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Warning: Scam on the way

March 26, 2012

The announcement that the vaults of the Reserve Bank of Fiji will be opened to give loans to people who promise to boost exports can mean only one thing: people with army connections will be getting loans at sweetheart rates. Sounds like Ag Scam or NBF loan disaster all over again. If people have sound propositions for increasing exports they should be able to get finance from existing sources. All our commercial banks are flush with cash, they cannot find anyone with good business proposition to lend to.

Fiji Times March 26, 2012    RBF opens vault

Sai Lealea fuming over Usamate appointment

February 24, 2012

Veteran freedom blogger Sai Lealea is not hiding his deep disappointment over the latest “ministerial” appointments of our illegal regime. According to Sai, the appointments are just “another episode in the illegal regime’s revolving door policy for membership of its ruling clique.” In particular, Sai is bitter that Jone Usamate, a student colleague of Sai’s at USP, has decided to go over to the dark side. Sai asks: “Was the lure of personal glory, a security retinue and other baubles of power too much for Usamate to turn down?” Sai concludes, “I for one am deeply disappointed for Usamate as it shows to us who know him, his abysmal lack of moral and ethical integrity. He will now be branded for life as a Bainimarama lackey, stooge and sycophant.”
Jone Usamate, you traitor: suck on that!

Fiji Coup 2006 23 February 2012     2 New Regime Lackeys Summoned to Join Dictatorship Cabinet

Law of the jungle

February 3, 2012

We warmly congratulate Fiji freedom blog, Cloup Four And A Half, for its penetrating and damning analysis of the blatant corruption of our judiciary, as evidenced by Justice Daniel Goundar granting an appeal to overturn a magistrate’s ruling last year. The appellant was Asma Bano who appeared before Justice Goundar represented by Mr. K. Padayachi, who is Justice Goundar’s uncle. The blog has published transcripts of the judgements by both the magistrate, The Hon. Justice Anjala Wati, and Justice Goundar. In a lengthy and well-reasoned judgement Magistrate Wati dismissed Bano’s application for bail pending appeal. One month later Justice Goundar looked after his uncle’s client by overturning the sentence on the flimsiest of excuses and without any supporting detailed legal reasoning. Folks, the rule of justice we once had in Fiji is now the law of the jungle.

Coup Four And A Half 1 February 2012    Gates caught lying to save Goundar

An amazing rise, or is it?

January 25, 2012

Only fourteen years ago, he was a graduate recruit, but now Shaheen Ali is a Permanent Secretary in one of Sayed-Khaiyum’s departments. It looks very much like a case of a job for a Sayed-Khaiyum favourite. No doubt the ego-maniac Khaiyum believes that this is promotion on merit, but then he also thinks he got his job on merit, rather than criminal conspiracy. No-one can ask any questions. All it takes is a call from Sayed-Khaiyum to Bainimarama and it will be done.

Fiji Times January 24, 2012    Ali’s rise to the top

One Speight coup rumour put to bed

January 9, 2012

One of the biggest problems we’ve got in Fiji is the rumours that flow like Suva streets after a downpour. So many people were implicated in the rumours about 2000 that it was impossible to know the truth. After eleven years, prominent businessman Charan Jeath Singh has won a court declaration that he and one of his companies did not in any way support the 2000 George Speight coup. If we had a truth and reconciliation commission we might be able to find out the truth about all the other rumours, especially those about JV Bainimarama and his army buddy Isikia Savua, not to mention Inoke Kubuabola and a host of other Bhainikhaiyum regime parasites.

Fiji Sun January 8, 2012    Charan Jeath wins coup declaration

Khaiyum’s decree takes all power from landowners

December 30, 2011

The Puppet TLTB boss, Alipate Qetaki, has confirmed that the law established by Khaiyum makes landowners completely powerless in relation to any mining on their land. Qetaki said “under Mining Laws any company with a licence can enter a piece of land for exploration without consulting the TLTB or even landowners.”

Radio Fiji December 30, 2011    TLTB has no power in Mining 

Compromised judiciary congratulates itself

December 13, 2011

Chief Registrar of our totally compromised judiciary, Irani Arachchi, declared that Fiji’s judiciary is completely independent. She knows very well that magistrates and prosecutors have been sacked without any process of reason being stated. She was made to act in her position for 11 months before she was confirmed. It looks like she’s eyeing further promotion under the criminal regime she serves but she knows very well that a change of regime will see her out of a job.

Fiji Sun 12 December 2011    JUDICIARY INTACT 

A popular sentiment?

December 1, 2011

Fiji’s freedom bloggers reacted angrily to the appointment of New Zealander, Christopher Pryde as the regime’s latest in a long line of Directors of Public Prosecutions (DPP). This comment on Coup Four And A Half is typical:  “Anonymous said … How can someone be made to prosecute without sufficient evidence????  …this is how prosecution is assessed. Im sorry but even the Police know this and its a load of crap that they didnt have faith in the former DPP cause the reasons why cases can’t stand in court is cause the Police don’t have enough evidence on file and the DPP cops the blame because it’s her face that’s seen!!! I’d love to see Pryde take a trial file to court!!! The egotistical idiot knows NOTHING about prosecution and the rule of law!!! He’s only been appointed to further the governments’ interests in prosecuting their enemies and stopping dissent amongst the populace.”

How does Aisake Taito sleep at night?

December 1, 2011

Aisake Taito, the Bhainikhaiyum regime’s hatchet man at the FNPF has made it clear he doesn’t care how his reforms affect pensioners. He told radio Fiji “our conscious is clear”, so it looks like he doesn’t have a conscience. Taito is feeling the heat and we should make sure he feels it personally. He has put himself in the position of serving this regime. He’s overseen huge losses in some major investments, so he’s the one we should point the finger at.

Radio Fiji December 01, 2011   Criticism won’t stop reforms: FNPF

Fiji Sun 30 November 2011    Pensions cannot be dictated by few: FNPF

Rumours replace debate and cronies replace politicians

November 25, 2011

Under a tin-pot dictatorship, political debate is replaced by gossip and rumour. And when Bainimarama got rid of politicians, he replaced them with cronies. So no-one should be surprised that Raw Fiji News is reporting whispers that the regime is about to change some faces in the line-up. RFN think Teleni could even come in as President. Could this really be possible? Teleni was sent to Beijing under a cloud for his corrupt activities with the Fiji Police Force budget. Who knows? The only thing that’s certain is that Bainimarama will reward those he needs to to hold his grip on power.
Raw Fiji News 25 November 2011 Rumour mill is working overtime