Khaiyum grilled

In Parliament yesterday Khaiyum had a small taste of accountability. He said his aim was to make sure no-one missed out on the Dubai 7s live TV broadcast, but we all know everyone missed out. Hidden in all the self-justification is an admission that he will go back to World Rugby and negotiate properly. Instead of telling World Rugby they’re liars, he will have to give them assurance that Fiji TV will be compensated or their broadcast will be restricted to areas where Fiji TV’s free to air broadcast doesn’t reach. In other words, he’ll have to follow World Rugby’s rules, the same as all other broadcasters. He’d better get busy consulting, not dictating to World Rugby.

Fijilive December 09, 2014: Motion to repeal TV Decree

One Response to “Khaiyum grilled”

  1. Tintin Says:

    Khaiyum has all the characteristics of Satan reincarnation. No accountability, no principles, no morals, no values and very evil in his drive to destroy the Fijian race.
    Look at what he did in the past few weeks, Sacked Filimoni Waqabaca, Appointed 4 Indians to the Air Fiji Board, sacked Gonelevu and Waqanika from Fiji TV.Got the Fijian Holdings CEO to do his dirty work confirming to one and all that Nouzab is simply there to adhere to his bidding……..the rotten SKUNK !!!

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