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Party of one

April 17, 2014

It took forever for Frank to announce that he was going to have a party and now it seems to be taking forever for him to find candidates.  It can’t be because they’re waiting for his party to approved, because Bai is carrying on like the Party is a fact.  Why the hold-up?

Radio New Zealand 16 April 2014 No other confirmed candidates says Fiji’s Bainimarama

Democracy can deliver more than dictatorship

April 14, 2014

Ratings agency, Moody’s, have reported that investment confidence has at last picked up Fiji.  The reason for this is not hard to understand.  The promise of elections and the return to an elected government that is responsible to voters is far better than a self-appointed dictator with all his imposed ‘reforms’.

Fiji Village: 12/04/2014 Ratings agency says Fiji experiencing improved investment

Carry on says Khaiyum

February 13, 2014

The Khaiyum Krap just keeps coming. He says “start the game, don’t worry if the rules aren’t announced yet”. No-one has seen the Electoral Decree but he says no-one should hesitate to start campaigning regardless. Does he think we didn’t notice he wrote the Parties Decree to try and block the major existing parties and he’s even thinking of how he can change the Parties rules to disqualify his trade union rivals. It looks like he wants the parties to start campaigning so he can see what rules are needed to shackle them so they can’t compete with Bainimarama, who is travelling the country and handing out taxpayer funded presents to win support. Khaiyum will be telling his boss: “Leave it to me, I’ll rig it so you can’t lose”, but Khaiyum is so widely despised that it’s doubtful he can cheat enough to give Bainimarama a chance of winning with him alongside.
Fiji Times, February 12, 2014 A-G: Go ahead with campaign

How stupid does he think we are?

February 13, 2014

Today he’s the Commander RFMF, and so not a politician, but come March he will be transformed into the leader of a political party. For some reason he calls it a “political movement” – is this because he’s been told by Khaiyum not to call it a party in advance so he doesn’t breach the Khaiyum Party Decree? What a joke! He’s already campaigning like all the politicians of old, promising this and that and handing out presents like Father Christmas and Robin Hood rolled into one. He should just get on with it. How stupid does he think we are?
Fiji Live 12 February 2014

Baledrokadroka tips Aziz

January 30, 2014

Former senior RFMF officer Colonel Jone Baledrokadroka has tipped that Bainimarama will name Brig Aziz as his replacement when he steps down as Commander at the end of the month. Bainimarama knows that Aziz is just a bureaucrat and not a real military man but he can’t pass over him because it would expose the lie of his “all races are equal” motto, so Baledrokadroka thinks it must be Aziz, who has also shown his loyalty to Bainimarama by back-stabbing Pita Driti. While this may be right, somewhere in the back of the qavokavoka lala a tiny voice can be heard: “don’t do it, don’t do it”.
Radio Australia 29 January 2014 Former Fiji military leader says field limited to replace Commodore Bainimarama

What happened to Tikoitoga?

January 30, 2014

Khaiyum has just appointed a new Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Housing Authority and the Public Rental Board but no mention is made of why the former Chairman, Mosese Tikoitoga was replaced. Is it because he’s going to stand as a candidate in the elections? Or is he out of favour with Frank? Another victim of the backstabbing that is the standard operating procedure of the Bainikhaiyum regime? Khaiyum forced out Sam Saumatua, so we shouldn’t be surprised if another military man, who might mistakenly think he can make his own decisions, is forced out.
Fiji Sun January 29, 2014 Housing Authority gets new chair

Regime eyes chiefly positions

January 30, 2014

There is nothing that the Bainimarama regime doesn’t view as its property and that includes chiefly positions. The military man running iTaukei affairs, Apakuki Kurusiga, has declared that vacant positions have to be filled. He added “that those elected to these vacant titles needed to support whichever government was in power”. Does this mean that he thinks that Voreqe can appoint people who support him. That would be a step too far. Kurusiga even mentioned the position of Tui Nayau, which has been vacant since the passing of the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. Kurusiga said the regime could not ‘interfere’ but we know that the regime’s word is worthless.
Fiji Times, January 29, 2014 Vacant chiefly posts need to be filled

The FRU mess gets worse

January 27, 2014

After the IRB payments suspension things have just got worse for the FRU.  People have been sacked and we’ve been given bullshit explanations like “some positions have been absorbed by current staff”.  Does this mean the cleaner is now also the coach? It sounds like the usual Bainimarama regime shenanigans.  The FRU can have a secret payment if they buckle to secret regime orders.  The regime has made a big enough mess of the FRU.  They should just butt out.

Radio Fiji Jan 27, 2014  FRU terminates Male’s contract


The king campaigns

January 23, 2014

Frank will be standing down as Commander but he will be continuing on as PM, travelling at the taxpayers expense in what is obviously campaigning. But not to worry. Surely the more people see and hear of him, the lower his vote will be! He’s the only one who doesn’t understand that he’s a buffoon.

Another military man cut down to size by order of Khaiyum

January 23, 2014

Sacked Police Commissioner Naivalurua has to be looked after because he’s a military man after all, but is Ambassador at Large the best Frank can do? What is an Ambassador at Large? The regime’s propaganda machine claims “Unlike an Ambassador in Residence who is usually limited to a country or embassy, the Ambassador at Large is entrusted to operate in several neighboring countries or a region.” But what is Litia Mawi if she’s not this? Do we really need two? It’s a non-job, a calculated insult. It’s designed to show even the biggest military fish that they cannot defy Khaiyum and keep their job. They should have learned this after Sam Saumatua’s humililiation, but they never learn.
Fiji Village: 23/01/2014 Naivalurua takes up posting of Ambassador at Large for Fiji