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Groenewald makes first base

August 27, 2014

The news that 4 officers have been suspended pending investigations into the death in custody of Vilikesa Soko is without doubt the best news we’ve had for a long time into deaths at the hands of the police, military and orison officers under Bainimarama.  Past investigations were slow, grudging and driven only by media exposure. To make second base Groenewald has to follow up on the torture video. Does anyone doubt that the failure to investigate a crime that was actually filmed, and the open backing given to the perpetrators by Bainimarama, contributed to the latest death.  Lazy unprofessional policing will not solve our crime problem.

Fiji Times August 26, 2014 Soko’s death: Police,4, suspended pending investigations

Punishment for supporting SODELPA

June 25, 2014

The closure of the Health Post  at Waimaqera  has left 3000 people without health services in the south end of  Taveuni.  Is this just typical of the Bainimarama regime priorities with its cuts to health to fund First Family travel, or is it punishment for supporting Tui Cakau and SODELPA?  Group punishment is the hallmark of dictators like Saddam Hussein who gassed Kurds because some of them did not support him. Farmer, Rakesh Kumar, who died last week when the Health Post was not available to help him, may not have been a supporter of SODELPA but he suffered nonetheless.  That’s the way dictatorships work.
Fiji times June 25, 2014  Health post closes


Has Usamate read the National Essential Industries Decree?

June 18, 2014

Bainimarama sent his Labour Minister Jone Usamate to talk to the International Labour Organisation and tell them that Fiji is committed to the principles of decent and productive work – the hallmark of the ILO.  The way things work in the crazy world of Bainikhaiyum, Usamate probably hasn’t even read 2011 Decree, which took away all the basic rights that the ILO stands for.  When industries are designated as national essential industries: “No job actions, strikes, sick outs, slowdowns or other financially or operationally harmful activities shall be permitted at any time for any reason”. Unionism as we know it is banned.  The employer on the other hand may lock out any striking workers and “unilaterally impose terms and conditions of employment”.  And as always with the law under Bainimarama, no union can have access to courts to challenge actions under this dictatorial decree.  Just check out the full details of the decree on Wikipedia and ask yourself if Usamate could have read this before he faced the ILO and told them how committed his government was to respecting the rights of trade unions.

Fiji Times June 16, 2014 Minister assures labour body

A victory for truth

June 10, 2014


The restoration of Tamanirarama Jone’s scholarship is a victory for truth. The explanation from the TSLB, the regime scholarship factory, is a pack of half truths but we know the truth has won out.  The TSLB claims it became aware of “certain information” but doesn’t say what that information was. They’ve backed down because they fear the voters.  The election has at last given us a chance to take on the dictatorial regime and demand answers.  The regime which has never down has been forced to back down.  And to the bloggers who say a vote for Roshika Deo is a wasted vote because she will not get 5% and it will only take votes from anti regime parties, FDN says: voters should make up their minds at the end of the campaign, not the start.  Keep campaigning.  Roshika has won one victory over the regime.  Who knows how many more she will win.

Fiji Times June 09, 2014 Scholarship back

Isn’t this what new politicians should look like?

June 2, 2014

Isn't this what new politicians should look like?

Roshika Deo is the newest politician in the land. She’s even an independent. No ties to any of the old parties. This is everything Bainimarama said he stands for and yet when a young iTaukei supporter who shares her vision of a new Fiji volunteered to help her, his scholarship was cancelled. This is not just a denial of constitution rights – it’s proof that the whole Bainimarama seizure of power is built on a lie.

Fiji Times June 01, 2014 Scholarship future worries student activist

Does he think we’ve all got memories as bad as Bijai?

May 9, 2014

With the election season coming Frank’s mind has turned to inter-island shipping.  He’s told us it’s his ‘fundamental belief that the role of the Government was to provided the same level of service to every single Fijian wherever they live’.  Does he think that Lauans don’t remember what happened after the defection of Roko Ului?  While he’s busy channelling aid funds to the seawall in Kiuva, Lau has been punished for Roko Ului’s defection.  While he never gave a thought to the level of services in Lau, the people in Lau and their family outside Lau knew what was happening.

Fiji Sun May 8. 2014 Bridging the Gap – Government should provide the same level of service to every single Fijian: PM

Khaiyum’s Konfiscation law

December 11, 2013

Khaiyum’s protege, Razim Buksh, is rubbing his hands together with glee at the prospect of getting his hands on money belonging to people who cannot explain how they came by it lawfully. They do not have to have committed any crime. If they can’t produce all the paperwork going back over however many years, Khaiyum and his crony Buksh will have their hands on it. It’s another guilty until you can prove you’re innocent law. And we can be sure it will be used against their political enemies. Khaiyum and Bainimarama’s loot will not be questioned. Razim Buksh says he’s targetting 24 cases at the moment.

Fiji Live December 09, 2013 Criminals stand to lose all under new laws

Next Land bank robbery in the pipeline

September 5, 2013

Director for Mineral Resources Department, Malakai Finau, has announced that the regime is targetting more sites for bauxite mining in Nasarawaqa, Wainunu, Lekutu in Bua. He says they’re waiting for a letter from the mataqali before they can put the land into the Land Bank and start handing control to a Chinese mining company. Landowners will never be told how much money the regime takes and they’ll be lucky to get the crumbs that fall from the table. And as for the environment, the Chinese company will be able to do what they like.

Fiji Times September 03, 2013 More mineral sites found

At last Police investigate

August 16, 2013

Naivalurua’s police force has been investigating parents for criminal neglect of their children but it’s taken 4 weeks and a public complaint from the Union to get them to investigate the death of a worker at the Lautoka mill. A worker who was a father of four suffered 50 per cent burns to his body after the support structure of an evaporator gave way, pouring extremely hot water onto the Lautoka mill factory floor on July 25. We know that no-one in the regime controlled FSC takes any responsibility for anything, so let’s see what happens.

Fiji Times August 16, 2013 FSC accident probe starts

Torture cops walk free

August 14, 2013

Naivalurua is up to his neck in a criminal cover-up

Two police who were charged with three counts of unlawful supply of illicit drugs after marijuana exhibits went missing from Nabua Police Station in May last year have walked free after the Magistrate said there was no evidence. One of the two, Amani Bosenawai, was one of the police identified in the notorious torture video. Yet again the smell of something not right is wafting around. Does Bosenawai’s knowledge of the names involved in the torture video and the cover-up by Naivalurua mean that his silence has to be bought?

Radio Fiji Aug 13, 2013 Former CID officers free, court dismisses case,-court-dismisses-case

Coup 4.5 March 9, 2013 Cops behind Fiji prisoner beating not so clean themselves