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Political parties old and new

September 10, 2013

The formidable MPC is out and about again, getting in touch with his faithful followers in the cane growing areas. His claim that his party is as strong as ever is no doubt true, so he’ll be a force to be reckoned with by Bainimarama. Chaudhry taunted the unelected PM about the non-appearance of his own party. “The Prime Minister’s much awaited political party doesn’t seem to be taking shape.” It looks like he’s got Frank afraid to move. Frank has spent six years attacking the politicians of old but he hasn’t shown us any of the new politicians he plans to have in his new party. Who can we expect? Felipe Bole? Inoke Kubuabola?

Fiji Times September 10, 2013 FLP support ‘intact’

History re-written

September 9, 2013

Bainimarama is desperate to explain why he has had to rule as a dictator for 7 years and impose a constitution without approval from the people. His account of the Speight coup is an amazing re-writing of history. According to Bainimarama “History records that I played a significant role in 2000 as commander of the RFMF, bringing the siege of the Parliament to an end, and charging an interim government with the task of rebuilding the nation.” The memories of the RFMF officers involved record that Bainimarama made sure he was out of the country when Speight struck and stood on the fence waiting to see how he could manipulate the situation to allow him to seize power, first declaring himself PM and then handing over to the cleanskin Qarase when he lacked support from the clique that ousted President Ratu Mara. Then followed six years of undermining Qarase despite his strong support from voters and his formation of the first genuinely multi-party government.

Fijilive September 07, 2013 End of military revolution, says PM

One big day, one big electorate, one big con?

September 6, 2013

The mastermind of the new constitution and the elections el supremo, Khaiyum, has vowed to make sure next year’s elections are held on a single day and the votes are all counted within 24 hours. It looks like the whole event will take place inside Khaiyum’s lair. The whole process will be under his control. With one big electorate there’s no way voters can relate to what’s happening. There will be no transparency. He says the results are all going to be fed into some computer programmed by people working to him. Where is the transparency? What independent observers will there be?

Fiji Times September 03, 2013 24 hours

The sad story of Tate and Lyle

August 29, 2013

As this story in the Fiji Times tells us, Tate and Lyle and their predecessors have been buying our sugar since the days of CSR and colonial government. To celebrate this, FSC deputy chairman Marika Gaunavou has planted a tree! What he’s not saying is that Tate and Lyle have pretty much given up on us as a supplier of sugar. They know FSC is bankrupt. They know our mills have been wrecked. They sent experts in to try to fix the mills but the only result from that was Tate and Lyle decided to look for other sources of sugar. A few years ago, Tate and Lyle were wanting to buy all the sugar we can produce but now they’ve cut their orders from us because they need a supplier they can rely on. Our Minister for Sugar has destroyed the industry and there’s nothing we can do about it. We can’t even speak the truth openly.

Fiji Times August 28, 2013 FSC works with buyers

Explosive mixture

August 16, 2013

Imported plastic buildings, plus imported workers

Jack Guo Commercial manager of China Railway No.5 engineering group, the Chinese company building the new Rakiraki bridge, thinks his company has been the target of a cane fire that was deliberately lit. His company’s staff quarters are made of pre-designed plastic walls, and they’re located next to a large diesel tank threatened by fire. Diesel fuel and plastic are certainly explosive, but so is the practice of Chinese companies to import everything they can rather than using local products or labour. A lot of local businesses and workers are unhappy that they are missing out on business from these big projects which are funded by loans that our children will have to repay, but this is probably just another cane farm fire. The best way to deal with the problem of Chinese companies getting sweetheart deals is to throw Bainimarama out at the elections.

Fiji Sun August 15, 2013 Arson fears

Vaniqi blames everybody else

August 15, 2013

With the sugar industry facing the threat of a mill strike Bainimarama’s CO Sugar battalion, Lt Col Vaniqi, has denied all responsibility for the problems facing the industry. He’s saying all the problems, ie “expiring land leases, politicisation, mills that had not been repaired or kept up to par with technological advancements”, were inherited from previous governments. He takes no responsibility. Over the past 7 years leases have continued to expire and the mill refit that wrecked the mills was carried out by Bainimarama’s FSC team, nobody else. But worst of all is the loss of confidence of farmers in the industry. Thousands have dropped out, the area planted has dropped by 12,000 ha and farmers don’t want to put their money into replanting or fertiliser (so yields have plummeted) because they have no confidence in the leadership of their industry under Bainimarama and Vaniqi.

Fiji Times August 15, 2013 Strike action

The BeMobile mystery

August 15, 2013

They say Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) has withdrawn from its proposed investment in BeMobile but former Vodafone Fiji executive, Raj Deo, has been appointed acting chief executive of Bemobile PNG. FNPF Chairman Ajith Kodagoda has been talking in riddles – “the Bemobile share subscription agreement was not completed” – “certain conditions critical to the achievement of the business plan projections were not met”. The one thing we know about Bainikhaiyum dirty dealing is they keep us in the dark and do whatever they like.

Radio Fiji Aug 14, 2013 Deo appointed BeMobile acting CEO

Guess who believes in “inclusivity in decision-making”?

August 14, 2013

The two man band that talks ‘inclusivity’

Our puppet President stood before the audience of leaders from Pacific Island leaders governments, NGOs and businesses and declared Bainimarama’s Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) was dedicated to “inclusivity in decision-making”. What a joke!!! The Bainikhaiyum regime can’t even include its own cabinet Ministers in Government. Bainimarama keeps for himself decision-making in Finance, Lands, Public Service, Information, iTaukei Affairs, Sugar, Industry and Mineral resources (to name only some of his portfolios). Khaiyum has charge of Justice, Anti-corruption, Public enterprises, Communication, Civil Aviation, Tourism, Industry and Trade, Local Government, Housing and Environment. Fifteen out of 25 Permanent Secretaries report to Bainimarama or Khaiyum. That’s their idea of inclusivity.

Fiji Sun August 13, 2013 Pacific looks at more inclusive development

Now we know who’s paying for Frank’s Secretariat

August 9, 2013

We all know that Bainimarama has set up his PIDP to convince himself that it doesn’t matter that he’s been given the boot from the Pacific Islands Forum. Yesterday we wondered who was going to pay for this expensive ego massage and now we know. We will! Everyone who pays tax will be paying for this. Next time you buy a round of drinks you’ll be paying for Frank’s big shout. Bainimarama says it “will be funded initially by Fiji”, which proves no-one else has put their hand up to fund it so far. And why would they? It’s all just to soothe the massive bruised Bainimarama ego.

Fiji Sun August 8, 2013 PIDF HOME IN SUVA

What’s with PIDF secretariat?

August 8, 2013

Bainimarama’s big announcement at his talkfest turned out to be a Secretariat for his PIDF, but no-one, including Bainimarama, seems to know what the Secretariat is going to look like. Radio Australia reporter, Samisoni Pareti, said “they’re talking of forming a working group, a committee, comprising representatives from the civil society, government, as well as churches and the business community to work out a way forward, a plan, consult with stakeholders and then they will come back with a plan”. But who chooses the “representatives” of churches and civil society? Will Bainimarama dictate to them the way he dictates to the Methodist Church? And who is funding the PIDF secretariat? Churches? NGOs, which get their money from Governments like Australia, NZ and EU? Businesses?

Radio Australia 7 August 2013 Fiji to host Pacific Islands Development Forum secretariat