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Another military man cut down to size by order of Khaiyum

January 23, 2014

Sacked Police Commissioner Naivalurua has to be looked after because he’s a military man after all, but is Ambassador at Large the best Frank can do? What is an Ambassador at Large? The regime’s propaganda machine claims “Unlike an Ambassador in Residence who is usually limited to a country or embassy, the Ambassador at Large is entrusted to operate in several neighboring countries or a region.” But what is Litia Mawi if she’s not this? Do we really need two? It’s a non-job, a calculated insult. It’s designed to show even the biggest military fish that they cannot defy Khaiyum and keep their job. They should have learned this after Sam Saumatua’s humililiation, but they never learn.
Fiji Village: 23/01/2014 Naivalurua takes up posting of Ambassador at Large for Fiji

Where is the good governance coup?

January 15, 2014

In December 2006 the Army Commander seized power in the name of transparency and good governance. It was all about cleaning up government. The issue wasn’t how genuine our democracy was, it was all about cleaning up government. All of the claims about genuine democracy came later as an excuse for not allowing us to elect a clean government. However flawed past elections may have been, they’ve all had more democratic credibility than a Government imposed by force.

In 2007, when Bainimarama was talking all the time about ‘transparency and good governance’, it was obvious that he was repeating words from a coup script written by others. Good governance means more than sacking the government boards and advisory bodies appointed by Qarase. It means making sure all decisions made by government, whether directly through cabinet or indirectly through government-appointed board members, can be seen, understood and questioned by the public.

Over the seven years of Bainimarama rule there has been a steady decline in all the principles of good governance, in paticular transparency. We don’t know what the government is doing and we are not allowed to ask.

Annual Reports from the FNPF have shrunk and no longer provide the information we need to be confident our contributions are safe. The Fiji Sugar Corporation no longer has to produce an Annual Report because it has been de-listed from the South Pacific Stock Exchange, but we know it is insolvent. FSC should be placed in the hands of a receiver to protect all the people that trade with it – banks lending it money (if there still are banks foolish enough to do this) suppliers providing it with goods and services and hoping to be paid, not to forget small farmers investing in their farms in the hope that they will sell cane to FSC and be paid.
Then there’s Fiji Airways. Who knows what they owe or what interest they’re paying on their debts. We know the planes are owned by some artifical Irish corporation.

The pine and mahogany industries are covered in fog. We know Aiyaz buddy, Faiz Khan, is head of Fiji Pine, giving him control of Tropik Wood and Fiji Forest Industries. But that’s all we know. Try checking with Bloomberg Businessweek to see who’s running FHCL and you’ll find this: “Fiji Hardwood Corp. Ltd. does not have any Key Executives recorded.” There are no reports to show what is earned from mahogany sales, no doubt because Bainimarama doesn’t want the landowners to be able to work out what share he’s leaving for them.

Fijian Holdings is the one small ray of sunshine even though it is shining through a dark and threatening cloud. FHL still publishes the Annual Reports required by the Stock Exchange and from that we find that total liabilities for the FHL group grew by a staggering 244% during the year ending 30 June 2013. Assets grew by only 46%. And yet it is claimed FHL made a small profit. Is this profit real or just a result of accounting tricks?

The FHL Annual Report claims “All Directors are independent Directors with no substantial interest in the shares or Group business.” In other words they lose nothing if the company is bled dry by the regime. Dividends are being paid out to the iTAB and then grabbed back by Bainimarama to repay the ‘loan’ he invented to cover his grab-back of the Qarase Government grant to the iTAB and Provincial Councils of B class shares.

FHL is being looted but at least we can get a glimpse of it in the Annual Report, which is more than we can say for Fiji Pine and the Fiji Hardwood Corporation.

If we had an independent media they could demand answers to these questions, but sadly, we do not.

Hypocrite of the year for 2014

January 14, 2014

It’s only the second week of the new year but Bainimrama is already a contender for top Hypocrite of 2014. Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ, Bainimarama reminds us, both taught us that we must not kill someone unlawfully, bear false witness against others and we must be dutiful and kind to our parents and families.

This is the same man who sanctioned the beating to death of CRW soldiers wrongly suspected of involvement in the plot against his life. The same man who has perverted the course of justice to convict his political enemies. The only thing he’s done is shower his family with gifts of jobs, overseas trips and get out jail free cards.

January 14, 2014 PM: Religion can unify

Expert has his eye on Frank and Khaiyum

December 11, 2013

International expert on transitional politics, Dr Paul Buchanan, has given Bainimarama until January to come with the rules that will govern elections next year. Any further delay will make it look like he’s not planning to play fair. Dr Buchanan of 36th Parallel Assessments thinks there are two possible reasons for the delay – one of them is that there are many who are reluctant to be part of what they consider to be part of a rubber-stamping exercise that will result in the election of Commodore Bainimarama as the first supposedly democratic civilian president. And he may well remain as chief of the armed forces, which would defeat the purpose of the exercise.

Radio New Zealand 09 December, 2013 Expert says clock starts ticking for Fiji Elections in new year

I talk, the rest of you listen

December 11, 2013




Khaiyum shoots a dirty look at the communications expert. It seems somebody forgot to tell this guy that Khaiyum does all the talking, everybody else is just there to listen to Khaiyum lecture.

Can Khaiyum find 7 stooges?

December 4, 2013

Khaiyum is still to announce who his electoral commissioners will be. After the experience of Yash Ghai, anyone credible will think twice before accepting nomination. They know Khaiyum will expect nothing short of Drill Sergeant compliance with his orders. They will be left trying to defend whatever he concocts to try to make Bainimarama and whatever party he finally manages to cobble together into an electable position. That’s a pretty tall order!

Radio Fiji 03, 2013 Electoral Commission Soon; Sayed-Khaiyum;-sayed-khaiyum

Khaiyum flexes his muscles

November 25, 2013

When Director Razim Buksh of the Fiji Financial Intelligence Unit announces he’s now investigating 24 cases of unexplained wealth in the country, it’s a warning from his master, Khaiyum, to anyone that might dare stand in is way. He has power to make anyone he targets account for every cent of their wealth. Will he direct it at regime cronies? Will someone have to explain the little palace in Howell Road? No, we can be sure it will be used to crush opponents.

Fiji Village: 22/11/2013 Investigations underway over 24 cases of unexplained wealth

The joke of budget day arrests

November 14, 2013

The arrests of 14 women and young people having a meal near the Fiji Revenue Customs Authority building shows how sensitive Bainimarama is to criticism. Bainimarama seized power in the name of transparency but he orders the arrest of people wearing t-shirts calling on the government to make the budget public. Police mouthpiece, Ana Naisoro, claimed the police were within their rights as the group did not have a permit as required under the Public Order Decree but she did not say which part of the Public Order Decree covers wearing t-shirts calling for transparency in Government while having lunch near a Government Building.

Radio New Zealand 12 November, 2013 Arrests over luncheon protest during Fiji’s budget day labelled “juvenile”


October 8, 2013

Russia, China and North Korea to send election observers

Speaking from New York the Foreign Minister, Inoke Kubuabola, said he was pleased to announce that the friendly governments of Russia, China and North Korea have been invited to send election observers to next year’s election. Russia will be responsible for watching SODELPA, China will have the job of watching the PDP and North Korea will keep FLP under close observation. The expertise of these fraternal brothers in bugging, secret filming and obtaining information with torture means they have outstanding qualifications to observe our elections.

Khaiyum’s justice system at work

October 1, 2013

We all know our prisons are full, even after the new remand prisons have been opened, and the courts are busy trying to process all the criminal cases. This is part of crime that cannot be hidden. But one unlucky Rakiraki man got caught up in this and languished in remand for years. By the time the court system got around to sentencing him he had already served the sentence in full. No-one explained why, if he had no previous offences, he was not given bail. Were they waiting from orders from Khaiyum about what was to happen to him?

Fiji Times October 01, 2013 Free to go