Print your own poster

Print your own poster

Thanks to Discombobulated Bubu we have this wonderful poster which was used by “a very successful business woman” to cope with the stress of feeling they had to be sensitive to certain pro-regime neighbours, friends and business customers. It proved to be very popular with a noticeable increase in business.

9 Responses to “Print your own poster”

  1. Copycat Says:

    And this so called successful woman is ” Mere Samisoni” the bread maker. What a way to take revenge you coward. Make a poster for yourself, your son and your BF Qarase and paste it in your own house.

  2. Ateca.V Says:

    @Copycat – there are other businesswomen in Fiji other that Mere so leave your name calling at the door.

    If you don’t like this poster and want to do your own poster than do so – just don’t come on this forum and spout your crap for no purpose.

    At least the Poster has a definite purpose ! And it worked ! And I say good on you whoever made this poster . It is brilliant !

  3. Babra Malimali Says:

    @Ateca -Who the hell are you to tell anyone to stop coming to this blog or any other blog?

    In other words, you are the type, who feel the pain when your lies are challenged. Learn to face it baby.

  4. Ateca.V Says:

    @Babra or whoever you are trying to impersonate the real Ms Malimali, you obviously cannot read .

    I will spell it out for you .

    When you have no purpose other than to spout sentences with no reasoning behind them then you should not go onto any forum as you are beyond “discussing” things.

    If all you can do is spout forth sentences like from a Rihanna or J-Z CD .. ie “you are the type, who feel the pain when your lies are challenged. Learn to face it baby.”


    .. then the message from me is don’t bother. Go and troll Bainimarama’s site or something.

    Get it now baby?

  5. Babra Malimali Says:

    Hey Ateca pussylevu, you say poster is good, I am saying poster is worthless. Now tell me why you are saying I am beyond discussing things???

    The bottom line is you want people to dance on your tune! Get a life pussylevu.

  6. Ateca.V Says:

    @Babra imposter … so why do you think the poster is worthless? What is your reason while you are dancing to your own tune ?

  7. vuaka tagane Says:

    baba blacksheep levu…hows the smoking gun up ur ass?

  8. Tai M Says:

    @ateca v. don’t bothernwith replying.the bloke obviously has no idea of what u r talking about.

  9. Lord Mayor of Flagstaff Says:

    Stop using my name

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