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Tudravu doing all the talking again

January 2, 2014

Once again it’s Fiji police chief of operations Rusiate Tudravu whose doing all the talking for the Fiji Police Force. Where is our acting Commissioner? Is he dumb? Has Khaiyum not given him a licence to speak?
Radio Fiji 2 January 2014 Chief of operations acknowledges hard work of staff

Suva streets are not safe

December 11, 2013

A 26 old man coming out of a restaurant early on Saturday morning to catch a taxi was chased by a gang of 15 to 16 people and there were no police in sight. The police admit that the increase in assaults is frightening but their only advice is to tell people not to carry large amounts of money or wear expensive jewellery. Is that really the best they can do? Didn’t Bainimarama promise to make our streets and our homes safe?

Radio Fiji Dec 09, 2013 Man traumatised, Police investigate assault cases,-police-investigate-assault-cases

Naivalurua’s hands are dirty

June 25, 2013


Radio New Zealand has continued to pursue the Fiji Police Force over the investigation of the crimes shown for all to see in the prisoner beating video. Police Commissioner, Iowane Naivalurua, is directly responsible for this failure. The legal buck stops with him. There’s no defence of ‘following orders’ for his failure to ensure that the Police meet their legal responsibility to investigate a blatant crime. Naivalurua kept his hands clean during the 2006 coup but his hands are now as dirty as anybody’s.
Radio New Zealand 24 June, 2013 Fiji police coy over brutality video probe

Wanted for crimes in Fiji? Definitely unwanted anywhere else

March 7, 2013


The first of the You Tube torturers, Sanita Laqenisici (PC 3453) has been outed on Coup 4.5. He should be immediately interviewed by the police who are allegedly investigating the beating, which they say shocked them. But even if the police don’t take action, Laqenisici is known to the world as a coward who tortures helpless men in handcuffs. Civilised countries will note his details and his photo should be recorded along with the details of the crime he’s implicated in. He’s the lowest rung of criminals, along with child abusers and rapists. This is a crime that will not come out in the wash. He may be safe in Fiji for as long as the regime lasts, but he’s unwanted trash forever as far as the rest of the world is concerned.

Police scandal laid bare

November 1, 2012

Divisional Prosecution Officer Southern (DPO) Inspector Isikeli Raisuni was forced to admit in court the full scale of the disaster with missing police files. Police are working hard to do all their work again, but they lack the resources needed for a mammoth task. The reason for the missing files has never been revealed but it’s almost certain that Naivalurua knows the truth. It could be the military using their influence to rescue some of their comrades, or it could be corrupt police. The culprits would have taken a big pile of files to make sure there would be no trail to the one file with evidence they wished to grab in order to sabotage a prosecution. This looks like some of the worst corruption we’ve ever seen, with many police resources now tied up recovering past cases. Happy days for criminals, sad days for law-abiding citizens.

Fiji Times, November 01, 2012   Insufficient resources hinder work

Scrap metal scandal needs to be explained

November 1, 2012

Scrap metal thefts in the Western Division have reached alarming levels and it has prompted authorities to act swiftly by suspending the licences of all the scrap metal dealers in the West. But we have to ask why has it taken them so long to act on this problem. Why couldn’t the police check all exports of scrap metal before they left our shores?  It would be hard to miss 7000 manhole covers which have been stolen in Lautoka alone, or all the FSC rail lines, or copper wiring, road culverts and any number of other objects which would obviously be stolen. The police suspect that there are inside men in the organisations targeted, but who are the insiders that let tonnes of stolen goods that can’t be disguised slip out of the country unnoticed? Sounds like someone in the military. If there were crooked police they probably would have been picked up, but not military criminals.

Fiji Village, 31 Oct 2012    Scrap metal thefts reaches alarming level

Fiji Times, October 31, 2012   WAF puts a lid on theft

FPF reels under the latest scandal

October 18, 2012

Since we lost the services of Commissioner Andrew Hughes our police force has reeled under the impact of scandal after scandal. First the ridiculous siphoning of police funds for the phony Commissioner’s brother’s religious cult activities. Then there’s the police convicted of beating suspects. More recently there was the theft of drugs from exhibit rooms. Now a whole investigation file has disappeared, allowing the accused to walk free. What a mess! And to make matters worse, crime is out of control. We need an effective police force more than ever.

Radio Fiji Oct 17, 2012  Officers taken to task: Tudravu

Stealing from thieves?

October 18, 2012

Five military personnel have been under detention for a period of three weeks and are said to be set to be tried by a military tribunal. Chief of Staff Brigadier Aziz also said the matter has also been referred to the police. On the face of it, it looks like the five have been under arrest without charge for three weeks. Why the police were not called in the first place is not explained. Theft is a civil crime, so properly trained civilian investigators should have been called in the first place. That would be the transparent way of dealing with the embezzlement, though it’s never been the way of the RFMF. As a law unto themselves, they demand the right to mete out their own justice to their own people. That’s what this whole coup has been about – their right to operate above the law. So it would be no surprise if there are thieves in their ranks, but we just don’t know. They may just be critics of Bainimarama.

Fiji Village 17/10/2012   5 RFMF personnel to face Board of Inquiry

Regime desperate for credibility in fight against crime

October 4, 2012

With the truth about crime and fear of crime out in the open, the regime has resorted to desperate tactics to win credibility. They’ve published the mobile phone numbers of Nadi senior police. So what happens if someone calls and no-one answers? What happens if they are subject to pranks? Someone leaves them on a toilet wall eg? Is this their only answer to the problem of crime? Oh for the days of Commissioner Andrew Hughes.

Fiji Sun October 4, 2012   Senior police officers available 24/7

19 Year old fronts court

October 3, 2012

A 19 year old Marist student will front court next Monday to face charges of assault. Fights between students are not new but the continued brawling and the large numbers involved show that things are now out of hand. We are all conscious that the 2006 coup was a Marist Old Boys led coup, with Bainimarama and Teleni at the helm. They boasted about their Marist OB status. It seems a lot of current Marist boys have a born to rule attitude and we don’t have to look far to see where it might have come from. We need a culture change.

Fiji Village: 03/10/2012   Student charged with assault to appear in court today