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Baledrokadroka tips Aziz

January 30, 2014

Former senior RFMF officer Colonel Jone Baledrokadroka has tipped that Bainimarama will name Brig Aziz as his replacement when he steps down as Commander at the end of the month. Bainimarama knows that Aziz is just a bureaucrat and not a real military man but he can’t pass over him because it would expose the lie of his “all races are equal” motto, so Baledrokadroka thinks it must be Aziz, who has also shown his loyalty to Bainimarama by back-stabbing Pita Driti. While this may be right, somewhere in the back of the qavokavoka lala a tiny voice can be heard: “don’t do it, don’t do it”.
Radio Australia 29 January 2014 Former Fiji military leader says field limited to replace Commodore Bainimarama

Driti guilty of not being Aziz

November 28, 2013

The Assessors who heard the evidence against Driti found him not guilty but the judge who takes his orders from Khaiyum found him guilty of inciting mutiny. Meanwhile the loyal Khaiyum lackey, Christopher Pryde, has refused to say anything about the allegations against Aziz in the course of the trial. He could not say they were investigated. He simply said nothing. Meawhile Aziz has been whisked out of the country to avoid anyone asking him questions.

Fiji Village: 27/11/2013 DPP will not comment on allegations levelled against

The Driti discontent

November 26, 2013

One of the most interesting pieces of evidence in the Driti trial is his sad complaint that “When we started off, the Prime Minister had told us – the Military Council – that we were going to move forward and that it was a clean-up campaign.” Military officers were not going to benefit. This will strike a chord of sympathy with the rank and file who had doubts but followed orders, but what will all the brother officers who are filling top jobs in the Civil Service think when they read this?

Fiji Times November 22, 2013 Driti: I stuck to that plan

Aziz named as plotter

November 21, 2013

According to prosecution witness, Lt Col Manasa Tagicakibau, Former Land Force Commander Pita Driti named Mohammed Aziz as part of the alleged plot to get rid of Bainimarama and his Puppet master, Khaiyum in 2010. According to Driti he and Aziz would go to the President and ask him to sack the illegal government. So why is Aziz not standing in the dock beside Driti? Roko Ului’s name was thrown into the story at that time and he was charged, but Aziz seems to have some kind of special immunity. The only thing we can be sure of is that the role of Aziz will never be made clear.

Fiji Village: 20/11/2013 Pita Driti’s alleged plot revealed in court

Some handy survival tips

October 28, 2010

Thanks to the most recent posting by the Namuamua Journal you now have a handy guide for survival in the event that the worst happens and you get hauled off to QEB. The Namuamua Journal says there are six steps one needs to follow. What it doesn’t canvass is whether, with Pita Driti on long leave and therefore presumably not on active duty, the barracks might be a safer place than when he was presiding over beatings and torture. From all accounts he was a past master of those black arts.

Namuamua Journal:      6-Step Guide to Surviving a Visit to the Military Barracks

Dribbling Driti’s Mum

June 11, 2010

Blogsite Coup Four and a Half’s article on the appointment of Shyster Shameem as a law professor attracted a comment from a blogger calling herself ‘Dribbling Driti’s mum’. She thinks her boy also needs a nice new job with a fancy title to overcome his feelings of rejection (after being knocked back by Malaysia and the United Nations). Perhaps Daddy could give him another medal so he can stop walking around with his bottom lip pushed out.

Dribbling Driti’s mum said…
My little boy Pita would like an academic position as well please. Perhaps in the areas of human rights or international diplomacy. Pita—what are you doing? Oh he spilt the milk again and he is crying over it…. he hasn’t been the same since he was rejected by the UN as a human rights abusing cowardly thug.
June 10, 2010 7:31 PM

Our roll of dishonour

April 15, 2010

Thanks to Solivakasama Worldwide Movement’s blogsite for putting together this comprehensive list of our self-appointed military office holders. With a collective IQ unlikely to total more than double figures, the list is self-explanatory when it comes to understanding why our beloved nation’s economy is dying a slow death. As the headline over the photo we put up yesterday clearly stated, these clowns are as incompetent as all shit. Notably, one Brig-Gen Pita Driti is not listed. Is this because no one can think up an official title for a guitar-strumming fornicator with big fists and tiny brains?

SWM 14 April 2010The Militarization of Fiji Government and Boards

Kean’s appointment shows how Frank blocks out reality

March 31, 2010

Blogger Annon on Solivakasama has made an interesting observation about the regimes appointment of Francis Kean as CEO of Suva Rugby. When he tries to travel overseas he’ll find his manslaughter conviction will block him. Driti found that his crimes caught up with him and so will Kean. The biggest criminal of all, Bainimarama, will eventually bump into the same reality.

Annon. Says:
March 30, 2010 at 5:56 pm
Don’t worry about Rugby or Serevi navoha – rumour is regime has just appointed failed murderer Kean to its top position – only one problem?

What happens when Team travels overseas and he wants to go too?

Power goes to Driti’s head

March 10, 2010

We can’t help but be interested in Pita Driti’s reaction to the kangaroo court conviction and sentencing of the eight who were alleged to have conspired to assassinate the dictator. Why is he making all these press statements? Is Driti high on the fact that for once, after behind-the-scenes manipulation, the law has appeared to work in the dictatorship’s failure? Or is he taking the opportunity to renew his threats and intimidation because he senses that anger among the real people in Fiji is about to boil up? Anyway, his latest pronouncement is about the “culture” of our military. But exactly what culture might that be? If Pita Driti, as a Brigadier, is anything to go by, the only culture to which the military can lay claim is one based on brute force and very little else.

FBCL 9 March 2010:   Fiji soldiers to follow military cultures and traditions

UN had Driti pegged as criminal

February 22, 2010

Pita Driti says “‘political interference” was the reason he didn’t get the UN peacekeeping gig in Iraq, but the truth is not so melodramatic. Thanks to Fiji Today’s Blog, we know that the UN has publicly confirmed that it knocked back Driti because he had been accused of “serious human rights violations”. As it is, Driti cannot travel to countries like Australia and New Zealand. Earlier, when he was proposed as Fiji’s envoy to Kuala Lumpur the Malaysians declined to allow that appointment. Now that the UN has gone public on its ban, it’s likely Driti will discover that there are very few countries left in the world that he could visit. When democracy and the rule of law returns to Fiji, it will serve the cause of justice if criminals like Driti have nowhere to hide.

Fiji Today’s Blog 21 February 2010: In light of allegations of serious human rights violations against Colonel Driti, the UN advised he is not acceptable to them