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What next? Borat as non-resident Ambassador?

December 6, 2013

Fiji Sun has reported that our Ambassador in UAE has flown to Astan, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan to present himself as non-resident Ambassador. What can we expect next? Borat as non-resident Ambassaor to Fiji? The money spent flying around the world on this waste of time diplomacy could be spent putting a full range of medicines in one of our health stations.

December 5, 2013 Fiji strengthens ties with Central Asia

Khaiyum flexes his muscles

November 25, 2013

When Director Razim Buksh of the Fiji Financial Intelligence Unit announces he’s now investigating 24 cases of unexplained wealth in the country, it’s a warning from his master, Khaiyum, to anyone that might dare stand in is way. He has power to make anyone he targets account for every cent of their wealth. Will he direct it at regime cronies? Will someone have to explain the little palace in Howell Road? No, we can be sure it will be used to crush opponents.

Fiji Village: 22/11/2013 Investigations underway over 24 cases of unexplained wealth

That look-away handshake again

November 21, 2013

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Kubuabola has been trying hard to do everything he can to please his boss and it looks like he’s now taken to doing the Bainimarama “look-away” handshake where he seems to forget what he’s doing when he greets people.

Kubuabola’s foreign policy priorities

November 18, 2013

We haven’t even got High Commissioners from Australia and New Zealand in Suva but Kubuabola has made the effort to establish diplomatic relations with Monaco. Monaco!!! What will that do for Fiji? Monaca we find in Wikipedia is 2.2 sq km, one tenth the area of Tuvalu. Its only industries are tax evasion, money laundering, casino gambling and sale of citizenship. Is this where Bainimarama sees the future of our economy? Or is he just trying to establish options for his future after we actually have a choice over our PM. Will his ill-gotten gains be safer in Monaco than in Hong Kong or Sri Lanka or whatever bolt-holes he’s got planned for the day when he has to run?

Fiji Sub November 14, 2013 Fiji, Monaco seal ties

A Permanent Secretary replaces a Minister

October 9, 2013

There is a report on Fiji Live that Samuela Namosimalua is the new Permanent Secretary for Local Government, Urban Development and Environment, replacing Samuela Saumatua, but there’s a problem with this. Sam was the Minister, not the PS. So what do we make of this? What the report seems to mean is that the new Sam is replacing the old Sam as the bum-boy running errands for Khaiyum.

Fiji Live 8 October 2013 Namosimalua is the new PS for Local Government.

Another barked order from Khaiyum

October 4, 2013

When Fiji TV want to switch to digital broadcasting and dared to announce their plan they brought an immediate slap-down from Khaiyum. He says the move to digital must be “Government-driven to ensure that all broadcasters have equal and equitable access to a shared infrastructure that will give them the same network coverage and quality”. What he means is that the FBC under his brother’s control must have an unfair advantage. That’s what he means by “equitable”. And what Khaiyum wants, Khaiyum gets.

Fiji Village: 03/10/2013 AG seeks explanation from Fiji TV on planned transition

What are Khaiyum and his apprentice cooking up?

September 26, 2013


The Acting Permanent Secretary for Elections and the Registrar of Political Parties Mohammed Saneem has admitted that he’s still combing through the declaration of the assets and liabilities of political party officials. While Bainimarama is using all of the assets of the state to campaign for election, without going through the process of setting up a political party, his team of evil plotters is searching for ways to use the rules to put other parties out of the race. Everyone knows Saneem is a 100% Khaiyum Kreation, fashioned some say from the waste of the sorcerer body himself, with zero credibility as an independent official. Barely out of short pants he was appointed to a top position after Mere Vuniwaqa resigned in protest at interference by Khaiyum. Furthermore, because he’s so young, the man in charge of our elections has never even voted himself!

Fiji Village 25/09/2013 Assessments on the declaration of assets and liabilities still being carried out

FSC again busted by FLP

September 6, 2012

While the FSC is putting out propaganda about how well things are going at the Labasa mill, the Fiji Labour Party website has published some facts. Lautoka mills have been suffering 2-3 day stoppages on a weekly basis due to mechanical problems and then stoppages due to lack of cane because the farmers can’t keep their cutters on indefinite stand-by. And cane cutters are harder to find and demanding more per tonne of cane because of all the down time created by stoppages. Then there’s the problem of poor transportation systems. The regime is always putting out propaganda stories about funds for roads, but what we need are roads not propaganda. And what’s our Minister for Sugar doing while the sugar industry fights for its life? Living the high life overseas again.

FLP website 5 September 2012    More troubles for the sugar industry

Government vehicles still not doing their job

June 29, 2012

The Government vehicles impounded last week-end are reported to be still tied up at the end of the week. This means either they’re unnecessary or they’re not doing the job they were purchased to do. Why is it taking a week to deal with such a simple matter?  Was their use on the week-end properly authorised or not? It looks as though they must have been used by someone from the military or with other regime connections. The regime keeps talking about efficiency and making civil servants accountable, but it’s clear that there is favouritism running through the whole system. That’s how Bainimarama maintains his support base.

Fiji Village 28/06/2012   Monitoring of the use of unauthorized government vehicles to continue    

Madam’s mafia exposed

March 26, 2012

It was FDN who last week alerted the Fiji freedom blog community to the existence of “Madam” Nazhat Shameem’s website and we are delighted with the response to date. For example, Coup Four And A Half has taken a close look at it and has very nicely documented the way in which “Madam”‘ (as a practising lawyer charging fees) has so many connections to the regime’s appointed officials, from the Chief Justice down. What’s truly amazing is that this incestuous and illegal network can be discerned merely by going to “‘Madam’s” website. Is this a sign of stupidity on her part, or arrogance, or what? We shall be closely monitoring her website to see if any changes are made. In the meantime, go to the following link and discover the rage of every-day bloggers who deeply resent the corruption before their eyes.

Coup Four And A Half 25 March 2012   Client list shows Nazhat Shameem influencing key regime entities