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Talk about multilingual

January 23, 2014

The regime propaganda machine is proudly announcing all schools are now tri-lingual! The report says “the iTaukei language and Hindi” are now compulsory subjects. A little later the report quotes Filipe Bole talking about Vosa VakaViti. What’s this? They can’t agree on the word they’re using to try to avoid using the word “Fijian” – iTaukei language or Vosa VakaViti? Why not Vosa Vakaitaukei or iTaukei language And is vakaviti one word or two, or if it’s one word why does it have a capital letter in the middle? Is this how the Ministry of Education now spells it? Is this the work of language experts?
Fiji Times, January 22, 2014 Tri-lingualism in schools

Well done Rusi!

January 23, 2014

The arrest of Stefan Ali has got be the handiwork of Rusiate Tudravu, the real Acting Commissioner. Who else would be so stupid? By arresting him they bring the regime’s restrictions on speech into the spotlight. We might even get to hear what he said, which would have to be followed by Mr Plod telling us what’s wrong with it. Tudravu must think that he has a chance at the big job if he can do enough to please Khaiyum. He doesn’t know they all think he’s dumb and just leave him in a position where he can take the blame for cock-ups and be pushed aside if necessary, which is not so easy to do with a Commissioner.
Fiji Times January 22, 2014 Ali out on bail

Is anyone going to be in Labasa?

January 23, 2014

The Fiji National Provident Fund will be in Labasa tomorrow starting its annual member forum in the Northern Division tomorrow. According to FNPF chief executive officer Aisake Taito they will answer any members questions about FNPF financial performance. Let’s hope a lot of people can get there to ask the questions on everyone’s lips. How much has been lent to FSC and Fiji Airways? When will it be paid back and how secure is it? What can Aisake can about the financial performance of both of these businesses. If he’s lending them our money he should know everything. No need to get political. Just give us the facts, all the facts.
Fiji Times January 22, 2014 FNPF holds annual forum

Do you know who I am?

January 16, 2014

It’s not hard to see that the jumped-up bully who nows runs the Sports Council, courtesy of father Frank, has an ego to match that of her father. Peter Mazey gas bags uselessly on the side, the so-called Minister talks impotently on the phone and miss bossy boots points out that she’s the boss around here.

Neutral police or neutered Commssioner?

January 16, 2014

Acting Police Commissioner ACP Ravi Narayan told and FPF parade: “If you want to associate yourself with any political party then the Fiji Police is not for you. Our roles and responsibilities for the elections are clearly outlined and we are to remain neutral at all times.” Meanwhile Police under the real Commissioner, Lackey Number One, Tudravu, are doing regime dirty work, harassing unionsists in Nadi. At the same time they’re are most definitely not investigating the brutal beating of prisoners caught on video last year.
Radio Fiji Jan 15, 2014 Be neutral, police officers told,-police-officers-told

Where is the Electoral Commission?

January 9, 2014

Elections are set for later this year but we still don’t have an Electoral Commission or a Supervisor of Elections. Is Frank afraid to confirm the appointment of the little up-start who was pushed in to take Mere Vuniwaqa’s place? We all know Saneem is a wholly-owned asset of Khaiyum, as do all the troops. Putting Saneem in charge is just like putting Khaiyum in charge. And the Commissioners? Can’t Frank find people who are willing to be his stooges, rubber-stamping every decision Khaiyum makes?
Radio New Zealand 6 January 2014 Academic says Fiji needs to set up an Electoral Commission as soon as possible

Eafare out as Dean but back as High Commissioner

January 5, 2014

Peter Eafare has withdrawn from the position as Dean of the diplomatic corps in Fiji but he has remained as High Commissioner and still enjoys the confidence of his Government. And it seems this means he’ll be the one making sure that the funds provided by the PNG Government for the elections later this year are used properly. Let’s hope he makes the regime give an account of the use of the funds which is thorough and misses nothing.
Radio New Zealand 3 January 2014 PNG high commissioner removed as Fiji diplomatic corps dean

Expert has his eye on Frank and Khaiyum

December 11, 2013

International expert on transitional politics, Dr Paul Buchanan, has given Bainimarama until January to come with the rules that will govern elections next year. Any further delay will make it look like he’s not planning to play fair. Dr Buchanan of 36th Parallel Assessments thinks there are two possible reasons for the delay – one of them is that there are many who are reluctant to be part of what they consider to be part of a rubber-stamping exercise that will result in the election of Commodore Bainimarama as the first supposedly democratic civilian president. And he may well remain as chief of the armed forces, which would defeat the purpose of the exercise.

Radio New Zealand 09 December, 2013 Expert says clock starts ticking for Fiji Elections in new year

Bainimarama’s Chairman removed

December 4, 2013


Bainimarama took for himself the role of appointing Chairmen of Provincial Councils but this is no guarantee they will remain in office. The late Ratu Jale Waisale Kuwe Ratu, the Tui Tavua, passed on, leaving the position of Chairman of Ba Provincial Council vacant. Will the former Chairman, Ratu Meli Saukuru be restored? Will a stooge be sought? Can one be found?

Fiji Times December 03, 2013 Council chairman dead

Can Khaiyum find 7 stooges?

December 4, 2013

Khaiyum is still to announce who his electoral commissioners will be. After the experience of Yash Ghai, anyone credible will think twice before accepting nomination. They know Khaiyum will expect nothing short of Drill Sergeant compliance with his orders. They will be left trying to defend whatever he concocts to try to make Bainimarama and whatever party he finally manages to cobble together into an electable position. That’s a pretty tall order!

Radio Fiji 03, 2013 Electoral Commission Soon; Sayed-Khaiyum;-sayed-khaiyum