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You don’t have to be a mind reader

January 9, 2014

Bainimarama told the Christmas church service that anyone in the military who didn’t like what he was doing was free to leave. Judging from the look on all the faces this message didn’t go down very well.

Is China eyeing our sugar or our sugar industry?

January 9, 2014

The Fiji Times reports that an 11 member Chinese Researve Bank team showed interest in buying Fiji sugar. Tate and Lyle are getting sick of unreliable FSC run by a Abdul Khan, so why would the Chinese chase an unreliable trading partner? It’s more likely they’re interested in our sugar industry. When FSC collapses they’ll be happy to step in and pick up a few mills at rock-bottom prices, with desperate farmers who are willing to accept peanuts for their efforts. The Chinese are in Australia trying to buy their way into the industry so they can have control over their supplies. The idea they’re interested in chasing an unreliable producer as a supplier is too much to swallow. The deal they’ll want is cheap mills, land and a tame workforce. A bankrupt FSC gives them the first, the Land Use decree gives them the second and the Essential National Industries (Employment) Decree gives them the third. That should help Frank pocket a good price for his efforts.
Fiji Times, January 06, 2014 Fiji sugar interests investors

The land lie

January 9, 2014

Fiji Times reports that iTLTB is outraged over an advertisement for an island in the Yasawa group. TLTB general manager Alipate Qetaki claims only the TLTB could lease iTaukei land on behalf of the mataqali under the iTaukei Land Trust Act Cap 134. Qetaki seems to have forgotten about the Land Use Decree, which gives Bainimarama unlimited power to hand out leases on iTaukei land. Even when there is an elected parliament, this decree will give the PM power to lease land for the sake of economic development. Qetaki knows that the Land Use decree over-rides his TLTB legislation but he’s too scared to admit the truth.
Fiji Times, January 09, 2014 Island woes