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++The top ten questions++

April 22, 2013

These should be photocopied and stuck on every wall available!

Bainimarama tell us

1. Why the release of the Auditor General’s Report from 2007 – 2012 is being blocked?
2. When will the people of Fiji get a copy of the Special Report of $200,000 leave compensation paid to Frank Bainimarama?
3. When will the regime publicize the details of Ministerial salaries to the tune of $1,000,000 annually each for Frank and Aiyaz administered by Nur Bano?
4. When will the regime release details of the tender process (if any) for all Capital works awarded to Constructions companies of Malaysia and China from 2007- 2012?
5. When will the regime release the accounts for the $5m annual Taiwan Government Grant held in the Prime Minister’s Office?
6. When will the Commander RFMF release all accounts of Regimental Funds of the RFMF?
7. When will the regime release information on payments made to Nur Bano since 2007 including the $2m paid for Rewa Dairy Restructure?
8. Will the regime release information on all payments made to Nazhat Shameem based on $23,000 per month from 2009?
9 Release the Ernst and Young Forensic Report on FNPF. The KPMG report on FSC and other reports conducted by professionals on various entities in which the State has interest of investments?
10. How can Public Service Commission accept as Permanent Secretary a person convicted of murder and has served two years prison sentence?

Our only growth industry

January 25, 2013

When he seized power Bainimarama promised to provide increased security and had a few young men who were in the wrong place at the wrong time beaten to death to prove his tough methods would be effective, but the fruits of this bitter tree are there for all to see. The regime can censor reports of crime and fake crime statistics, but it cannot hide the fact that our prisons are full and they keep have to build new ones. Crime is worse than ever and a wrecked economy doesn’t help.

Fiji Village 24/01/2013 Plans to open remand center at Lautoka prison

The burning question

January 10, 2013

(images courtesy Fiji Leaks)

“We did not burn copies of the constitution”! ‘This is a vicious lie spread by the freedom bloggers” screams the regime. However, after the pictures of a little bonfire appeared on the internet the story changed and the regime admitted they burned shredded printing plates. Did they really think that someone might reassemble the shredded plates and use them to print another set of copies? Thanks to Yash Ghai we have access to the draft and there is nothing the regime can do to stop people knowing what was in the draft. Once again, they’ve shot themselves in the foot.

Drug scams fixed – again

November 29, 2012

There were rumours a couple of years back that all was not well with the Fiji Pharmaceutical Centre which supplies drugs to our medical services. Now we find that the problems must not have been fixed properly, because health Minister Dr Neil Sharma has claimed to have fixed them again. What Dr Sharma needs to explain is why basic drugs are often not available for low income people at health clinics, forcing them to pay for them from private pharmacies. The regime bosses would never dream of going to these clinics for treatment. They go to the Suva Private Hospital if they don’t go overseas.
Fiji Times November 28, 2012 Health saves $3m

Bashed through to the bone

November 1, 2012

The fifth Naboro escapee, Epeli Qaraniqio, has still not appeared in court following the amputation of a leg. The court heard that the medical report, dated October 18, clearly stated that Qaraniqio’s right leg had been amputated because of an infection from an open wound he sustained. Given that he had ‘run’ from prison, it’s obvious this was not an injury he had before his escape, so how did it happen? And what has happened to the leg, which is no doubt evidence of what happened? We can be sure it’s not been kept as evidence for the police inquiry that was promised when the news broke.

Fiji Sun November 1, 2012   5th escapee fails to appear

Jumping at your own shadow

June 29, 2012

The Fiji Labour Party has blasted the Television Amendment Decree No 52 of 2012 as “yet another attempt by the regime to gag the media and restrict freedom of expression.” The Decree, which came into effect last week empowers the Minister to revoke or vary a television licence if the licensee is found to have breached the Media Code of Ethics and it prohibits the matter to be taken to any Court, Tribunal or Commission for adjudication, thereby, denying the licensee the right to redress or justice. Commenting on the Decree and issues such as censorship of political reporting and the presence of police at political meetings, the FLP makes a very telling point: “the regime, it seems, is consumed by fears of its own unpopularity”.

Fiji Labour Party website 28 June 2012   Fiji- a Police State? Television (Amendment) Decree 52 of 2012

Military regime receives bad report from Amnesty International

May 25, 2012

Amnesty International has delivered a very harsh report on the human rights record of the Bainimarama regime. It lashed them for continued restrictions on freedom of expression, including the media decree which stifled press freedom. Human rights defenders and critics were intimidated and persecuted through the courts on trumped charges or directly through the use of the PER. It’s all there in the Amnesty International Report. Boasts by Khaiyum about his decree addressing violence against women are dismissed as “yet to be implemented by the courts and the police .

Amnesty International Report on Fiji for 2011

Our killer roads

May 25, 2012

Thanks to the removal of military censors from the newsrooms, media are now free to report things like the condition of our roads. Fiji Village has told us that motorists are unhappy about the state of roads. They were bad when the regime took over and they are much worse now. The regime is only spending loan money on upgrades. Normal road maintenance is starved of funds and the state of our roads tells the story. They are killers – of cars and people. A letter writer to the Fiji Times, moved by the sad death of a lady from Verata at 3am last Saturday after the carrier in which she was travelling hit a speed hump and over-turned, called on those responsible for our roads to ensure speed humps are clearly marked.

Fiji Village 24/05/2012   Appalling road conditions damaging vehicles

Gauntlet thrown down

May 11, 2012

The Fiji Teachers’ Union, which has 4000 members, would appear to have taken heart from the comments of the respected Professor Yash Ghai and thrown down a gauntlet of sorts to the illegal attorney-general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. Professor Ghai has spoken of his hope that the dictatorship’s various decrees will not prevent our citizens from exercising their basic human right to speak freely when participating in the constitution consultation process. The FTU has called for the removal of the Public Order Amendment Decree. FTU General Secretary Agni Deo Singh said the decree restricts debate and free speech for the Union.

Fiji Today’s Blog 10 May 2012    FTU passes resolution calling for removal of Public Order Amendment Decree

More lies

April 3, 2012

The Bainimarama dictatorship is built on lies, so it follows that not telling the truth is a regime policy. For example, at the following link, Fiji freedom blogger, Torture Watch, documents how the Ministry of Information has systematically lied to New Zealand media about the effects of our disastrous floods. As well, while it was widely reported in the Australian and New Zealand media that the regime had requested international airlines to stop bringing people to Fiji, this important piece of information was assiduously censored from our own media. Folks, when it comes to measuring the duplicity and criminality of the Bainimarama dictatorship, the facts speak for themselves.

Torture Watch 2 April 2012    Regime lies: Ministry of Information caught out