What was that again?

When Frank was sending off his latest contingent of Peacekeepers on their “”Give Me International Respectability” tour of the Golan Heights he told them “to settle all matters so that their trip was not jeopardized.” In other words he was blaming the Sevens player Nemani Nagusa for the fact that he was stopped from boarding by Immigration in Nadi over a Magistrate’s Court Order in relation to a family matter. The Fiji Sun reported that the Sigatoka’s Magistrate’s Court said the matter was settled already, meaning the problem must have been the fault of the Immigration Department. So what has Bainimarama been told? Did Immigration tell him it was Nagusa’s fault. The report from the Sigatoka Magistrate’s Court could have come only from Khaiyum. None of his lackeys would dare tell the media anything, even the Fiji Sun, without the sayso of King Khaiyum, so whose fault was it that Nagusa was stopped by Immigration even though his court problem had been fixed?

Fiji Sun June 25, 2013 7s setback RFMF on standby

One Response to “What was that again?”

  1. saunivalu Says:

    Some of you will never return, that’s is the fact of the matter.

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