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Take note now Naivalurua – it’s official

July 13, 2013

The formal paper trail that will convict Police Commissioner Naivalurua of covering up the beating of re-captured prisoner Iowane Benedito has now been started. Viriseini Vakarau and her daughter Maresela Kalokalosere lodged the complaint on behalf of the family at the Police Headquarters at Laucala Beach at around midday yesterday. Take note Naivalurua, you are responsible. No-one else. You will wind up in Naboro for your own law-breaking.

Fiji Village: 12/07/2013 Benedito’s mother lodges official police complaint

Does the regime want to provoke a sugar workers strike?

July 12, 2013

The Fiji Sugar and General Workers’ Union is considering strike action to push for higher wages for sugar mill workers. FSC is refusing to speak to them about paying over-time. It’s almost as if the regime wants to provoke a strike. This will give them a scapegoat to blame for the badly performing mills which have wrecked the industry.

Radio New Zealand 11 July, 2013 Fiji sugar workers contemplate strike over wages

Regime abuse knows no bounds

July 9, 2013

We all know Iowane Benedito was brutally beaten in an incident that was filmed, revealing the faces of perpetrators and one of the vehicles they used, but months later the Police haven’t been able to find any leads. Now when the mother of the victim was reported as saying she had been unable to visit her son, the Fiji Corrections Service has called her a liar. It’s so easy with a regime that has no respect for the law and censors the media to deny a mother even the most basic rights. She told Fiji Village when she and her daughter went to Korovou to visit her son in March, they were told that Benedito was transferred to Naboro, where she was stopped from seeing him. Does this regime really think that we can’t work out who’s telling the truth?

Fiji Village: 08/07/2013 Fiji Corrections Service refutes report on mothers’ claims

Tudravu cops a grilling

July 5, 2013

So long as the Fiji Police Force fails to investigate the graphic evidence of torture of recaptured prisoners, the Fiji Police Force will be subject to questioning about their role. Naivalurua front-man, Assistant Commissioner Rusiate Tudravu, got badly caught in an interview with Radio Australia. Ted Beddoes was also interviewed by Radio Australia and he can put it very simply: “what we have here is a case where an extensive investigation is not really required because everything was there on video for the world to see.” Tudravu and his boss Naivalurua are whistling in the wind if they think they can sweep this one under the ibe.

Radio Australia 5 July 2013 Still no word on Fiji torture video police investigation

Another case of your property belongs to me

July 4, 2013

The regime is boasting about its new X-ray machine at Nadi airport, but most of us are not impressed. The purpose of the machine is not what they claim – “detecting even very tiny amounts of narcotics that may be stored in envelopes”. The real purpose is to search the luggage of Fijians visiting family so they can slap a tax on any presents for families just like they do with anything sent air freight. It’s just part of the big Bainikhaiyum grab. The Unexplained Wealth Decree allows Khaiyum to seize any property where the owner can’t produce all the records needed to prove they’ve earned and paid tax on all the money needed to buy it. Then there’s the Land Use Decree which makes all iTaukei land subject to state control in the “national interest”.

Fiji Times July 04, 2013 Border X-ray boost

Police still stonewalling on torture video

July 2, 2013

Naivalurua may think he can forget about the torture video but the world will not forget. It’s still there on YouTube for the whole world to see. He is responsible for the cover-up. He is the one who is an accomplice after the fact. He’s the one who will be on the Immigration banned lists of all countries that respect human rights.

Radio New Zealand 01 July, 2013 Fiji Police refuse any further comment on beating video

Naivalurua’s hands are dirty

June 25, 2013


Radio New Zealand has continued to pursue the Fiji Police Force over the investigation of the crimes shown for all to see in the prisoner beating video. Police Commissioner, Iowane Naivalurua, is directly responsible for this failure. The legal buck stops with him. There’s no defence of ‘following orders’ for his failure to ensure that the Police meet their legal responsibility to investigate a blatant crime. Naivalurua kept his hands clean during the 2006 coup but his hands are now as dirty as anybody’s.
Radio New Zealand 24 June, 2013 Fiji police coy over brutality video probe

Yabaki goes quietly

June 18, 2013

When it came to standing up to a democratically elected Prime Minister Akuila Yabaki was a tower of strength. But confront him with a regime that seized power by force and has maintained its rule for 6 and a half years by subverting the constitution and the judiciary with the use of beatings and intimidation and Yabaki turns into a little puppy dog that barks occasionally but grovels and licks the correcting hand as soon as it’s raised over his head. He’s offered to print an apology (for telling the truth) before the judge has even passed sentence. Naturally, Khaiyum has asked for a prison sentence, despite Yabaki’s past service as a fellow-traveller, and this has done the trick in intimidating Yabaki.

Fiji Village 17/06/2013 CCF’s contempt of court case heard today

Fiji Times June 18, 2013 Bid for Yabaki jail time

The military dictator can blame himself

June 13, 2013

Daniel Foggo, the journalist behind the cash for questions item on the BBC’s Panorama program, has refused to apologise to Bainimarama for using Fiji’s name in their ‘sting’ operation against a British MP. The facts are Fiji is a “military dictatorship” and there are “ethical concerns” relating to the record of the regime concerning “human rights and democracy”. These are all on the public record Foggo said. And during his visit to Fiji he spoke to people with stories even more harrowing than those related by Felix Anthony.

Radio Australia 12 June 2013 BBC reporter won’t apologise over Fiji item

Bainimarama spitting chips

June 11, 2013

Bainimarama has been going on the media offensive over all the bad publicity he’s been getting in the UK from the BBC and newspapers. But all he’s done is ensure he gets more bad publicity in New Zealand and Australia. He blames governments for all this publicity but it’s the media who are broadcasting all the stories. They have all seen the Torture Video of prisoners being systematically beaten and subject to an attack dog, so human rights abuse under the Bainimarama regime is news everywhere in the world except Fiji.

Radio Australia 10 June 2013
Fiji leader unhappy over BBC program