Lorna Eden in the hot seat

The freehold land ban is set to bite the Government. Announced without any consultation, it has got a lot of residents in Savusavu up in arms. Group spokesperson Aren Nunnink claims there was no prior consultation with the public, especially large freehold estate owners in places like Savusavu and Taveuni which holds some of the country’s largest privately owned freehold blocks of land. We know that Frank was boasting about the sale of a large private estate to Kiribati, and now he wants to ban all land sales to foreigners. Lorna Eden and others know that this will scare off investors who were just beginning to dip their toe into the water again, only to find that the sharks are still there. Lorna is really in the hot seat and may be regretting throwing her lot in with the Khaiyum Kamp.

Fiji One TV 7 December 2014: Savusavu residents oppose proposed law on sale of freehold land

2 Responses to “Lorna Eden in the hot seat”

  1. Naresh G Says:

    Modi’s influence in India now:

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  2. LNP Says:

    FF supporters- That is the Look North Policy.. why cry now, when you all voted for them thinking to be protected from itaukei pressure about the Land… cry for 4yrs- n vote them out to regain what you lost.

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