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The election blackout has many forms

September 16, 2014

On the day the election blackout commenced, we hear from Radio Regime run by Khaiyum’s brother that airport renovations are well under way. Then there is the story of a desalination plant installed at the south end of Taveuni to ease water problems in the area. For the regime propaganda mill it’s business as usual!

Thanks to the election investment is returning

August 20, 2014

The regime’s propaganda rag, the Fiji Sun, has again accidentally let the truth slip out in its pro-regime propaganda.  They’re boasting that investment from Australia is up 559%, but what they’re really revealing is that in 2012 investment from Australia amounted to only $51.5 million.  When they say “it is therefore clear that Australian investors are returning to Fiji” they are admitting that Australian investors deserted us when we had a regime that rules without a constitution and elections.  Well done Rachna Lal!

Fiji Sun August 19 2014   Australian investment up 559%

Jyoti Pratibha at it again

July 31, 2014

Jyoti Pratibha, Fiji Sun’s Rumour Monger in Chief, is at it again.  She’s predicting a “new weekly national newspaper” which will “focus on in-depth coverage”.  And she’s also predicting “the first issue could be out before the elections and focus on two explosive issues – National Bank of Fiji and the 2000 coup”.  Really?  Will it mention Frank First candidates who owed money to the NBF, or will it be selective?  Will it mention the role of Inoke Kubuabola asnd Jim Ah Koy in the 2000 coup?  Will it mention the facts indicating that Bainimarama ignored warnings about the coup and sought to use the chaos he allowed to develop to serve his own ends?

Not again – potato imports to be replaced by local production

July 29, 2014

How many times has the Bainimarama propaganda machine announced the end of potato imports?  It’s a pity potatoes don’t keep sprouting as regularly as this pathetic propaganda.  Why doesn’t Frank just announce that his scientists have bred the first tropical potato tree which grows potatoes all year round.  That would be easier to believe. Follow the link below on Potato flop to see how many times the potato promise has been made and how badly it failed every time.

Fiji Sun July 25 2014  Bid to Reduce Reliance on Imported Potatoes

Potato Flop


Dr Luveni this lie will not fly

July 17, 2014

Yesterday we wondered if she was lying – now we know. According to the Fiji First Family Party Minister Jiko Luveni, Fiji’s debt is now lower than ever. This is the biggest lie she’s told since she last said to a patient “this won’t hurt at all”. How can we borrow more and owe less?  The list of projects funded by borrowing is very long. Roads, hydro power, the failed mill refit, the list goes on and on.  A quick check of facts on the IMF site shows the truth: “Fiji’s external debt remains low from a regional perspective, but it has increased rapidly recently, largely reflecting the US-dollar denominated sovereign bond issued in 2011, and increased reliance on bilateral loans from nontraditional sources for infrastructure financing“.   The facts are not hard to check. It took us one google click and 30 seconds. Click on the link below to see the facts from the IMF.
Republic of Fiji—Concluding Statement of the 2013 Article IV Consultation Mission
August 19, 2013

Why all the currency smuggling?

June 17, 2014

In the last week the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority has reported 3 cases of people trying to smuggle $Fs out of the country hidden in luggage.  Why don’t they just report it and seek approval for its transfer?  Could it be because they wouldn’t get approval.  The big balance in foreign exchange that the regime boasts about is a result of tight controls.  People have to seek approval to pay their credit card bills in foreign currency.  And why the tight controls? Is it because the regime is terrified of another devaluation when the memory of the last one and the poverty it caused is so fresh in everyone’s memory?

Fiji Times 15 June 2014  Three currency smuggling cases

Talking about rice

June 3, 2014

The Fiji Fist Propaganda machine has just broadcast via Radio Regime the news that the regime is helping rice farmers grow rice and this is replacing imports. They’re talking up the ‘Star’ variety of rice to farmers because of its “high yield and short term maturation period”. So, with all this help, how does the regime explain that in 2007 we managed to produce nearly 15,000 tonnes of rice and now it is less than 8000 tonnes. That’s almost half the amount. It sounds just like sugar. Get some help from Bainimarama and he can halve your production. Why doesn’t he use the money to pay some rice experts instead of wasting money on Qorvis propaganda experts.

Radio Fiji 1 June, 2014 Government helps rice farmers

The PDP propaganda war

January 30, 2014

Radio Khaiyum has confirmed that Daniel Urai and Felix Anthony are still actively involved in the People’s Democratic Party. The Fiji Sun claimed that motor-mouth PDP spokesman, Nirmal Singh, was threatening to walk out because he was unhappy with the involvement of trade union leaders in the party. Meanwhile Fiji Leaks is reporting that motor-mouth has been sacked from his spokeman’s role. FDN’s money is on the Fiji Leak version of events. Radio Khaiyum and the Sun are both regime mouthpieces. It’s obvious the regime is in fear that union members will punish them at the ballot box for their anti-union laws but they’re crazy if they think all these lies will do anything other than make union members angrier.
Fiji Sun 29 January 2014 Threat to walk out, unionists’ role queried
Radio Fiji Jan 29, 2014 PDP confirms Urai and Anthony’s involvement’s-involvement

Where is the good governance coup?

January 15, 2014

In December 2006 the Army Commander seized power in the name of transparency and good governance. It was all about cleaning up government. The issue wasn’t how genuine our democracy was, it was all about cleaning up government. All of the claims about genuine democracy came later as an excuse for not allowing us to elect a clean government. However flawed past elections may have been, they’ve all had more democratic credibility than a Government imposed by force.

In 2007, when Bainimarama was talking all the time about ‘transparency and good governance’, it was obvious that he was repeating words from a coup script written by others. Good governance means more than sacking the government boards and advisory bodies appointed by Qarase. It means making sure all decisions made by government, whether directly through cabinet or indirectly through government-appointed board members, can be seen, understood and questioned by the public.

Over the seven years of Bainimarama rule there has been a steady decline in all the principles of good governance, in paticular transparency. We don’t know what the government is doing and we are not allowed to ask.

Annual Reports from the FNPF have shrunk and no longer provide the information we need to be confident our contributions are safe. The Fiji Sugar Corporation no longer has to produce an Annual Report because it has been de-listed from the South Pacific Stock Exchange, but we know it is insolvent. FSC should be placed in the hands of a receiver to protect all the people that trade with it – banks lending it money (if there still are banks foolish enough to do this) suppliers providing it with goods and services and hoping to be paid, not to forget small farmers investing in their farms in the hope that they will sell cane to FSC and be paid.
Then there’s Fiji Airways. Who knows what they owe or what interest they’re paying on their debts. We know the planes are owned by some artifical Irish corporation.

The pine and mahogany industries are covered in fog. We know Aiyaz buddy, Faiz Khan, is head of Fiji Pine, giving him control of Tropik Wood and Fiji Forest Industries. But that’s all we know. Try checking with Bloomberg Businessweek to see who’s running FHCL and you’ll find this: “Fiji Hardwood Corp. Ltd. does not have any Key Executives recorded.” There are no reports to show what is earned from mahogany sales, no doubt because Bainimarama doesn’t want the landowners to be able to work out what share he’s leaving for them.

Fijian Holdings is the one small ray of sunshine even though it is shining through a dark and threatening cloud. FHL still publishes the Annual Reports required by the Stock Exchange and from that we find that total liabilities for the FHL group grew by a staggering 244% during the year ending 30 June 2013. Assets grew by only 46%. And yet it is claimed FHL made a small profit. Is this profit real or just a result of accounting tricks?

The FHL Annual Report claims “All Directors are independent Directors with no substantial interest in the shares or Group business.” In other words they lose nothing if the company is bled dry by the regime. Dividends are being paid out to the iTAB and then grabbed back by Bainimarama to repay the ‘loan’ he invented to cover his grab-back of the Qarase Government grant to the iTAB and Provincial Councils of B class shares.

FHL is being looted but at least we can get a glimpse of it in the Annual Report, which is more than we can say for Fiji Pine and the Fiji Hardwood Corporation.

If we had an independent media they could demand answers to these questions, but sadly, we do not.

When absolute obedience is not enough

September 23, 2013

Radio Khaiyum has just announced that Veteran journalist, media manager and regime today, Matai Akauola, has been appointed Director of the Media Industry Development Authority. According to Radio Khaiyum “the authority is aimed at improving the media’s objectivity and discipline”. It seems that our muzzled media are still not meeting the requirements of Khaiyum. What does he want? Does he have to have them run every story past him before they can print them?

Radio Fiji Wed Sep 18, 2013 Media industry body director appointed