Fifty year old pipes

With the shock of the millions of dollars in damage done to water and sewerage pipes the Government’s spin machine has been whirring like a helicopter trying to escape blame. They’re saying the pipes should have been replaced or strengthened by the Rabuka or Qarase Governments. Really? Are they saying that because replacement was due before December 2006 Bainimarama had no obligation to do anything? Is that really what we’re expected to swallow? Surely the need to take action got stronger with every passing year? And let’s not forget Bainimarama has had 8 years of running things. Qarase only had 7.

Fijilive December 08, 2014: Cost of repairing broken pipes to hit millions

2 Responses to “Fifty year old pipes”

  1. Mukesh Says:

    Let me comment on the 2015 Budget where 25% or $636million is marked as road funding.
    The Bainimarama government is so much short sighted that other sectors are legging behind, pipe repairs is an example.
    My blog readers there is a major problem in pie health system; I have received a news from one of my relatives from Lautoka, whereby his wife is seriously ill and admitted at Lautoka Hospital. Doctors have told the family that she will not survive and asked the husband to provide nurse the white cloth which they will use to wrap the body and transfer to morgue.
    I now some readers may sympathise with the family and others have no feelings like Bainimarama’s government because their own immediate families are not in that situation.
    Question, Is this the reason why majority people voted to Bainimarama????

  2. Mukesh Says:

    My readers friend, my relative has since died and is now in peace. Thanks Bainimarama and your government.

    Let me give you another case where the victim was an employee of Home Finance at Lautoka Branch. The victim had visited her relatives in Australia and few days after returning to Fiji had fever. She went to Lautoka hospital and was admitted. Few days later the semi qualified doctors diagnosed meningitis and told her husband that she need to get overseas treatment. The husband found out that the insurance policy did not covered the air ambulance cost. He got the funds ready, but the doctors of Lautoka Hospital and the insurance company delayed in their part as a result the victim died living behind two and four year old daughters.
    What a sad story……

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