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The murky world of FSC finances

June 10, 2014

FSC claims it paid back “part of its initial $US50 million ($F92.5m) loan” and then taken out a further loan of $US5million (F$9.2m) from EXIM Bank of India.  How much is part? How much is being paid in interest? If Bainimarama had not told the EU to get lost the industry could have had hundreds of millions  in real aid, not loans that have to be paid back, to help improve efficiency and put farmers in a position to cope with lower prices for sugar.  The biggest worry for our cane farmers is the addiction of the Bainimarama regime to lying.

Fiji Times June 09 2014  Additional India loan for Fiji


Does the regime fear the collapse of sugar?

June 5, 2014

What’s the best advice the Bainimarama regime can given to the battered cane farmers? Grow something else! They’re calling it ‘inter cropping farming’ but what it means is cane farmers are being told to plant something other than sugar on part of their land. They say this is to supplement their income but if the other crops pay more than sugar, why not move over into them. If the other crops pay less, why should cane farmers earn less? If FSC can’t be sure of the price they can pay farmers with their poorly functioning mills, why not just say so? Cane farmers deserve the truth.

Radio Fiji 3 June, 2014 Farmers urged to practice inter cropping

Your FNPF at work

May 30, 2014

Your FNPF at work

Aisake Taito, the regime collaborator in charge of the Fiji National Provident Fund, has entered into an agreement to purchase the Mercury House from FINTEL. And what will FINTEL do with the funds they get from FNPF for the sale? Of course, they’ll put it into the dividend paid to the Government (read regime) which will then use it to buy votes. What the regime doesn’t realise (because its a dictatorship where the top guys only get to hear what the flunkeys think they want to hear) is that FNPF pensioners will see all these votes as purchased with their money.

Fiji Sun May 28 2014 FNPF Enters into Deal to Buy Mercury House

Will there be anything left?

January 5, 2014

The question shareholders of FHL are asking is whether there will be anything left in FHL coffers when an elected Government finally takes control of the company from the thieves who raided it to install their own free-loaders on the board and in executive positions. They wasted millions on the failed bid to buy BP Southwest Pacific. Then they started playing games in PNG. The regime has no idea of how to run a business but every idea of how to milk it for personal purposes. FHL Logistics was all their bright idea and like the crazy venture into the oil business it’s proved they don’t know that they’re doing. They’re milking big dividends because the dividends are being paid straight to regime coffers to pay for shares that were given to Provincial Councils by the Qarase Government so Provincial Councils could have the funds they need to serve their people.
Fiji Sun January 4, 2014 FHL Logistics closes down

Expert has his eye on Frank and Khaiyum

December 11, 2013

International expert on transitional politics, Dr Paul Buchanan, has given Bainimarama until January to come with the rules that will govern elections next year. Any further delay will make it look like he’s not planning to play fair. Dr Buchanan of 36th Parallel Assessments thinks there are two possible reasons for the delay – one of them is that there are many who are reluctant to be part of what they consider to be part of a rubber-stamping exercise that will result in the election of Commodore Bainimarama as the first supposedly democratic civilian president. And he may well remain as chief of the armed forces, which would defeat the purpose of the exercise.

Radio New Zealand 09 December, 2013 Expert says clock starts ticking for Fiji Elections in new year

What are facts about sugar?

December 6, 2013


On behalf of all the other sugar producers of the world Dr Peter Baron the International Sugar Organisation congratulates our Minister for Sugar for his efforts in supporting the world price of sugar by halving exports from Fiji.

Abdul Khan has told Sugaronline Weekly Newsletter that Labasa mill is now working at 96 % reliability and needing only 8.8 tonnes of cane to produce a tonne of sugar. It would be nice if this was true but sugar farmers speaking to American Ambassador Frankie Reed told a different story. They said “the mill experienced 228 hours of operation compared with 226 hours last year.” In other words no change. Real facts about sugar are hard to come by. According to the FSC website “Over 75,000 hectares are cultivated for sugar cane on the two main islands” but the Fiji Bureau of Statistics reports that the area is 46000 hectares. Full figures showing the state of our sugar industry have not been published for years. Our so-called Sugar Minister has halved the industry and is resorting to lies to hide his criminal neglect of the industry.

Sugaronline Weekly Newsletter 11/11/2013 FIJI: Labasa mill finally ends crush

Fiji Times, December 04, 2013 Labour shortage

What next? Borat as non-resident Ambassador?

December 6, 2013

Fiji Sun has reported that our Ambassador in UAE has flown to Astan, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan to present himself as non-resident Ambassador. What can we expect next? Borat as non-resident Ambassaor to Fiji? The money spent flying around the world on this waste of time diplomacy could be spent putting a full range of medicines in one of our health stations.

December 5, 2013 Fiji strengthens ties with Central Asia

Khaiyum’s man in court

December 4, 2013

The man appointed to replace Arun Prasad as Ba Town’s special administrator as part of the Khaiyum takeover of local government is facing charges of dangerous driving occasioning death. Khaiyum is not pleased.

Fiji Village: 03/12/2013 Praveen Bala’s case adjourned to next year

The state of health services

November 26, 2013

The United Front for a Democratic Fiji has called for the resignation of the Health minister, Dr Neil Sharma. Drugs spoiling while sitting in stocks, shoddy supplies from China and India, and a shortage of anaesthetists were some of the problems they cited. These are not news to people who rely on government health services, which doesn’t include Bainimarama or Khaiyum who go overseas for treatment. A blogger on Coup 4.5 quoted an example raised in the Naitasiri Provincial Council of a medical emergency in Nabobuco where the Ambulance in Vunidawa was not allowed to go to attend an injured man who died as a result. The doctor gave pathetic excuses about rain, damage to the ambulance, only one driver etc but also admitted the he feared the Health Dept would surcharge them for Ambulance use.

Radio New Zealand 21 November, 2013 Call for minister to resign over state of hospitals in Fiji

Vinaka vakalevu Jone

November 21, 2013

A regime stooge blogger called Jone has posted a comment urging us to look at the websites of the IMF and ADB if we want to know the truth about the state of our nation under Frank. We did just that and guess what? This is what the ADB said: “In 2006, an agreement was reached with the elected government on a draft country partnership strategy”. Apart from “an emergency assistance loan in 2009” future loans will be considered “once ADB reengages in new country operations” ie with another “elected government”. And the IMF? In August this year it reported “Fiji is a richly endowed economy but growth has remained slow over the pact decades owing to political instability, susceptibility to external shocks, and slow progress on structural reform.”

ADB Fact sheet on Fiji

Republic of Fiji -Concluding Statement of the 2013 Article IV Consultation Mission August 19, 2013