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Jyoti Pratibha at it again

July 31, 2014

Jyoti Pratibha, Fiji Sun’s Rumour Monger in Chief, is at it again.  She’s predicting a “new weekly national newspaper” which will “focus on in-depth coverage”.  And she’s also predicting “the first issue could be out before the elections and focus on two explosive issues – National Bank of Fiji and the 2000 coup”.  Really?  Will it mention Frank First candidates who owed money to the NBF, or will it be selective?  Will it mention the role of Inoke Kubuabola asnd Jim Ah Koy in the 2000 coup?  Will it mention the facts indicating that Bainimarama ignored warnings about the coup and sought to use the chaos he allowed to develop to serve his own ends?

Ashwin Raj is a puppet without credibility

June 25, 2014

Once again the heavy hand of the regime spreads the message of lack of media freedom

Ashwin Raj has declared everything Patrick Craddock and Matt Thomsom said to be false – according to him “none of their statements hold true and they didn’t bother to check their facts”.   This puppet had no credibility to start with but his credibility is even less than zero now. The MIDA decree (section 10) even says he has to take direction from the Minister and it looks like this is exactly what he’s done.  This is a job for a puppet without an ounce of self-respect. His two predecessors could not work under a system which requires them to regulate the media while also being required to take direct orders from Khaiyum. As for fact checking, he needs to learn how to do this himself instead of following orders from his puppet master. Did he ask the Police whether they were checking up on Netani Rika?  MIDA is supposed to regulate the media, not individuals who might want to have their voices heard in the media. The one good thing about all this is that it has again highlighted the lack of media freedom in Fiji.

Radio Fiji 25 JunMIDA seeks explanatione 2014 MIDA seeks explanation


A victory for truth

June 10, 2014


The restoration of Tamanirarama Jone’s scholarship is a victory for truth. The explanation from the TSLB, the regime scholarship factory, is a pack of half truths but we know the truth has won out.  The TSLB claims it became aware of “certain information” but doesn’t say what that information was. They’ve backed down because they fear the voters.  The election has at last given us a chance to take on the dictatorial regime and demand answers.  The regime which has never down has been forced to back down.  And to the bloggers who say a vote for Roshika Deo is a wasted vote because she will not get 5% and it will only take votes from anti regime parties, FDN says: voters should make up their minds at the end of the campaign, not the start.  Keep campaigning.  Roshika has won one victory over the regime.  Who knows how many more she will win.

Fiji Times June 09, 2014 Scholarship back

Who are these viles abusers

June 4, 2014

Who are these viles abusers

Who me? Am I really a threat to Fiji Fist

Who would believe that someone would attack Roshika Deo with vile unspeakable words posted on the internet. We won’t bother to repeat them but she should take it as a sign that she’s a threat to someone if they react in this way. We can’t really tell who wrote these messages and the Police may not be able to prove who is responsible either, but the first suspect has to be the same people who cancelled the scholarship of one of her young volunteer supporters – ie the regime of Frank Bainimarama. If he wants to remove all suspicion he should promptly restore the scholarship and apologise. Vile personal abuse has no place in Fiji.

Fiji Times June 03, 2014 Stalked, scared

Talking about rice

June 3, 2014

The Fiji Fist Propaganda machine has just broadcast via Radio Regime the news that the regime is helping rice farmers grow rice and this is replacing imports. They’re talking up the ‘Star’ variety of rice to farmers because of its “high yield and short term maturation period”. So, with all this help, how does the regime explain that in 2007 we managed to produce nearly 15,000 tonnes of rice and now it is less than 8000 tonnes. That’s almost half the amount. It sounds just like sugar. Get some help from Bainimarama and he can halve your production. Why doesn’t he use the money to pay some rice experts instead of wasting money on Qorvis propaganda experts.

Radio Fiji 1 June, 2014 Government helps rice farmers

Forgotten when the news photo faded

February 8, 2014

Our big-hearted PM visited Rajesh Prasad in 2010 to see what was happening to his house which had been invaded by the kadi vuka. The caring godfather PM immediately ordered that Rajesh and his family be given temporary shelter at quarters designated for government workers in Lautoka. But before the house was properly completed the family were given an eviction notice. All the Military Commissar Western could say was that he’s old news now, so, like the kadi vuka, he should buzz off. We don’t need to remind anyone that the good news story in 2010 was in the Fiji Sun while the latest bump down to reality was in the Fiji Times who will probably face threats for printing it.

FijiTimes, February 01, 2014 Family in despair

Fiji Sun’s mischief making with SODELPA

October 22, 2013

The Fiji Sun’s report of SODELPA’s plans for a meeting of representatives of the provinces of Central Division is an obvious attempt to fan divisions within the party. The article quotes what the Sun calls “an observer with long political experience who cannot comment publicly on politics because of his current position” who calls Dr Tupeni Baba a moko who changes colours to suit his background. Then they quote an old interview with Pio Tabaiwalu apparently saying that a person of charisma would best suit SODELPA, which is an obvious swipe at Ratu Jone Kubuabola whose quiet, dignified demeanour has won wide respect. We can take the Fiji Sun article as proof that regime insiders fear SODELPA and the depth of leadership in its ranks.

Fiji Sun October 17, 2013 SODELPA meet to decide on nominees

Regime continues internet crackdown

September 6, 2013

The Police have now joined Chandu Umaria in trying to control access to the internet in Suva internet cafes. They claim there’s a Code of Conduct for Internet Cafes which prohibits the circulation of “offensive materials, insults and slanderous statements aimed to create hatred among Fijians in Fiji and in foreign countries”. By this they mean anyone who challenges the regime’s right to impose its will by force. The good thing about this crackdown is it shows us the regime is worried by the freedom blogs on the internet. They now control everything in the media so the freedom blogs are the only way we can have a right of free speech.

Fijilive September 03, 2013 SCC, Police implement internet code

ILO still on Bainimarama’s case

June 26, 2013

Felix Anthony has revealed to Radio Australia that the International Labour Organisation has a recommendation from its Committee of the Application of Standards to send another delegation to Fiji to finish the work that was cut short when Khaiyum had them kicked out last year. The mission will look at the heavy-handed legislation Khaiyum created to pander to the former CEO of Air Pacific. The ILO will also ask Bainimarama “to instigate an investigation into all the allegations of assault and intimidation of union representatives in the country and to advise ILO as to steps that have been taken.”

Radio Australia 25 June 2013, ILO delegation could try visiting Fiji again

The united opposition

May 16, 2013

The meeting of the United Front for a Democratic Fiji at Rishikul on 15 May 2013 is a reminder of how far we have travelled under the Bainikhaiyum regime. Such unity of purpose between all the parties and people involved would have been unthinkable in 2006. FLP and NFP, Tupeni Baba and Mahendra Chaudhry, plus Ted Beddoes as a member of the SDL (even if it is pronounced SODELPA). Youth activists Tura Lewai and Roshika Deo on the same stand with the old generation. We’re left wondering who will be in the Frank Party which as yet has no name. So far the party membership list has a family who received a house in Lautoka and a Beqa Tikina representative.

Fiji Times May 15, 2013 Opposition holds public meeting tonight