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That road way back then

August 3, 2013

The Vuna Soqulu Road which was exposed as a complete waste of money was the focus of regime propaganda back in 2010. Croz Walsh was telling us: “Government has been investing heavily in roading and other infrastructure developments in the expectation that it will result in increased agricultural produce, especially from remote rural areas”. He was sure this would be a saviour for Taveuni’s dalo production: “It is hoped that huge container trucks can load dalo directly from farms in these areas for export. This should significantly reduce travelling costs and thereby farmer’s cost of production.” What a false prophet Croz is!!!

TAVEUNI, FIJI’S GARDEN ISLAND: INFRASTRUCTURE MUST PAY OFF!/2010/12/namosi-visit-qeb-taveuni-road-long.html

The big mouth closes (for a time)

March 7, 2013

Crosbie Walsh has declared “I’ll wait for a report on the police investigation” He needs “more evidence” before attributing blame. It’s funny when the Qarase Government was overthrown on the basis of alleged wrongs, he approved, but with an illegal government which dismissed all judges, appointed its own, he’s a model of patience and fairness, waiting to be sure the video is genuine. FDN makes one challenge to Crosbie Walsh: did you watch the full 9 minutes of this video? If so, how did you feel? And do not forget, this beating was far less than that handed out to the Naboro escapees.

Coup 4.5 must be right

March 6, 2013

Fiji freedom blogger Coup 4.5 has identified the abusers of the two Korovou escapees as Corrections officers. FDN thinks this is probably right. Their abuse was methodical for the most part, maximising pain while minimising the risk of injuries that could not be covered up. Even without the benefit of a video we can assume that the beating delivered to the Naboro excapees lacked this finesse. The injuries inflicted were too severe. Credulous Croz swallows the story that Qaraniqio’s leg was amputated as a result of diabetes (having missed a week’s careful Corrections Dept care?) but everyone else realises the violence must have been extreme. His legs must have been pulped and then had to be amputated to dispose of the evidence. This looks more like the handiwork of amateur army thugs than the professional monsters of the Corrections Department.

Coup 4.5 5 March 2013 Fiji Corrections Officers responsible for the horrific beating in controversial video

The amazing Crosbie Walsh

March 6, 2013

The shocking video that’s now gone viral was always going to be a tough job for Crosbie Walsh but this moral contortionist can bend his way around the most blatant truth. He eagerly declares in a STOP PRESS “I am informed the video did not show this incident” ie the incident he commented on last year, so he repeats his comments “The prisoners had allegedly robbed a bank in Samabula and gone on a rampage in other parts of the city that some thought was intended to spark more general unrest. They were reported to have been armed with cane knives and they resisted arrest.” So this video does nothing to alter his allegation that the 4 men viciously beaten at Uduya Point were armed with cane knives. Watching the sickening beating and its concentration on the same body parts indicated by injuries and reports about the Uduya point capture does not lead Walsh to fear that the reports they were armed with cane knives was an obvious lie from those guilty of the beating. Did he think the body cavity probing was a search for concealed cane knives?

Bainimarama is not for sale

February 8, 2013

Veteran Bainimarama apologist Croz Walsh has criticised Cameron the Blubber that makes Whaleoil, a newcomer to the task of apologising, for jumping on Fr Barr. Croz writes:

“But I cannot agree with their argument that Fr Barr’s work permit was revoked because of his repeated breaches of his work permit. Slater writes: “Father Barr is an Australian in Fiji on a religious permit which allows him to work for the church and in certain other activities. It does not, however, allow him to engage in politics, something he appears to have forgotten recently with political statements concerning the minimum wage and certain decrees such as the Essential Industries Decree.”

Croz is spot on here. We must never forget Fr Barr’s sin was his joke about Chinese influence. This touched a raw nerve with Bainimarama who is a recipient of Chinese aid money and a friend to Chinese organised crime. Frank is not for sale – he’s already been sold to Chinese interests.

Croz’s latest is the best yet

January 21, 2013

Crosbie Walsh is endlessly inventive as an apologist for the regime. Unlike the grubby/shazzer outfit, he tries hard to seem fair-minded. Following the vile outpouring of abuse against Father Kevin Barr, Croz spent a day or so trying to find a justification for Bainimarama’s disgusting behaviour. And he has not let us down. He finds that Father Barr should have known better. He should have known that his joke would misfire because he was dealing with a thin-skinned moron. That’s right, he said “The PM is not familiar with the subtleties of the English language and often reacts too quickly to what he sees as personal insult.” He’s obviously hoping that the moron who’s not familiar with the subleties of the English language will find this language too suble to get his dull-witted brain around.

Thank you Croz!

December 6, 2012

Thanks to Fiji Today blogsite, comments made by sacked Magistrate Greg Bullard on Croz Walsh’s site have been brought to the attention of Fiji freedom supporters. Bullard could not let the weasel words of Croz Walsh on the state of our judiciary go. Croz was trying to say that judicial independence is a matter of perception but Bullard socked it to him straight – “the independence of a judiciary is a matter of fact and not a matter of perception”. The fact is Bullard was sacked after only three weeks without any proper process or appeal rights and he was sacked for failing to buckle to the will of the Attorney General, the Chief justice and the Chief Registrar who run the judiciary without any checks or balances.
Fiji Today December 5, 2012   “Must Read” Comments from Judge Greg Bullard


Mountain of debt to keep growing

November 23, 2012

After a series of budgets where he’s promised surpluses or small deficits, but actually delivered bigger deficits, Bainimarama has now promised a big deficit. We can be sure he’ll more than deliver on this. And he’s made an art form of hiding debt. FSC debt is not counted in the budget but it all belongs to the Government. Likewise FEA and Water Authority. The worst thing about all this debt is that there’s nothing to show for it. The FSC mills were less efficient after the $80million plus refit than they were before. Money spent on roads and bridges was washed away, leaving only the debt standing. The only thing we can be certain of is that the new loans announced in this year’s budget will be as badly spent as all the others.

Fiji Village 23/11/2012   Govt to borrow $253 million through off shore loans

Reality check for Croz

November 9, 2012

The first instalment of the Croz Walsh reality check tour included this gem: “The cost of imported food is high, largely because of the 20% devaluation of the Fiji dollar, but locally produced foodstuff did not appear much more expensive than I can remember from my previous visit.” It’s obvious Mrs Croz does all the shopping. Fresh produce prices in the markets are very high. In June this year the Fiji Sun, official propaganda rag of the regime reported that fresh food prices in the Korovou market, normally way below Suva, had “soared” – “the price of a bag of eggplant which used to be $25 a kilogramme is now $40” – “‘A kilogramme of chillies used to be $5 a bag, is now $10”. Let’s have some facts Croz, not hazy recollections of the past compared to the present hardship which is obvious to everyone.

Fiji Sun June 24, 2012   Food cost soars in Korovou

Croz looks in the mirror

September 21, 2012

It took the champion contortionist of the truth, Crosbie Walsh, a while but he’s managed to make a comment on the explosive Marshall evidence. And it’s very revealing: “All in all, I’m left with the feeling that here rests the spiritual body of yet another born-again imperialist, marked and marred by a lifetime in Hong Kong who is bemused that other lesser mortals in Fiji did not welcome his patronage.” Swap “ivory tower in Horowhenua” for “a lifetime in Hong Kong” and he’s talking about himself.