that if Vat is reduced, people will be able to buy 2 chicken instead of one. The fact is that people will not be able to buy more than 1 egg if Vat is reduced.

    2. When asked how will he fund the shortfall in Vat, biman said that he will ask the Auditor General. The fact is that the Auditor General is like an internal auditor not the expert on revenue.

    3. Biman has quoted in his paper that vat is 70% of total govt revenue. Fact; its around half that.

    4. Biman does not know which side of the BOP account is the FDI. He actually asked why its on the liabilities side? FDI is money coming into the country, it has to be on the liabilities side.

    5. Biman said the economy is not growing. Apart from RBF, even the IMF, world Bank, rating agencies have all said that the Fiji economy is growing. One wonders if Biman is an economist or a con artist.

    6. In the presentation, arif highlighted the risks and challenges to the economy. He mentioned natural disaster, political stability, quick reversal of incentives, commodity prices, weak tradional eXports etc. Anybody who knows a bit about business and economy knows that’s the fact. Biman himself has quoted political stability numerous times in his presentation. Maybe, he forgot as he is in a panic mode due to the public response so far at NFP rallies.

    My only advise to Biman and NFP is go jump the roof or drown yourself. Cheap politics like this will take you no where except the drain.

    Stop lying biman and kamal. Your political life will be short and we will see who has the last laugh.

  11. food network Says:

    This bloɡ was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have fond something that
    helped me. Appreciate it!

  12. ganna cutto Says:

    Biman has approached a number of indo fijian business people and informed them that he will support FF party after elections. However, behind their back, he is saying “its just a vote winning technique” as he wants to be the minister for Finance or Leader of opposition.

    A prof who does not know the savings fron Vat reduction is best kept out of the Parliament and is best suited for the rice fields.

  13. Tinai Says:

    Biman is an academic He is restricted to his books only. Let the rbf do their thing. Biman should go back to usp. Oh wait he was kicked out of there i recall. Pfft go back to ur village Biman

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