What happened to Future Forests (Fiji) Limited?

The SPSE has announced that trading of shares in Future Forests (Fiji) Limited has been suspended. This follows the company’s failure to release its audited financial statements for its finanial year ending 30 June 2014. What’s going on? Has it got anything to do with the heavy-handed control of the mahogany industry by the regime? Let’s have some transparency. We’ve got an elected Government, so it owes us some transparency.

FijiLive October 02, 2014: Exchange suspends trading in FFF shares, notes

8 Responses to “What happened to Future Forests (Fiji) Limited?”

  1. Fijian Says:

    That is what happens when you hire FAILED LAWYERS to manage the company – What say Faiz?

  2. kainoqu Says:

    Fiji had the choice of choosing a government that would get all hands together to take the country forward but instead decided on relying on thieves who hand out garbage bins and sewing machines! So there shouldn’t be any suprises and heartaches over what is happening because people so often deserve the government they vote for. Transparency too should not be expected to return too quickly because tendency of dictatorial regimes returned to power is to consolidate control of state affairs and transparency is not in their interest. So proficiency and professionalism is therefore seconday to power and domination particularly so when window for returning to democracy has been opened! As for now the regime is better off with loyal, unethical and unproductive puppets in their closed government than with progressive, independent and competent strivers who aspire for a better Fiji. The nation loses while Baikhai gains!

  3. Tomasi Says:

    Well stated Kainoqu. Fundamentals are so absolutely important, to the extent that they are non negotiables. Just as we need water and air to live a normal life, we need good governance to have a normal functioning, stable, just and responsive government. While one may impose an evil regime through force and guile, that regime will never stand the test of time. Bai and Khai may think that they have successfully fooled and beguiled the nation and other external observers, we will remain the people’s voice for reason and hope for the change to a leadership system and process that treasures the fundamentals of love, righteousness, justice, freedom, truth and accountability. In the final analysis, structures built on the sands of lies, deceit and greed, no matter how beautiful and majestic they may appear, will never stand the waves and winds of time. So to Khai, Bhai, Gates, Shameem, QORVIS and your followers, please learn from history. Let us return to the fundamentals. There is still hope for Fiji, but never along the false and deceptive road you have chartered.

  4. asivorosi Says:

    Future Forest came in with the most noble and transparent of intentions.The only problem was when they did not know that they were pitted against a conniving, calculating and almost evil regime that changed legislatiojns focused on controlling forest resources to benefit only seleted favoured people.

  5. kainoqu Says:

    Yes Tomasi – A Fiji being built on sand foundation indeed!

    Looking back at where this journey started from and where it is now, I hope the people are truly awake to what they are in for. As you say, the way of love, righteousness, justice, and truth has been set aside for the way of deceit, falsehood, and illegality and this is why the journey may not be easier. It is hard to believe that transparency, accountability and honesty will be respected by the Baikhai government because these virtues are not in their DNA! Looking at Baikhai’s rise to power and continued hold on power gives us nothing else but a trail of lies, bully, fraud and collusion of the kind that brings destruction to a nation and its people. All conceived from the initial plot of escaping justice! This is the foundation that Baikhai’s government sits on. So simply, it is nothing more than a mole of criminality, deception and corruption that Baikhai is trying to build Fiji on and one can rightly assume that it is hardly sustaining and the country will never go far with it. The Qorvis spin machinery with the subserviant local media have been trying to paint this grave scheme of things otherwise, but the facts remain and this is the history that will stay! Very very interesting 4 years ahead…….let the people discern what is happening and hopefully realise how their dignity is affected.

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