The dead-hand of Khaiyum on investment


With only days to go on the 6 month extension of their licence, Fiji TV still don’t know if they will have a licence to continue broadcasting. They are waiting on the decision of the Minister for Communications, Aiyaz the Almighty. He is doing all he can to make it clear to all concerned that he is the boss, that he must be appeased and stroked at all times or he will take away their licence, which would make Fiji TV as a company worthless. The lesson of this is not lost on potential investors. They have seen too many examples of the Bainikhaiyum dictatorship seizing assets on whims. No property is safe under their rule. That’s why we have low investment and long term businesses like the owners of Sonaisali and Tadrai resort seeking to sell up and get out of Fiji.

Fiji Village: 24/06/2013 Fiji TV applies for extension of license

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