Bilitaki assault will not go away

Commissioner Groenewald has denied the allegations of brutality made on blogsite Coup 4.5. but blogsite Fiji Leaks has now shown photographs of the swollen mouth of Joseva Bilitaki. Groenewald said Bilitaki was arrested by “a task team”. He did not say whether this meant police or military but his statement added that “interference of military personnel in policing issues is unacceptable”, which makes it look like the arrest was made by military personnel. Is an arrest of a civilian “unacceptable” or is it illegal? Groenewald said he will discuss this with “the relevant authority”. What relevant authority? Who has authority for the exercise of police powers other than the Police Commissioner? When Parliament meets all of these questions will have to be answered. They will not go away.

3 Responses to “Bilitaki assault will not go away”

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  3. Natty Says:

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